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This is to certify that the following expenses incurred during the field visit for XII th- SBI evaluation

1. Auto expenses

Destination Amount incurred & Date of journey

Chennai visit From chandralayout to Central Train station, Megistic Rs.150-
From Central Train station, Megistic to chandralayout - Rs.150-
From Chennai central -Train station to Guindy Rs.320 (11/01/2017)
From Guindy to Chennai central -Train station- Rs.320 (12/01/2017)
From Gummudepoonde Station to SBI Quality Lab- Rs.170 (12/01/2017)
From SBI Quality Lab to Gummudepoonde Station-Rs.170 (12/01/2017)
Guntur visit From Hotel room to SBI Quality Lab Rs.140 (20/01/2017)
From SBI Quality Lab to Hotel room Rs.140 (20/01/2017)
Sakleshpur visit From chandralayout to Megistic Bustop- Rs.150 (27/01/2017)
From Megistic Bustop to chandralayout- Rs.150 (27/01/2017)