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Match the character to their quote

(could be speech, thought, or action).

A. Cosette ________ (6) 1. there is a point, moreover, at

which the unfortunate and the
infamous are associated and
B. Marius ________ (1) confounded in a single word, a fatal
word, Les Miserables
2. his knees suddenly bent under him,
C. Criminal Jean Valjean _______ (2) as if an invisible power
overwhelmed him at a blow, with
the weight of his bad conscience;
D. Javert _______ (5) and exclaimed What a wretch I
3. My friend, said the Bishop, before
E. Bishop Myriel _______ (3) you go away, here are your
candlesticks; take them. He went to
the mantelpiece, took the two
F. Eponine ________ (8) candlesticks, and brought them to
Jean Valjean.
4. The feeling which he had formerly
G. Fantine ________ (7) felt in falling from the street into the
convent came back to him. Only,
what he was now carrying away was
H. Father Jean Valjean ________ (4) not Cossette; it was Marius
5. Where was he? He sought himself
and found himself no longer. Jean
Valjean had confounded him.
6. She dared to promise herself
nothing, and she would refuse
herself nothing. Pallors passed over
her face and chills over her body.
7. I understand, you fear excitement: I
will wait as long as you wish, but I
am sure that it will not harm me to
see my daughter. I see her now, I
have not taken my eyes from her
since last night.
8. You are going to die, I am sure. And
still when I saw him aiming at you, I
put my hand upon the muzzle of the
musket. How droll it is! But it was
because I wanted to die before you.