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© ORIGINAL MARK MERMELSTEIN (STATE BAR NO. 208005) ‘mmemnelstein@orrick.com ORRICK, HERRINGTON & SUTCLIFFE LLP 777 South Figueroa Street, Suite 3200 Los Angeles, California 90017 Telephone: (213) 629-2020 Facsimile: (213) 612-2499 JACOB M, HEATH (STATE BAR NO. 238959) jheath@orrick.com ORRICK, HERRINGTON & SUTCLIFFE LLP 1000 Marsh Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025-1015 Telephone: (650) 614-7400 Facsimile: (650) 614-7401 Attomeys for Plaintiff JANE ROE ol > b< G FILED NOV 13 2017 Shert Cink &y Deputy ‘Gomer SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES JANE ROE Plaintiff, BC68 3885 CASE NO. COMPLAINT FOR: w @ @) (4) DOES 1-10, inclusive. Defendants, VIOLATION OF CAL. PENAL CODE § 528.5; VIOLATION OF CAL. BUS. & PROF. CODE § 17525; INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS NEGLIGENT INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS; DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL ‘COMPLAINT, DEMAND FOR DURY TRIAL oct 4 Pagel 1 ~ Doo 19 = 1727120155 ~ Doo Type = onR or 90a - z velita t fom vemmo = 9s oon - seroereter = ey ‘ Go crryoase? LER /DEFE: Bosses s1ai4e17 og, $435.00, oy 243.0 a 310 $435. 00 30.00 $0.00 $0.09 980 6102 Fes 7 G0 “WRAL BIO) 62 7D 2083 gar eT aT er 302 06na) (rage 3 of 13) COMPLAINT Plaintiff JANE ROE alleges as follows: THE PARTIES 1. JANE ROE (‘Plaintiff’) is an individual who resides in the city of Los Angeles, California, 2 Plai iff does not presently know the true names and capacities ofthe defendants sued herein as Does 1 through 10, inclusive (collectively the “Defendants”). Plaintiff will seek leave of the court to amend this complaint to allege said Defendants’ true names and capacities as soon as Plaintiff ascertains them, 3. Third party GoDaddy, Inc. (“GoDaddy”) is a technology company that offers Internet-related services, including Intemet hosting services, email accounts, Intemet domains, and cloud storage. GoDaddy has offices at 1020 Enterprise Way, No. 300, Sunnyvale, California 94089. As described herein, GoDaddy is the registrar for the Internet domain that Defendants used to, among other things, impersonate Jane Roe and to cause her the harm described herein. 4. Third party ProofPoint, Inc, (“ProofPoint”) is a technology company that offers cybersecurity and Internet security services. ProofPoint has its headquarters at 892 Ross Drive, Sunnyvale, California 94089. As described herein, Plaintiff i informed and believes and thereupon alleges that ProofPoint provides email security services for the email mail server Defendants used to impersonate Jane Roe and to cause her the harm described herein VENUE 5. This Court is the proper venue for this action because Defendants’ conduct ‘occurred within the jurisdictional boundaries ofthis Court. Accordingly, venue is appropriate in the county of Los Angeles pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure Section 395. DEFENDANTS’ ATTEMPTS TO IMPERSONATE JANE ROE, 6. Inorabout early October 2017, Defendants sent several emails to high-level ‘executives and creatives at several production companies in Los Angeles County (“targets”). In those emails, Defendants attempted to impersonate Plaintiff, using a spoof of her actual email address and company name. During this same time, Defendants also made several phone calls, in oe ‘COMPLAINT, DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL ‘Doo 1 Pagel 3 = Doc ID = 1717120135 - noo type = oma cage 6 of 13) 1 | which Defendants attempted to impersonate Plaintiff, to these same people. 2 7. Imorder to send these impersonating emails, Defendants used an email account that spoofs Plaintiff's professional email account and her company name, in order to impersonate Plaintiff and deceive the intended target of the email. Plaintiff's regular professional email is: JaneRoe@RoePictures.com, whereas the Defendants’ spoof email is: JaneR@Roefilms.com. 8. Plaintiff's informed and believes and thercupon alleges that on or around Thursday, October 5, 2017, Defendants registered the spoof email’s domain with GoDaddy. Defendants Further utilized a protetion service called Domains by Proxy in order to hide their true identity. 