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Lesson Plan

Topic: P.12. Electricity

12.1. Electrical quantities

12.2. Electric charge

12.3. Current, electromotive force and potential difference

Learning Outcomes:

Core Suplement
P12. Electricity
12.1 Electrical quantities
1. Demonstrate understanding of current, 2. State that charge is measured in
potential difference, e.m.f. and coulombs (C).
resistance, and use with their
appropriate units.
3. Use and describe the use of an ammeter
and a voltmeter.
12.2 Electric charge
1. Describe and interpret simple
experiments to show the production
and detection of electrostatic charges.
2. State that there are positive and 3. Describe an electric field as a region in
negative charges. which an electric charge experiences a
4. State that unlike charges attract and
that like charges repel.
5. Distinguish between electrical
conductors and insulators and give
typical examples.
12.3 Current, electromotive force and potential difference
1. State that current is related to the flow
of charge.
2. State that the current in metals is due to 3. Demonstrate understanding that a
a flow of electrons. current is a rate of flow of charge and
recall and use the equation I = Q / t
4. Use the term potential difference (p.d.) 5. Distinguish between the direction of
to describe what drives the current flow of electrons and conventional
between two points in a circuit. current.
6. Demonstrate understanding that e.m.f.
is defined in terms of energy supplied by
a source in driving charge round a
complete circuit.

Plastic rules, wool, pieces of paper, battery, lightbulbs, ammeter and voltmeter.


1. Exploring students idea Keywords: Charging a

about static electricity. Electric charge, electric polyethene/plastic ruler by
(10) forces, electric field. rubbing it on hair/wool. Put
it near any neutral object
and observe the interaction.
2. Construct the concept Questions: Explore the
(10) - What cause the
balloon/ruler to attract
pieces of paper/ to bend
flowing water?
- How to charge any
neutral object?
3. Exploring students idea Keywords: Construct simple circuit to
about current. (20) Electric current, potential show how electrical energy
difference, e.m.f, series and from the battery transferred
parallel circuit. along the circuit and how to
differentiate series and
parallel circuit.
Watch a video about series
and parallel circuits.
4. Construct the concept Provide worksheet for the
(20) students.
5. Conclusion Questions:
What have you learnt from
the lesson?
What is the most interesting
activity from lesson?