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Communication 1 Midterm Test July 2017 A

A- Complete the dialogue with the correct form of the present simple or present
- Maggie: Hello Jo, What a surprise! What _________________________(do) here?
- Jo: The same as you probably! I _________ (buy) a few things for dinner.
- M: How are things _______ you still _____________ (work) at the same place?
- J: Yes, but I _____________ (not like) it very much. My boss ___________
(depend) on me for everything. The worst thing is that she always _________ (get)
The credit and I _______________ (do) all the work!
- M: That ____________ (sound) terrible ____________ you
____________________ (have to) go back to work this afternoon?
- J: No, I only work until lunchtime on Fridays because I always ________ (have)
lunch with my friend Paula. She ______________ (not work) on Fridays, so we
usually _______________ (meet) at a nice restaurant ___________ you _______
(want) to come?
- M: Id love to but my sister _____________ (stay) with us for a few days. Some
other time!
B- Complete the sentences with a future form of the verbs in brackets.
1- A: I can hardly lift this suitcase.
B: Wait. ________ (help) you with it!
2- We ___________ (get married) on 3rd June at 5:30 pm We hope you can come!
3- Ive decided that I _____________ (look for) a new job.
4- A: Do you want to come to Daves on Thursday?
B: I cant. I _____________ (have) dinner with Sam.
5- My brothers having a baby so I __________ (be) an aunt in a couple of weeks.
C- Complete the sentences with a future form of the verbs in brackets.
- Mike: So, Where shall we go for our honeymoon?
- Gina: I dont know. Maybe somewhere in North Africa. Have you ever been /
gone to Morocco?
- M: Yes, Ive been / I went there.
- G: I didnt know that. When have you been / did you go there?
- M: The year after I have finished / finished university.
- G: What about Egypt?
- M: Ive been / I went there too.
- G: Who have you been / did you go with?
- M: With an ex-girlfriend.
D- Complete the sentences with perfect simple or the present continuous, and for or
1- A: How long _________________ (he / wait) to speak to someone?
B: He _______________ half an hour.
2- A: How long _________________ (you / work) here?
B: I ______________ here _____________ three months now.
3- A: How long _________________ with Rob?
B: We ________________ we left school.
E- Tick the sentences that are right and correct the wrong ones.
1- Cycling to work is more quickly than walking.
2- Olga drives more carefully than Bill!
3- My dad has least hair now than he had five years ago.
4- Its the beautifulest beach Ive never been to. The sea looks amazing.
F) Complete the sentences with a, an, the or (no article)
1. Can you turn on __________ air conditioning? Its boiling in here.
2. Jane is allergic to ____________ cats. She starts sneezing when one comes near her.
3. Are these __________ keys you were looking for?
4. I have a friend who is ______________ electrician. Do you want his phone number?
5. Thats ___________ easy question. I think I know_________________ answer.
G) Complete the sentences with the correct word.
1. Debbie can seem so different on different days shes really m________.
2. You must think about other peoples feelings instead of being so s________!
3. Eduardo seemed very q________ yesterday. Do you think hes alright?
4. Dave still o__________ me the 50 I lent him last week.
5. I i________ a lot of money from my grandfather when he died last year.
6. Shes going to s________ some of her salary every month.
7. Its dangerous when drivers go through a red traffic l_______.
8. We only like riding our bikes in towns with cycle l________.
H) Ask Questions
1- Where / eat / during the week?
2- spend time with / family member / this Saturday?
3- ever sell anything online? What?
4- you pay / too much / for anything recently? What?
5- When / you last feel amazed? What?
6- What / most relaxing way / travel? Why?
7- The diet in your country / get better or worse?
8- What music / most keen on?
I) Choose and Write
Both girls and boys should learn to cook at school
Elderly parents should live with their children when they are too old to live alone
Living abroad for some months can be life changing experience
Women worry more about their appearance than men
J) Listen and Answer
1) 1- What public transport does Zoe have to get to Bristol?
2- Which transport is direct?
2) 3- HOW IS Zoe getting on Mikes house?
3) 4- Why did it take Carol five hours to do sixty kilometers?
4) 5- Which is the safest means of transport?
5) 6- What does Tess think about Copenhagen?
7- Why is Copenhagen the best city for cycling?