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The study aims to characterize pyroligneous acid that will be produced by slow pyrolysis

of bamboos (Bambusa blumeana) of different maturity based on the age range (3-4 years, 5-6 years
and 7 up). Such ranges in years were chosen for bamboo matures in 4-8 years (Jiang, 2004) and
according to Biswas, A. (2012), it takes 3-4 years for bamboo culms to reach adequate height and
weight for commercial production of vinegar and charcoal. Three trials per age range will be done
to ensure accuracy and precision of results. The chemical characterization will be based on pH and
acetic acid concentration while the physical observation will be based on odor and appearance of
raw vinegar. According to Tatsuo Ohira (2012), the principal components of acid liquid and
bamboo vinegar are acidic substances; of these substances, acetic acid is the most abundant hence,
only acetic acid component of vinegar will be tested for %concentration.

Pyrolysis of bamboo is influenced by the terminal pyrolysis temperature, carbonization

speed, the moisture content of bamboo and bamboo dimensions. Among these, the terminal
carbonization temperature contributes most to bamboo charcoal quality and properties (Jiang,
2004) This study is limited to controlling only the terminal temperature. The furnace, that will be
manually built by the researchers with the help of the staff, will be located at the School of
Technology (Sotech), UPV Miag-ao, Iloilo. Due to time constraints, collected vinegar from
pyrolysis will be set aside to settle for 4-6 weeks only.

Research Framework


Biswas, A. (2012) Design and experimental analysis of condenser for the production of
bamboo vinegar. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of
Technology Guwahati, Bangalore, India. International Journal of Applied Research
in Mechanical Engineering (IJARME) ISSN: 2231 5950, Vol-2, Iss-2, 2012. P. 79

Ohira, T. (2012) Functional substances obtained through biomass pyrolysis - Functions of

acid liquid, bamboo vinegar, etc. -. Wood Extractive Laboratory, Department of
Biomass Chemistry, Forestry and Forest Product Research Institute
Jiang, S. (May 2004). Training Manual of Bamboo Charcoal for Producers and
Consumers. Bamboo Engineering Research Center Nanjing Forestry University

Activity August September October November December

Topic Plan

Delivery of Raw Materials

Construction of Furnace

Preparation of Raw


Collection of Vinegar

Settling and Monitoring of

Physico-chemical testing
(pH, %acetic acid, Odor
and appearance)
Data gathering

Data Analysis

Study Defense

Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Bamboo Maturity pH
3-4 years Acetic acid concentration
5-6 years Odor & Appearance
7 & up %Yield