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In the past few decades, when the society keep a highly speed development to enter a new world.
There is a great deal of information which need to be proceed. Therefore, there is no doubt that
human beings tend to be experienced more and more research methods, for instance, induction and
deduction, analysis and synthesis, abstraction and generalization methods and so many other
methods are using to deal with the complicated data. Just as Dey stated, computers can help us
confront data more efficiently, by making it easy to analyze data in different ways (Dey,1993). It
will use some statistical analysis methods to process the data for research(Given,2008). For
instance, self-media interviews in China. According to these definitions, it is essential to analysis
about their merits, constraints and applications between qualitative research and quantitative

The Differences between Qualitative and Quantitative Research approaches and Methods
The differences of these two methods:
1. Methodology: Quantitative research methods generally experience the four stages of obtaining
data, data advance, data analysis and analysis report.
While the qualitative research approaches are commonly used research method in the field of
social sciences and pedagogy, usually in relative quantitative researches. Actually, qualitative
research is not a method, it is a general term for many different research methods.

2. Research characteristicsThe goal of quantitative research methods is to develop a set of

mathematical models, theories or hypotheses for this phenomenon.

Qualitative research methods to investigate the reasons and methods of human decision-
making. Therefore, qualitative research focuses on smaller but more concentrated samples than
quantitative research, producing information or knowledge about specific research cases.
3. Data analysis: In a word, qualitative research method focuses on smaller but more concentrated
samples, while quantitative research method will experience four steps which have mentioned
in methodology.
4. Outlines: Quantitative research focuses on verification and refinement of qualitative research
findings; qualitative research focuses on discovering requirements, understanding users, and
exploring unknowns.
The Merits, Constraints and Applications of Qualitative and Quantitative Research
approaches and Methods
The Merits, Constraints of qualitative research methods are that there is no digital report. It may
be a face-to-face interview between producer and user, which is used to discover the problems or
latent needs faced by some users. Such studies cannot be carried out on a large scale because of
the time consuming.
For the quantitative researches method are that refer to the survey that producers Statistics, such
as the percentage of the people who are interested in the certain product, the percentage of the
competitors, the percentage of the products. The means of quantitative research include using some
specific ways to gather data, for instance, user questionnaire survey and focus group.
If your study is focus on find out the solution to an inquiry through the evidence, under these
circumstances you should make use of the quantitative research methods. However, if you wish
your study to explain further why this particular event happened, or why this particular
phenomenon is the case, then you should use qualitative research methods.

It is easier in quantitative than in qualitative research to separate the strategy and framework parts
of design from the data collection and analysis parts. (Keith,1998)
Some studies use both Quantitative and Qualitative Research methods and let the two complement
each other. When your study is focus on find out, for instance, to find out what is the dominant
human behavior towards a particular item or things. Then it means that it is truly succeed to use
both methods.