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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1

Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1 Poin total 92/100

Soal - soal ini berdasarkan dari soal MTCRE.

Terdiri dari 25 Soal; single choise, multiple choise, dan argument.
Setiap Soal memiliki nilai 4 Point.
Soal bisa dikerjakan lebih dari 1x (tidak ada batasan jumlah tanggapan)
Soal - soal ini dimaksudkan untuk latihan dan untuk dipelajari.
Jawaban dari soal-soal ini belum tentu semuanya benar, apabila ada jawaban yang keliru, mohon
diberitahu pada kolom komentar di Classroom.

Selamat mengerjakan, semoga lulus ujian, dan semoga tetap istiqomah semangat belajarnya :)

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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1

1. There are 6 routers running OSPF and connected with each 4/4

other using point-to-point network types. How many Designated

Routers are there among them?
A. 1

B. 15

C. 0

D. 6

2. The 'check-gateway' option is enabled for one route. Select all 4/4

statements that are true:

A. In case of failure of the gateway, routes pointing to that gateway will
become inactive

f (
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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1

B. Check gateway option can be con gured for Ping, ARP and RARP (reverse

C. Gateway is checked every 10 seconds and after a single failure, the

gateway is considered unreacheable

D. Gateway is checked every 10 seconds and after 2 failures, the gateway

is considered unreacheable


A. the required route is not in the routing table


C. both - half of the tra c will be routed through one gateway, half through
the other


4. It is possible to create a con guration where VLAN and PPTP 4/4

interfaces are bridged together.

1. True

2. False

5. Routing protocols used within the same AS are referred to as 0/4

Exterior Gateway Protocols.

1. True

2. False
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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1

Jawaban yang benar


6. When sending out an ARP request, an IP host is expecting 4/4

what kind of address for an answer?

A. 802.11g

B. IP address


D. MAC Address

7. It is possible to lter ospf routes within a single ospf area 4/4



8. A MikroTik system administrator implemented OSPF Routing 4/4

protocol in the network. But realized that he has a static route on
the routers. What can be done to make the static route work as a
failover whenever the dynamic routing protocol fails.
A. He should manually disable the static routes and enable them whenever
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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1
. e s ou d a ua y d sab e t e stat c outes a d e ab e t e e e e
OSPF fails

B. He should increase the administrative distance of the static route

C. Delete all static routes because there is no way for it to work with OSPF

D. He should use "netwatch" to trigger static routes whenever OSPF fails

9. RouterOS main routing table contains static, RIP, and OSPF 4/4

routes destined to the same network. Which of the following

routes will be used if the administrative distance of each of the
routing protocol entries is set to their default values?
A. All three will load balance

B. The RIP route

C. The OSPF route

D. The static route

10. To assign speci c tra c to a route - tra c must be identi ed 4/4

by a routing mark. Each packet can only have one routing mark.
1. True

2. False

11. Consider the following diagram. Assuming that all the 4/4

necessary con guration has already been done on R2 (proxy-arp

is disabled), to communicate from a device on LAN1 to a device
on LAN2, which of the following con gurations on R1 would
enable this?
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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1

A. /ip route add dst-address= gateway=Ether1

B. /ip route add dst-address= src-address=


C. /ip route add dst-address= gateway=

D. /ip route add dst-address= gateway=

E. /ip route add dst-address= gateway=


A. Route via gateway

B. Route via gateway

C. Route via gateway


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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1





14. PPPoE server only works within one Ethernet broadcast 4/4

domain that it is connected to. If there is a router between server

and end-user host, it will not be able to create PPPoE tunnel to
that PPPoE server.
1. True

2. False

15. Which type of ip route is the highest priority for routing 4/4

decision ?
A. BGP Route

B. Static Route

C. Connected Route

D. OSPF Route

16. Which routing table is used to apply recursive routing at 4/4

MikroTik RouterOS
A. It is only possible on the x86 platform

B. It is not possible
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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1

C. It is only possible in the main routing table

D. It is possible in all the routing tables installed in a router

17. In case it is not administratively de ned, how is OSPF Router 4/4

ID determined?
A. The highest IP address of any interface included in OSPF

B. Random IP addresses from any interface included in OSPF

C. Random number

D. The lowest IP address of any active interface on the router

E. The highest IP address of any active interface on the router

F. The lowest IP address of any interface included in OSPF

G. Random IP address from any interface on the router


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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1

A. will have one vlan tag added to ethernet header - "102"

B. will have one vlan tag added to ethernet header - "101"

C. will not go through at all because vlan1 will drop it

D. will have two vlan tags added to ethernet header - "101" and "102"

E. Wrong con guration because it is not possible to have a vlan over another

19. When creating a route, it is possible to specify the gateway to 4/4

a network even if the gateway is not directly connected by using
recursive next-hop resolving from an existing route.
1. True

2. False

20. When using routing option 'check-gateway=ping' what is the 4/4

ICMP echo request interval (in seconds)?

A. 20s

B. 10s

C. 30s

D. 60s


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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1





Jawaban yang benar


22. For a user (one entry) in local PPP Secrets/PPP Pro les 4/4

database, it is possible to:

A. Allow login by PPPoE and PPTP, but deny login by L2TP

B. Deny services (like telnet) only for this user or for one group of users

C. Set max values for transferred data (Rx/Tx)

D. Allow only PPPoE login

E. Allow/deny use of more than one login by this user

23. To securely bridge together 2 remote networks following 4/4

methods need to be used:

A. EoIP over PPTP/L2TP with IPsec secret speci ed

B. IPIP with IPsec secret speci ed

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfzbspIWiqbNMaANQ-545drbkbsnDfhh2Np2I6X-OsoCYzOUg/viewscore?viewscore=AE0zAgBNBhj8yA- 10/12
11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1

C. PPTP/L2TP BCP with IPsec secret speci ed

D. EoIP with IPsec secret speci ed

E. PPTP/L2TP with IPsec secret speci ed

24. RouterOS device has acquired an IP address from an ISP 4/4

using DHCP client. The same router is used for assigning IP

addresses to local users using DHCP server, masquerade rule is
con gured properly. Packets that are coming from the ISP have
TTL=1. Select correct statement:
A. Router has access to the Internet, but clients do not

B. All clients and router have access to the Internet

C. Router does not have access to the Internet, but clients have

D. Neither router nor clients have access to the Internet


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11/15/2017 Latihan Soal MTCRE - 1





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