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Dire & comprendre les nombres

Les NOMBRES Composs

Ecoutez :
a) The US has a population of 316,149 million people .
b) 186 million Americans are video game players.
c) 42% of all game players are women.
d) This game costs $22 in the States and 22.50 in Britain.

Concluez :

Il y a une virgule l o les Franais mettent ..

On ajoute and entre et .

Dans un nombre, il ny a pas de terminaison s la fin de hundred , .. et

les symboles $ et sont placs .. mais ils sont prononcs .. .

Entranez-vous : Lisez ces phrases voix haute.

a) 122 people applied for the job.
b) 1, 253 people work in this company.
c) In this store, a video game costs 10. 50 .

Ecoutez :
a) The average gamer spends about 18 hours a week playing video games .
b) My grandfather is 80 years old and he plays video games.

Concluez :

Comparez la prononciation des nombres dans ces phrases:

laccent est sur en a); et sur en b) .

Entranez-vous : Lisez ces nombres voix haute.

a) thirty - thirteen b- forty fourteen c- seventy - seventeen


Ecoutez :
a) The first video game was invented in 1971.
b) According to a 2014 report, video games can improve memory .
c) This article was published in The Guardian on 25 February 2014 .
d) This article was published in The New York Times on January 14th, 2015 .

Concluez :

Dire comment lire une date .

En a) .

En b) .

En anglais britannique

En anglais amricain

Entranez-vous : Lisez ces phrases et ces dates voix haute.

a) Pong was an early arcade game that came out about in 1972.
b) Super Mario Kart was released in North America on November 23 rd, 2009.
c) It was released in Europe on April 2nd, 2010 .
d) 3 March 2015 .
d) 28 June 2014 .
d) May 4th, 1974 .