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Character Creation
Creating characters in Storytelling is a simple seven- 6. Determine advantages, traits derived from your
Character Creation
step process. Just make a copy of the character sheet, get characters Attributes: Defense (the lowest of Dexterity
a pencil and begin. or Wits), Health (Stamina + Size), Initiative (Dexterity
1. Choose background. First, create your characters + Composure), Morality (7 for starting characters), Size
concept. To help get a handle on your characters iden- (5 for most humans), Speed (Strength + Dexterity +5),
tity and motivations, come up with a short, two- or three- Willpower (Resolve + Composure), and Virtue/Vice
word description of him/her. This usually, but not always, (choose one of each; see sidebar). For more information,
includes some idea of a career: nightstalking journalist, see Chapter 4: Advantages.
stoic mechanic, lost waif, petulant yuppie, angry Note: Most advantages cannot be raised directly
young man. through experience points. You must instead raise the traits
Second, choose your characters faction. If youre play- from which they are derived. (Morality is the exception.)
ing a mortal, this is relatively unimportant. He could be a
cop, a private investigator or a convenience-store clerk,
but he is not defined by his factional alliances. A super-
natural being, however, is drawn into a world of ancient Virtues and Vices
legacies in which he is judged by even his involuntary Choose one of each. For more information,
affiliations. His faction is both his strength and his curse. see p 100.
For details on supernatural factions, see Vampire: The Virtues: Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope,
Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken or Mage: The Awak- Justice, Prudence, Temperance
ening. Vices: Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride,
Option: Preludes. An intense Storytelling method is Sloth, Wrath
to roleplay mortal characters before they become initiated
into the supernatural world. That way, their introduction
to the terrible truths hiding in the shadows has more mean- 7. Select Merits, representing character enhance-
ing and can be especially traumatic, tragic or even trium- ments and background elements: Spend 7 dots on Merits.
phant. If youre creating a prelude character, wait to choose The fifth dot in any Merit costs two dots to purchase.
his faction based on how gameplay events transform him. Note that many Merits have prerequisites. For more in-
2. Select Attributes, your characters innate capabili- formation, see the sidebar and Chapter 5: Merits.
ties: Prioritize the three categories (5/4/3). Your charac-
ter begins with one dot in each Attribute automatically,
already filled in on the character sheet. Dots spent now
are in addition to these starting ones. The fifth dot in any Merits
Attribute costs two dots to purchase. Mental Merits: Common Sense (), Danger
Example: Olson wants his character to have a Sense (), Eidetic Memory (), Encyclopedic Knowl-
Dexterity of 5. This costs him five dots. His first dot is free edge (), Holistic Awareness (), Language ( to
and his fifth one costs two. ), Meditative Mind (), Unseen Sense ()
Physical Merits: Ambidextrous (), Brawl-
For more information, see Chapter 2: Attributes.
ing Dodge (), Direction Sense (), Disarm (),
3. Select Skills, your characters learned capabilities:
Fast Reflexes ( or ), Fighting Finesse (), Fight-
Prioritize the three categories (11/7/4). The fifth dot in
ing Style: Boxing ( to ), Fighting Style: Kung
any Skill costs two dots to purchase. For more informa-
Fu ( to ), Fighting Style: Two Weapons ( to
tion, see Chapter 3: Skills.
), Fleet of Foot ( to ), Fresh Start (), Giant
4. Select Skill Specialties, your characters focused
(), Gunslinger (), Iron Stamina ( to ), Iron
areas of expertise: Take three Skill Specialties of your
Stomach (), Natural Immunity (), Quick Draw
choice. You can assign each how you like, whether each
(), Quick Healer (), Strong Back (), Strong
to a separate Skill or all three to a single Skill. There is no
Lungs (), Stunt Driver (), Toxin Resistance
limit to how many Specialties can be assigned to a single
(), Weaponry Dodge ()
Skill. For more information, see Chapter 3: Skills.
Social Merits: Allies ( to ), Barfly (),
5. Add supernatural template, based on the transfor-
Contacts ( to ), Fame ( to ), Inspiring (),
mation your character undergoes: The Embrace, the First
Mentor ( to ), Resources ( to ), Retainer
Change or the Awakening. See Vampire: The Requiem,
( to ), Status ( to ), Striking Looks ( or
Werewolf: The Forsaken or Mage: The Awakening. (If
creating a prelude character, wait to choose template based
on how gameplay events transform your character.)


Sitori Jardine (free product) 144.137.

Character Creation
Final Touches Note that when you spend experience points and want
to go up more than one dot in a trait, you need to pay for all
To round out details on your character sheet, fill in the intervening levels. That is, if you go from to
the name of the chronicle in which your character will in an Attribute, it costs you 45 experience points (20 to go
participate (provided by the Storyteller), and the name of from 3 to 4, plus 25 to go from 4 to 5).
his group of companions (if any). Finally, list any equip-
ment he carries. He is now ready to confront whatever
fate awaits him in the World of Darkness. Experience Point Costs
Advanced Characters (Option) Trait Experience Point Cost
For more experienced characters, the Storyteller Attribute New dots x 5
might choose to award experience points that may be spent Skill New dots x 3
before play begins. Skill Specialty 3 points
Seasoned characters: 35 points Merit New dots x 2
Expert characters: 75 points Morality New dots x 3
Heroic characters: 100 experience points


4 6


Sitori Jardine (free product) 144.137.