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What is mean by electric
When a person come in a contact with the
live wire supplying electricity he receives
The shock received depends on the voltage of
the wire and the body resistance of the person
The voltages used domestically are 230V for
lighting and heating purpose and 440V for
running induction motors
These voltages can give severe shocks to a
Still more severe shocks that may cause death
to a person are the lighting strokes and high
tension wires
How it effects on human body?
An electric shock may be mild to severe
Mild shocks produce nervousness
Severe shock may produce convulsions which
ultimately lead to unconsciousness and may
lead to death
Electric current passing through body can
cause cardiac arrest
This cause of shock may be due to downed
electrical wire, a defective house old appliance
or lightning
The human body is the good conductor of
electricity specially when it is wet
Some electric burns may look minor but still
may cause serious internal damage, especially
the heart muscles or brain
The damage caused due to an electric shock
depends on the voltage the root of the current
through the body,the persons health and speed
with which the contact is removed.
The muscles, nerves and the tissue of the body
may be destroyed due to heat produced
Precautions taken when a person
in contact with electric shock
Do not touch the victim with bare
hands when he is still in contact with
Once a victim is free,
check his breathing,
If the supply cannot be switched off immediately,
use a non-conducting object such as a dry
wooden rod broom,chair,rug or rubber door
mat to push the victim away from the source of
if they have stopped or dangerously slowly
,initiate artificial breathing.
Treat third degree
burns and get
emergency health
care .when breathing
is re-established, treat
the victim for shock
by elevating the feet
and cover the body
with a blanket.
Prevention of shocks

Care must be taken to see that ground points are

properly provided to all the sockets to which
electrical appliances are connected
Proper earthing has to be provided and
periodically the earthing resistance has to be
checked to see that it does not exceeds 3-5
Install ground fault circuit interrupt in wall outlets
located in the
bathroom,kitchen,basements,garages and out
door boxes
Cover all electrical sockets with plastic safety
Replace all worn chords and wiring
Do not touch
electrical appliances
and switches with wet
Do not overload the switch may cause short
The power supply poles must be at desirable