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I We They The teacher

hair door house us
cut repair paint do
yesterday last week green many exercises

Use the past
burglar alarm
unless a time marker
indicates otherwise.

Board Game
last month

My father I The principal We We
the butler
never two teeth me that problem our dog
bring you
me pull apologize sort out put down
some milk
drive his car yesterday for being rude by next week last week

Jeeves my sister
my car window
polish drive
smash make let
get the silverware my car
Causative Verbs last night yesterday

Its been How

my wallet
my car
have a long time since can
I parents
steal wash
my eyes their children
last week every week
check to read more

My parents
Some bullies Jane
Our boss I had my hair cut yesterday. always
my friend ser son
often me
cry take
us go to bed
yesterday his medicine
do overtime before 10.30
Ill get someone to do that
The movie Ias soon as possible.
She We My parents John
was so sad him
her hair grass will not the documents
it to fetch
dye cut me send over
me you
green before winter have a pet next week.
cry some coffee

I We I
My brother My sister my secretary
my dog house the windows
his computer her nose fax
neuter break into clean
upgrade do the documents
last week last year yesterday.
straight away.
The teacher
Ill have the We had the door They had their
I had my hair had (made) us
mechanic fix the repaired last house painted
cut yesterday. do many
car tomorrow. week. green.

I had a
Use the past
burglar alarm
unless a time marker
indicates otherwise.

Board Game
last month.

My father never The principal Well have that Ill have the
I had two teeth We had our dog
lets me drive his made me problem sorted butler bring you
pulled put down last
car. apologize for out by next some milk
yesterday. week.
being rude. week. immediately.

I had my car I had Jeeves

I let my sister
window smashed polish the
drive my car
yesterday. make let silverware last
get yesterday.
Causative Verbs night.

I had my wallet
I have my car have Its been a long
time since I
How can
parents make
washed every
stolen last week. had my eyes their children
checked. to read more?

Some bullies My parents

Jane had ser son
made my friend Our boss often I had my hair cut yesterday. always make me
take his
cry yesterday. has (makes) us go to bed before
do overtime. 10.30.

Ill get someone to do that

soon John will have
The movie was Ill himas possible.
Well have the My parents
She had her hair the documents
so sad it made to fetch you grass cut before wont let me
dyed green. sent over next
me cry. some coffee. winter. have a pet.

Ill have my
My brother had We had our I had the
I had my dog My sister had secretary fax
his computer house broken windows cleaned
neutered last her nose done. the documents
upgraded. into last year. yesterday.
week. straight away.

Active Causative Structure

Subject Causative verb Agent Action verb Object

I had the barber cut my hair.
I made Mary stay late.
I let my daughter watch TV until 11 PM.
I got Jimmy to fix my leaking roof.

Passive Causative Structure

Subject Causative verb Object Action verb

I had my hair cut.
I got my leaking roof fixed.