10 9, Plaintiffs informed and believes and thereupon alleges that Defendants —in 11 | addition to using GoDaddy's Domains by Proxy services—are also using ProofPoint's email 12 | security services. In particular, the IP address associated with Defendants’ spoof email account 13 | shows that ther email server is directing trafic to server hosted at ProofPoint, Plaintiff is 14 | informed and believes that ProofPoint’s IP address is only associated with ihe email account 15 | because the Defendants are using ProofPoint's email security service, Essentials Platform, which 16 | filters the Defendants email for spam or malware before Defendants’ emails are sent out, The 17 | emaits, instead, ae originating at Defendants’ source email server, which appears to be an Office 18 | 365 email server. 19 10. Upon information and belief, at least one of Defendants’ targets appears to be 20 | believe that the fake emails Defendants are sending are originating with Jane Roe. 2 11. For the impersonating phone calls, Plaintiff is informed and believes that 22 | Defendants initially used a United Kingdom cell phone registered with Three Network. The 23 | number is 44 7411 957931. A search on Who-Called.co.uk, a site where individuals can lodge 24 | complaints against phone numbers, revealed an entry from September 2, 2017 that claimed this, 25 | number was being used to “scam people in the entertainment industry in the United States. They 26 | are pretending to be producers and asking for personal information such as credit card numbers.” 27 | Later, Defendants used other numbers, including: (1) 360-770-7747, a number associated with 28 | Verizon and located in Marble Mount, Washington; (2) 646-328-3937, a number linked to XO 3 ae ‘COMPLAINT, DEMAND FOR SURV TRIAL oot 2 Pagel 4 - Doe 1D = 1717120138 ~ Doo Type = ona (ago 5 of 1) 1 | Communications and possibly VOIP or Vonage service and located in New York, New York; (3) 2 | 424-234-116, a number linked to Bandwidth.com, GoogleVoice, or another virtual number, and 3 | located in Malibu, California, 4 12. During the impersonating phone calls, Plaintiff is informed and believes that a 5 | female Defendant caller attempted to copy Jane Roe’s voice and manner of speaking using an 6 | authentic American accent, and each of the targets believed they were speaking with a women 7 | older than forty years old. In all conversations, Defendants almost immediately said they were 8 | sceking the private contact information of the next target. Defendants had leamed details of 9 | business relationships between Defendants’ targets, including films that the target and Jane Roe 10 || had worked together on, Defendants were complimentary ofthe target's work and used flattery 11 | to try and gain further information regarding the targets. Defendants'mentioned Jane Roe's 12 | Malibu home multiple times, And, in atleast two instances, Defendants attempted to solicit | 13 | sexual conversations with her targets. Defendants’ conversations have taken an inereasingly 14 | flirtatious and sexual tenor. Upon information and belief, at least one of Defendants’ targets who | 15 | received these fake phone calls believed they were talking to Jane Roe. | 16 13, Plaintiffs informed and believed that on or around October 20, 2017 and October 17 | 26,2017, amale Defendant impersonator, called several targets cla jing to be associated with 18 ] Jane Roe, and attempting to set up appointments for Jane Roe. This impersonator used the same 19 | three numbers that the female Defendants caller used when impersonating Jane Roe. 20 14, Asa result of Defendants’ impersonation, Jane Roe has suffered extreme 21 | humiliation, embarrassment, mental anguish, anxiety, and emotional distress. 2 FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION 2B VIOLATION OF CAL. PENAL CODE § $28.5 2] 15. Plaintiff hereby repeats and incorporates the allegations contained in paragraphs | 25 | through 14 as though filly set forth herein. 