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A. Background of the problem

1. The teachers thought they can encounter students appreciation in learning English
subject by using instructional media
2. Teachers argued that the instructional media could be useful for some skill like listening
because the aims of this skill could be attainable if the teachers used audio as a media
3. the teachers mentioned that through the instructional media they could handle the class
easily, it can be proved from the process of teaching and learning,

B. Identification of the problem

1. The teachers in SMAN 2 pariaman have some factors that influence them in using
instructional media in the class
2. The used of instructional media in teaching English can make the students be understand
with the material easily
3. The teacher also use instructional media to motivate the students with English subject
4. The teacher think they know how to use the instructional media and make it to be useful
5. The teacher can overcome the problem that showed from the media toward students

C. Focus of the Research

This research focuses on teacher instructional media utilization. It is expected to analyze

these phenomena in order the English teaching and learning process can run well

D. Formulation of the Problem

What factors that influence English teacher in using instructional media at SMAN 2
How the teachers use instructional media in the class at SMAN 2 Pariaman?
How the teachers solve the problem they find in teaching by using instructional media?

F. Purpose of research
To find out factors that influence English teacher in using instructional media at SMAN 2
To analyze how the teachers use instructional media in the class at SMAN 2 Pariaman?
To know how the teachers solve the problem that they found in teaching by using
instructional media?
G. Significance of Research
1. Theorytically
It is expected that the research product or finding will greatly enrich the theory of
how to use instructional media in the class nicely. In other words, this study enlarger
the insight of English teacher to make English teaching and learning process becomes
enjoyable and appropriate with the objective of the lesson.
2. Practically
It can be the ways of the teacher to know how utilize the instructional media very
well in the class. And then, the teacher can use instructional media in teaching
through several media perfectly. Then, it gives significant impact for the teacher to
make good preparation before they come to the class by using instructional media and
they overcome the problem in teaching by using media itself hopefully.

H. Definition of Key Term

Instructional media : Physical means of the teacher in facilitating the learner to achieve
the instructional objective at SMAN 2 Pariaman

A. Teaching and Learning

1. Teaching
Teaching is kind of the process that not only transferring information from teacher
to the students but also changing students behavior and guide them to get the
knowledge from the material completely (Tim Pengembang Ilmu pendidikan Fip-Upi
(2007:74,75),Sudjana in Harsanto (2007:87), Kumar (2009:12)
2. Learning
learning is kind of the activities that changing the information and experience into
knowledge, skill and students attitude (Simamora (2009:28, 29), Mezirow in Sharma

B. Instructional Media
1. Definition and Function of Instructional Media
Instructional media is as physical means that teacher uses to teach the students
to make them be understood with the material (Briggs in Kazuya (2009:2), Ministry
of Nation Education (2009:3), Sana (2010:173))
a. Helping the teacher in teaching
b. Sources of learning
c. Solve learners lack experience
d. Reach everything out of the class
e. Creating direct interaction
f. Arousing the learners motivation
(Kazzuya (2009:3), Ministry National Education (2009:2-3))

2. Types and Criteria of Instructional Media

a. Graphic Media
Photo/Picture, Sketch, Diagram, Chart, Graphs, Cartoon, Poster, Maps and Globe,
Flannel board, and bulletin board
b. Audio Media
Includes Radio, Tape Recorder, Language Labor
c. Projected Media
This media includes : Whiteboard, Transparency, Slide, Video, Game and
d. Non-Projected Media
Models and Mock-Up, Realia or Real Object
Taken from : (Arsyad (2011:173,177), Asnawir (2002:38), Suilana and Riyana (2007:14),
Sanjaya (2012:118), Sadiman (2012:), Sudjana (2011:20))
C. Review and Related Finding
1. Use of Media for Effective Instruction its Importance: Some Consideration (Dr. Ahsan
Akhtar Naz) The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of media use in
education especially for instructional purpose. Result of using instructional media: It
helps students in greater acquisition of knowledge and ensures longer retention of the
gained knowledge. It easily motivates the learners because it enhances a multisensory
interest and thereby learning becomes more immediate and productive. It give classroom
instructions a more scientific base
This research investigated (1) the use of instructional media by the teachers in teaching
English to young learners; (2) the problems that they encounter in using instructional
media. In overcoming the problem during the use of instructional media were by
requesting technician help, borrowing instructional media supply from other class and
preparing back-up instructional media
The Relationship Between Instructional Media With Students Attitude On History
Subject (by Hasfaradzi Hashim Amer Hamzah1, Anuar Ahmad Faculty of Education,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) the result is there is difference between the use of
visual learning and audio-visual learning based on gender
E. Conceptual Framework

Instructional Media

Types of Instructional Media (Graphic Media,

Audio Media, Projected Media, Non-Projected

Factors that influence of

How teachers use Problem solving instructional media usage with
instructional media students motivation

Analysis III


A. Research Design
The design of this research is Ethnography because the researcher wants to know
how to use the instructional media and the ways of teacher in solving the problem that
they find in implementing it

B. Setting of the research

Location: SMAN 2 Pariaman
Participants : English Teachers, there are 6 teachers who teach the English subject
Activities in the field : observation and Interview

C. Types of Data
For types of data that will be collected by the researcher in doing this research are:
a. Kinds of instructional media that used by English teacher at SMAN 2 Pariaman
b. The factors that influence teacher media in motivation students in the class
c. Teachers ways in using instructional media at SMAN 2 pariaman
d. Teacher ways in solving the problem of implementing the media

D. Research Instruments
The researcher uses some instruments to collect the data :
1. Observation
- Observation guideline
- field note
2. Interview
- Interview guideline

E. Technique of Data Collection

a. Observation : the researcher does the observation by check the list form in
observation checklist when the teacher came to teach the students in the class
b. Interview : researcher also take the data from interview guideline until the researcher
got all of information related to teachers instructional usage

F. Technique Data Analysis

a. Data analysis during data collection
- gathering the data
- examining the data
- comparing prior data to newer data
- writing up field note before going back to research side
- making plan to gather new data
b. Data analysis after data collection
This research will use some sequences of activities in analyze the data after data
collection (based on Cresswell, 2009)
Organize : researcher will collect the data which taken from observation and
Describing : In this stage, the data was collected will describe based on research need
Classifying : researcher classifies all unit into two part based on formulation of the
research required
Interpreting : researcher explains his finding into this thesis

G.Procedure of the research

Managing any administering letter for conducting the research
And then, conducting the research by using some instruments of collecting the data
Researcher uses observation to observe how the teachers use instructional media
Observation is also used to find out factors that influence the used of instructional media
and students motivation in learning English at SMAN 2 Pariaman?
Interview is used to get more information about how teachers use instructional media and
they are ways in solving the problem
After all done, researcher will analyzing and interpreting all of finding based on
formulation of the research