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Table 3: Opportunities for developing preschool (music and movement):

Activity Name / Type Aspect of Promoting Reflection of: Resources:

e.g. movement or movement in response to music movement e.g. The Body what is
or moving?
counting song movement
in response Spatial Awareness where
Movement activity whilst singing
to music does the body move?
being Effort awareness How does
explored the body move?
e.g. creating, Relationships with whom
performing, can the body move?

References: Performing: The Body: they will move their Big screen -data show -
Children will body right and left with their computer flash- song
Multiple Intelligences. (2015, November 13).
performe the hands on their waist and their (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
Retrieved from edutopia:
movements hands with foots while the xNw1SSz18Gg)
as they see it songs is played.
intelligences Activities resources:
on the video
after few 1-plates
times of Spatial Awareness: Children 2-colorful papers-
observing will use the circle area space to
and copying do their movement, they will 3-goggle eyes
vedio use their fingers and they will 4-glue
movment. recognize number sense and
counting by this song by 5-counting monsters worksheet-
pointing on how many fingers 6- different colors of play dough-
do they have in each hand and
foot. coloring worksheets
7- colors
Effort Awareness: How they
will count with their hands and

Organisation: e.g. Whole Class / Groups / Pairs / Dramatic Play Duration of Activity:
/ Circle Time Area / Hall / Outside
Whole Class in the circle area Approximately 15-20 minutes.
What the teacher does: What the children do:
I will play the song on the screen and I will tell them to listen to the The children united in a circle area and listen to the teacher, and try to
song and try to sing it and imitate the movements on the video. copy the movements while the music is playing on the board.

I will sing the song with the children and do the movements with The children will sing with me, clap and point with their fingers on
them and I will play the song twice so they can remember. their foot and listen to the song with copying the movement.
I will practice with the students how they can move like the monster Children will try to dance and move their body with me, and then they
dose in the video, and then I will play the song again and let them will dance with the song again- the whole class- without seeing the
move with it without seeing the video just listen to the song and video and they will try to remember the movements that they saw it
show me there activity. the first time on the video.
1-I will explain the activities in the circle area. 1-The children will go back to their groups for the activities after I
explain the activities on each group.
2-will let them go back to their groups to do the activities.
2-They will create their own monster by using plate and some colorful
3-First activity; create their own monster with different materials.
papers and googly eyes. When they finish they will count how many
4-Second activity; worksheet counting googly eyes they put for the monster.
5-third activity; create their own monster with clay 3- They will have worksheet that include table and they must count the
monsters and write the number next to it.
6-fourth activity; monsters coloring activity
4- They will make their own monster by using different colors of clay
7- Rotate the group to make sure that all the class did the activity.
and googly eyes.
5- They will have a sheet that has different types of monsters and they
will color them with different colors.
6- all the class will do the four activities.
Extension Ideas:
The teacher could bring a monster costumes for the children and let them wear it while they sing the song and do the movements and that will
develop few areas such as: body kinesthetic: they will be using their body and their fine motor skill for counting with their fingers and
bending to continue counting.
Interpersonal and intrapersonal: children will do the activity with whole class or by themselves and let them create their movement .
The teacher can use this song as well to continue teaching the counting until further number.