26 16. Defendants knowingly and without consent impersonated Jane Roe trough 27 | electronic means, including through an email account and/or voice-over-internet-phone, for "5 28 | purposes of harming Jane Roe and/or defrauding another person, including high-level executives o 3. “COMPLAINT, DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL Deoh 4 Baget 5 - Doo 3D = 1717120138 - Doo type = om : e e 1 | of production companies that Jane Roe conducts business with. 2 17. Defendants credibly impersonated Jane Roe because atleast one ofthe high-level 3 | executives did reasonably believe that the Defendant(s) was Jane Roe. 4 SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION 5 VIOLATION OF CAL. BUS. & PROF. CODE § 17525 6 18. Plaintiff hereby repeats and incorporates the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 7 | through 17 as théugh fully set forth herein. 8 19, Defendants, with bad faith intent, registered and/or used a domain name that is 9 | confusingly similar to the personal name of Jane Roe. 10 ‘THIRD CAUSE OF ACTION wv INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS 2 20, Plaintiff hereby repeats and incorporates the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 13 | through 19 as though fully set forth herein, 4 21, . Defendants’ conduct set forth above was extreme and outrageous and would be 15 | highly offensive to reasonable people. 16 22, Defendants’ conduct was intended to cause severe emotional distress to Plaintiff, 17 | or was done in conscious disregard of the possibility of causing such distress, Defendants picked 18 | Plaintiff because of her fame, reputation, and goodwill inthe movie industry, Defendants then 19 } intentionally chose to impersonate Plaintiff in communications with Plaintiff's business 20 | colleagues in a manner that was intended to harass Plaintiff's business colleagues and humiliate 21 | and demean Plaintiff, especially by impersonating Plaintiff in a sexual manner. 2 23. The foregoing conduct did in fact cause Plaintiff to suffer extreme emotional 23 | distress. As a proximate result of Defendants’ conduct, Plaintiff suffered and will continue to 24 | suffer extreme humiliation, embarrassment, mental anguish, anxiety, and emotional distress, and 25 | will continue to suffer said emotional distress inthe future in an amount to be proven at tral. 6 FOURTH CAUSE OF ACTION 2 NEGLIGENT INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS 28 24, Plaintiff hereby repeats and incorporates the allegations contained in paragraphs 1 -4- ‘COMPLAINT: DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL ‘ooh 1 Paget 6 ~ Doe 3D = 1717120135 - Doo type = oma (age? of 19 10 u 12 4 Is 16 7 18 9 20 a 2 2B 24 25 26 27 28 through 23.as though fully set forth herein. 25. including impersonation of a sexual nature, would cause Plaintiff extreme emotional distress. As ‘ proximate result of Defendants’ negligent conduct, Plaintiff suffered and will continue to suffer extreme humiliation, embarrassment, mental anguish, anxiety, and emotional distress, and will continue to suffer said emotional distress in the future in an amount to be proven at tial WHEREFORE, Plaintiff prays for judgment as follows: 1 2 3 Dated: November 13, 2017 Defendants knew or should have known that their impersonation of Plaintiff, PRAYER FOR RELIEF For injunctive relief preventing further impersonation of Jane Roe; For compensatory damages; For statutory damages, For punitive damages; For restitution; For unjust enrichment; For attorneys’ fees, as allowed by law; For costs of suit herein incurred; and For any other and further relief that the Court deems just and proper. | MARK MERMELSTEIN. JACOB H. HEATH, Orrick, Herrington. -5- ‘COMPLAINT, DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL ‘och 1 Paget 7 - Doo 1D = 1727120135 - Doo Type = oman rage 8 of LOU E TT 2 waueun DEMAND FOR JURY TRIAL Plaintiff hereby demands a trial by jury on all claims. Dated: November 13, 2017 rringtomt @\Sutelifie LLP eee HEATH ys Yor Plaintiff aos ‘COMPLAINT; DEMAND FORTURY TRIAL, - ‘oop 4 Faget @ - Doo 3p = 1717320138 - Doo type = oma (rage 9 of 38) ~ = @ ORIGINAL ~@ = ‘reusene x0: (213) 629-2020 soxvo: (213) 612-2499 ounty a! Los Angeles, cron ron, Plaintiff Jane Roe, = > BS [amon cour or narra counryor Los Angola Nov 13 2017 nt O) ‘ecotuse iT Non il Secs on Smeince Lo Angles CA 80012 | a onanchnane Stanley Mosk Courthouse ce Gomez ce Hse, Does( tough 1) tse CIV CASE COVER SHEET > nsecuconenain |" BCG R 39 ak a center C2 votntr 2058 33g! demanded ‘demanded is Filed with fest appearance by delendant ae scree izsouy Séscovaremy| ""(Sainsascreaut cst) | are ams 1-6 bot ius! be conblaled sve suctons OFag0 2. [F-Gheck oe box balou ore case pe it boet aces th case ey tna try ons ct gun impor) Fe exer tevnasnanany 0 Ctln eaeh ory en (5) mantcomace ge” tamara ngs aro pecoraitnioenty [che ces Fy conereson tee 1) amegornronstl Oso Tox venaneaconnge (06) asst ao) ‘stats (8) © obereanmaaan (5) sects anon 28) TF Preat ison 20 .) Braensive maton practice raising ctu or rowel e-{ | Cooiinaton with eat acon pending in one or more cours issues that wil be tre-consuming to resale Inotar counts, states, or counties, orn = federal cout 2) Substantat amount of documentary evidence ([] Substantial postiudgment jucicial supervision 2. Remedies sought (ana af nat oop: aL] monetary &Z] nanmenetary; declaratory orinjuncive rele! 4 Namba of on oc 5 thscase CJ (ZTienat aciass scton suit 6, there ate any known elated cases, le and serve entice of rette ste: 11/9/2017 Jacob Heath + ip this cover sheet in aan to any cover shat raqured by loch cour ‘itis cose campiex under ule 3400 etseg FE Tst serve a copy fs eovw sheet cn al ter paris tothe acon or proceeding cL BNE Coton: ener te 3.740 ore canon cae th ver shew sed ta pups oy a WIL GASE COVER SHEET onan Doct 1 Pagel § ~ Doo 1D = 1717120135 - Doo type = ome (age 10 of 13) © ORIGINAL ©” [BCER SIGS CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION Craxy “This form fs required purauantto Local Rule 2 inal new civil case fn (CERTIFICATE OF GROUNDS FOR ASSIGNMENT TO COURTHOUSE LOCATION) In the Los Angeles Superior Court t Step 1: After completing the Chil Case Cover Sheet Judicial Cauncl frm CM-020), find the exact case type in Column A that corresponds tothe case type indicated in the Cil Case Cover Sheet. ‘Step 2: In Colurnn 8, check the box fr the type of action that best describes the nature of the case Step 3: in Column, circle the number which explains the reason forthe court filing lacation you have ohasen ‘Applicable Reasons or Choosing Court Fling Location (Column 1-com store malta Seite Suto Cai Catton 7 etn peta 2. Pmt rg con et © Lton were ranged cor vy 2 lstonenen su oe ate 1 Locator norm pater. “Staton ay gin eo ‘8 sean cf ate commesn Oe. Mundt gti ak Coe = nod eis, ed ‘5. Lacan where prance equred or defend sie, ‘omeabertion, bites colecton,o pesca iy, 6. Laon pee: some ie x > = c co can Oe tt oset icon phn Renn Siren ey ete ee moe 170 Waa vouePosrehnyPepen Donsenagaean [a 22 camuesuoma a [0 A710 peerless Oamasetionfs ean neaved aoa [1a amen ATO feet Pot Dore rv ee 7 aha -Ponnaliggoga enh tn gs Ee [0 Pre ty Pao ocean vat 24 FS | caaumamyy [0 RA Notaiiapader Pom Soe van ee 7410 tm Presa etn Ce ape : ge ' “A780 Proms Labiy es ar) aaa 7 10 vena gytenetyOmeatinegonnig. | ey BE) hore conte o Ova (23) 47270 Intentions lfiction of Emotional Disiress. D_A7220 Other Personal injuryPropesty OamagerWrorgh Death ate LACIY 109 (Rew 2/16) CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM Local Rule 2.3 ! (a8 Ape 3.04 AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION Page seta — ooh 1 Page 20 ~ bed 20 = 2747129135 ~ Doo ype = mR (rage 2 of 39) a C veri cra cas Cover set Renent Se ep Cy "sow fusnatTan@n [At Ota ConeecavtamesTon parhetecrctemvany [U2 EE [__ carsmim [po same cm asnanscnain waa Bs 3 ee tae a Fre (16) [© AB043 Fraud (no conten) 1.2.3 5 3S cocumanmnmmegn [0 M07 (208 Wopacce 133 a? ‘eotere 9 | ps0 Ce Petes ratte es) tae =e “other (35) | A6025 Other Non Personal injuryPropeny Oamage tort | 128 = [westiTemnsienga [Oslo Wang Terrain Tao E sar Co cpertmpameniy [© At Ghar Enpinmen GorguGne 1a EF rmermert (9) 1c a5109 Later Commissloner Appeals fo 1 AGot Seah of RenaiareGonrs palonead caameroereta Tag ‘Bresch of Contracy Wa beni eee | agaoe canrecviarany reac. seterPstt ra tavsogiganes) |: trtrseeen) | peo Hegtger each Caer ou) Atak rae ol Conny et a eae z cog [0 M2 Canc ae Ste san 5 ©. 