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Alexandra Parrottino and Dakota Killian

Mock Teaching Lesson Plan


Subject Different types of communities

Grade Second Grade


Materials Devices with QR Scanner App and Draw and Tell app, Computers with Internet
Access for YouTube videos and Google Forms

Objectives Talk to students about what the different types of communities are and how they
are different. Have students be able to recognize and identify the different
communities. Have students artistically show their understanding of the
difference in communities.

CCSS NYS Common Core P-12

Research to Build and Present Knowledge

2W6: Develop questions and participate in shared research and explorations to

answer questions and to build knowledge.
2W7: Recall and represent relevant information from experiences or gather from
provided sources to answer a question.

Teaching Timeline
Please make a very detailed step-by-step timeline for the whole activity that you can follow

Step 1 Arrival at 4:20 (5 minutes to set up)

Step 2 Opening (3 mins):

Write down on the board, Please download the app Draw and Tell on
your device to prepare for todays activity.
Have students open to the webpage with the Google Slides and links to
all required videos and websites
Start with a greeting and introduction to the lesson

Step 3 Defining the terms (5 mins)

Briefly describe the definition of a community
Invite the whole class to scan the QR code and pull up the
slideshow on communities
Go through the types of communities with the class

Step 4 Video (15 mins)

Explain to the class that they will now split up into groups
Go through the next three slides and tell the class to get in their groups
Have the students watch the video assigned to their slide
Alexandra Parrottino and Dakota Killian

The students will now write down a list of characteristics for their
assigned community

Step 5 Draw and Tell (15 mins)

Have the students watch the video tutorial for the Draw and Tell app
They will now create their own Draw and Tell for what their community
type would look like

Step 6 Show Time (5-10 mins):

Open the Elmo
Each group will show their community they have drawn
Each group will explain the characteristics of their given community

Step 7 Quiz (5 mins):

Each group will complete the quick short answer quiz describing each

Step 8 Wrap-up (4mins):

Talk out lesson
Go over the quiz
Class is dismissed