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PART ONE of the King of the Jews i.

I heard You
THE EARLY DAYS speak like a king. I saw Your kingly
gestures. Take me with You.
THE FIRST MEETING Take you? Now? At once? No.
Why not, Master?
(Very early in His public life,
Because it is better to examine
Jesus is approached by Judas for the
ourselves carefully before venturing on
first time. Jesus asks him:)
very steep roads.
Why are you looking for Me?
Do You not believe I am sincere?
To follow You, if You will allow us,
You have said it. I believe in your
because You have words of truth.
impulsiveness. But I do not believe in
Follow Me? But do you know
your perseverance. Think about it,
where I am going?
Judas. I am going away now and I will
No, Master, but certainly to glory.
be back for Pentecost. If you are in the
Yes. But not to a glory of this world
Temple, you will see Me. Examine
. I am going to a glory which is in
Heaven and is conquered by virtue and (Poem Vol. 1, pp. 291-2; Gospel Vol. 1, pp. 346-7)
sacrifice. Why do you want to follow
Me? He asks them again.
To take part in Your glory.
According to Heaven? A SECOND ENCOUNTER
Yes, according to Heaven.
Not everybody is able to arrive (Some weeks later, Judas
there. Because Mammon lays more approaches Jesus, and says:)
snares for those yearning for Heaven I greet You, Master. I am Judas of
than for the others. And only he who has Kerioth. Do You not recognise me? Do
strong will power can resist. Why follow You not remember?
Me, if to follow Me implies a continuous I remember and recognise you.
struggle against the enemy, which is in You spoke to Me here with Thomas, last
us, against the hostile world, and Passover.
against the Enemy who is Satan? And You said to me: "Think about
Because that is the desire of our it and make up your mind before I come
souls, which have been conquered by back". I have made up my mind. I will
You. You are holy and powerful. We come.
want to be Your friends. Why are you coming, Judas?
Friends!!! Jesus is silent and Jesus is really sad.
sighs. Then He stares at the one who Because The last time I told You
has spoken all the time and who has why. Because I dream of the Kingdom
now removed the mantle-hood from his of Israel and I see You as a king.
head, and is bareheaded. He is Judas Is that why you are coming?
of Kerioth. Who are you? You speak Yes, it is. I will put myself and
better than a man of the people. everything I possess: capability,
I am Judas, the son of Simon. I acquaintances, friends, fatigue at Your
come from Kerioth. But I am of the service and at the service of Your
Temple. I am waiting for and dreaming mission to rebuild Israel.