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Mato cher Ren Posey tener dons reser oedesue) | 2.8 ge Oo tra tvs nan connec totonmerergulevci) [Tr i 1A Univ Detar Reve t ger pen) an a ee 28H ES Unlawful Detsiner rugs (36) | A6O22 Uniawhs Detainer-Orugs 2618 = Cevirerare CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM Tecate uscasnoresanos AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION Page 2016 ooh 1 Page 11 ~ Doo XD = 1717120135 - Doo type = OMIER rage 22 of 19) z B Crore vt ave Cove Set Type ston isan ee Sep 9 Sc rors) "aoe ee 238 | _Petoeattetensin [0 Ao15 Peoria Comptcanivene raion 2 é (Sot Wp andor 2 | wetorumesse(on | esse wet-Manfomisan Lining cat Case Hater 2 i 159 Wt- teint Gout Cae Red 2 rer usa Resew 0) [CASED Ober WelassotRevew ne ¢_[srtnaseRegusin(0)[ 0 ASD Aira Repanon Tae B [_ cmmmetonoweaiay [a Astor commason tet 3% | Gatmeoema teen | agate cia twain Tot i ‘oy a re & | sewuesuigaen an [a asms seartes ugnoncate 13 ee 3 | waren compe cars E | Mpremecmeam cain | nears mares Gneapeanguon amperes er) et Sa Sie apres zen = © AoeD Aste tvgrest ne ik execenmt | ABIOT Conesenc cpr on omen) BS] witcmmenten — | sero stinstave Arey Art llr) zs 1. eo4 Pete nyo gra on pl Ta G.Ab12 OnecEntrcrentl doen Cove Ce Tae ; 1 A530 Ore eel Ony 120 EE | oneccanpans | A200 ice Rate ny ret emesis) 28 BS | cvtcpectes ior) 2 | sport cn: ConmacCorn Cove menrenconeet) hae 2 1 Ato Cn Cat Conpanpontearancsng) 120 ToECOTaP” To. aatt9 Parreatin und Copa Gove Cre ze 1 feta! cvvaasenen 2ae ©. Ao29 vente Hsin ase mecreao yen [O A818 Berend asin Ane Case 2a9 Speateeatow 0) |. Ast0 eeioncones Fs 2 e110 Peano crane othamethane a Gene BS ©. 8170 Peon Reem ate ln aw ee 2. ABi20 ober cin Peon nt LAGI 109 (Rev 276) CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM Local Rule 23 sc Aspro AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION Page 301 ‘oot 2 Page 22 ~ Doe XD = 1717220235 ~ Doo type Step 4: Statement of Reason and Address: Check the appropriate boxes fr the numbers shown under Column C for the type of action that you have selected. Enter the adérass whichis the basis forthe fling location, including tip cade. (Wo address required for class action cases Plas Wore tee, bor feces, dost 08.0 8.010.271. | ya uke AuHWSe deans infor ati evnifiy esd tn Ley Angeles. ey Canna t® iis [misstieaelems CA | 40013 5s: 444 $ Goseron 2700 , 40013) Plarntig cloes nor bron the oddeen & Does Step 5: Certification of Assignment: certty that tis cas prope fledin the District of the Superor Court of California, County of Las Angeles [Code Ci. Proc, 359 et sea, and Focal Rule 23a] Moun, re wnibry OuLareh Trav houy LAC angele Dated: aol PLEASE HAVE THE FOLLOWING ITEMS COMPLETED AND READY TO BE FILED IN ORDER J0’PROPERLY COMINENCE YOUR NEW COURT CASE: YY 2. fling a Complaint, a competed Summons form for esuenceby the Ger 3. Civ Case Cover Sheet, Judicial Coune form C10. 4 Givi Case Cover Sheet Addendum and Statement of Location frm, LACIV 109, LASC Approved 03-06 (Rev. ans) 1. Original Complaint o- Petition PPaymentin ful ofthe fling fe, unless teres court err fr waiver, parfalorscheculed payments. {A signed order appointing the Guardian ad Litem, Judea! Counel form CV-010 ithe plainti orpettiona isa ‘minor under 18 years cf age willbe required by Court in order fo eave a summons. 7. Adonai copies of documents to be conformed by the Clerk, Copies of the cover sheet and this addendum must be served along with the summons and complain, or ether tating pleading inthe case, ‘rei 105 Rev 26) CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ADDENDUM Tessie 23 USC Approved 3.04 AND STATEMENT OF LOCATION Page sora ook 1 Pa oo 3p = 1717320135 - Doo type = ona