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They are parks where animals, plants and their natural habitats are preserved and protected.
Some national parks in Malaysia are __________________________________________.


The importance of national parks is for education. Visiting national parks teaches us, through
nature, that there are things bigger and more lasting than ourselves. They remind us that nature is a
gift to us, and something we should respect and treasure. These parks are for enjoying the wild plants
and animals. I got to view animals that I always wanted to see. It was the ________ and __________.
Children like watching wildlife that they couldnt have in a city and learn that animals are not tame!
The national parks teach about the protection of animals and plants to have the species in the future.

Besides that, the importance of national parks is to encourage tourism. ________________

Children get exercise when hiking and camping in the national parks. These activities help prepare
them for being in the outdoors. They can also learn new stuff like fishing and paddling a canoe or

Next, to preserve the natural habitats. National park is able to carry out ___________
campaign for the good of the environment. Therefore, it is good to protect and preserve trees,
plants and animals. National parks preserve habitats for a wide range of native plants and wildlife.
Parks maintain biodiversity and protect endangered species. They provide people with opportunities
to learn about natural flora and fauna as well as to explore and admire the beauty of diverse


We need ___________________________________________________________________
We also need ______________________________________________________________________.
about the national park. Tour guides , ___________________________________________________.
are able promote awareness for wildlife-conservation among public at large and especially among
young people. The proper management of these national parks requires the co-operation of the local
people. It is duty of every nation around the world to have a way to secure wild life and preserve plants.
National Parks is the one way to do it.