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Jon M.

Huntsman School of Business

Differential Tuition Advisory Board

Board Purpose

The Huntsman School of Business Differential Tuition Advisory Board advises the dean
of the school on the use of funds generated by differential tuition.

Board Composition

The board is composed of up to eleven members, as follows:

Two to three declared Huntsman School undergraduate students (including the

USUSA Business Senator)
One to two Huntsman School graduate students
Two to three Huntsman School faculty members
One to two Huntsman School staff members
One Huntsman School administrator

Members shall be selected through recommendations from the USUSA Business Senator,
department heads, and the deans office. Membership will be reconstituted each year. The
board will report to the dean of the school.

The board will be chaired by the associate dean of the school responsible for student
affairs, and he or she will serve as a voting member. The chair will convene the board at
least once per year with additional meetings to be called as needed to carry out the
responsibilities of the board.

Board Responsibilities

The board will review the use of funding provided through differential tuition and make
recommendations to the dean regarding the use of funding. The board will make every
effort to communicate the uses of funding to as broad a range of students, faculty, and
staff as possible.

The dean of the school will make final decisions about expenditures and the timing of
those expenditures. The boards role will remain advisory.

Charter Amendments

This charter may be amended by the board. Amendments or alterations may be proposed
by any board member and must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the voting
members of the board and the dean.