The two are now close, in front of people [But] My Kingdom is not of this
each other, standing, and they stare at world, Judas. Allow yourself to be
each other. Jesus is grave and convinced of that. I have come to Israel
melancholy. Judas exalted by his to bring Light and Glory. But not the light
dream, is smiling, handsome and and glory of the earth. I have come to
young, sprightly and ambitious. call the just of Israel to the Kingdom.
I did not look for you, Judas. Because it is from Israel that the plant of
I know. But I looked for You. For eternal life is to come
days and days I have been putting My first followers will be from Israel.
people at the gates to warn me of Your My first confessors will be from Israel.
arrival. I thought You would be coming But also My persecutors will be from
with some followers and that it would Israel. Also My executioners will be from
therefore be easy to notice You. Israel. And also My traitor will be from
Instead I understood that You had Israel
been here, because a group of pilgrims No, Master. That will never
was blessing You as You had cured a happen. If everyone should betray You,
sick man. But no one could tell me I will remain with You and defend You.
where You were. Then I remembered You, Judas? And on what do you
this place. And I have come base your certainty?
Why? Why did you look for Me? On my honour as a man.
But I have told You, Master! Did Which is more fragile than a
You not understand? cobweb, Judas. It is God we have to ask
I did understand you. Yes, I did. for the strength to be honest and faithful.
But I want you also to understand Me Man! Man accomplishes human
before you follow Me. Come. We will deeds. To accomplish spiritual deeds -
talk while walking. And they start and to follow the Messiah with
walking, one beside the other, up and truthfulness and justice is to accomplish
down the paths that cross one another a spiritual deed - it is necessary to kill
in the olive-grove. You want to follow man and make him be born again. Are
Me for a human reason, Judas. But I you capable of so much?
must dissuade you. I have not come for Yes, Master. And in any case
that. Not everybody in Israel will love You.
But are You not the designated But Israel will not give the Messiah
King of the Jewsii? The one of whom the executioners and traitors. Israel has
Prophets spoke? Others have come. been waiting for You for centuries!
But they lacked too many things and I will be given them. Remember
they fell like leaves no longer supported the Prophets Their words and their
by the wind. But You have God with end. I am destined to disappoint many.
You, in fact You work miracles. Where And you are one of them. Judas, you
there is God, the success of the mission have here in front of you a mild, peaceful
is guaranteed. poor man, who wishes to remain poor. I
You have spoken the truth. I have have not come to impose Myself and
God with Me. I am His Word. I was make war. I am not going to contend
prophesied by the Prophets, promised with the strong and mighty ones for any
to the Patriarchs, expected by the kingdom or any power. I contend only
with Satan for souls, and I have come to A LESSON ABOUT DESPAIR
break the chains of Satan with the fire of (A short time later, and alone with
My love. I have come to teach mercy, Judas, Jesus says:)
sacrifice, humility, continence. I say to Whoever wishes to live for the
you and to everybody: "Do not crave for spirit, and lead others to live the same
human wealth, but work for eternal life, must disregard the flesh, nay, I
coins". You are deceiving yourself if you would say: kill it, to devote all his
think I am to triumph over Rome and the attention to the spirit
ruling classes. Herods and Caesars can What must I leave, Master?
sleep tranquilly, while I speak to the Everything you know that upsets
crowds. I have not come to snatch you. Because God is peace and if you
anybody's sceptre and My eternal want to follow the path of God, you must
sceptre is already ready, but no one, clear your mind, your heart and your
unless one was love as I am, would like flesh of everything that is not peace
to hold it. Go, Judas, and ponder producing and causes perturbation. I
Are You rejecting me, Master? know it is difficult to amend one's way of
I reject nobody, because who living. But I am here to help you
rejects does not love Consider this Both our own and other people's
carefully, Judas, little will be debited to lives are the gift of God and only God
him who is a murderer, but believes he Who gives life, has the authority to take
is doing justice, and he believes it it. Who kills himself, confesses his own
because he does not know the Truth; pride, and pride is hated by God.
but a great deal will be debited to him, He confesses his pride? I would
who knowing the Truth, not only does say his despair.
not follow it, but becomes its enemy. And what is despair but pride? Just
I will not do that. Take me, Master. think, Judas. Why does one despair?
You cannot refuse me. If You are the Either because misfortunes persistently
Saviour and You see that I am a sinner, perturb him and he wants to overcome
a sheep astray, a blind man off the right them by himself, but is unable to do so.
path, why do You refuse to save me? Or because he is guilty and he thinks
Take me. I will follow You, even to that he cannot be forgiven by God. In
death both cases, is not pride the basic
To death! That is true. Then reason? The man who wants to do all by
Then, Master? himself, is no longer humble enough to
The future is in God's bosom. Go. stretch out his hand to the Father and
We will meet tomorrow at the Fish say to Him: "I am not able, but You are.
Gate. Help me, because I hope and wait for
Thank You, Master. The Lord be everything from You". The other man
with You. who says: "God cannot forgive me" says
And may His mercy save you. so, because measuring God by his own
And it all finishes. standards, he knows that another
(Poem Vol. 1, p. 343-6; Gospel Vol. 1, pp. 409-12)
person could not forgive him, if that
person had been offended, as he
offended God. So here again it is pride.
A humble man understands and
forgives, even if he suffers for the Life is a gift, a gift to be loved. But what
offence received. A proud man does not gift is it? A holy gift. So love it holily. Life
forgive. He is proud also because he is lasts as long as the flesh holds out.
not capable of lowering his head and Then the great Life, the eternal Life
saying: "Father, I have sinned, forgive begins. A Life of blissful happiness for
Your poor guilty son". But do you not the just, of malediction for the unjust. Is
know, Judas, that the Father will forgive life a purpose or a means? It is a means.
everything, if one asks to be forgiven It serves for a purpose which is eternity.
with a sincere, contrite, humble, heart Then let us give life what is required to
willing to rise again to new life? make it last and serve the spirit in its
But certain crimes are not to be conquest. Continence of the flesh in all
forgiven. They cannot be forgiven. its lusts, in all of them. Continence of the
That is what you say. And it will be mind in all its desires, in all of them.
true only because man wants it to be Continence of the heart in all human
true. Oh! I solemnly say even after the passions. Infinite instead is to be the
crime of crimes, if the guilty man should ardour for heavenly passions: love of
rush to the Father's feet - He is called God and the neighbour, obedience to
Father, Judas, just for that, and He is a the divine word, heroism in good and
Father of infinite perfection - and crying, virtue.
implored Him to be forgiven, offering to I have given you the answer, Judas.
expiate, without despairing, the Father Are you convinced? Is the explanation
would make it possible for him to sufficient? Be always sincere, and ask
expiate and thus deserve forgiveness when you do not yet know enough: I am
and save his soul here to be your Master.
Whoever dies in despair will no I have understood and it is
longer be forgiven. Neither in the instant sufficient. But it is very difficult to do
of the personal judgement, nor after what I have understood. You can
centuries of Gehenna, on Doomsday, because You are holy. But I am a
never! Is that hardness on God's side? man, young and full of life
No: it is justice. God will say: "You, a I have come for men, Judas. Not
creature gifted with reason and for the angels
supernatural knowledge, created free (Poem Vol. 1, p. 355-7; Gospel Vol. 1, pp. 423-6)

by Me, you decided to follow the path

you chose and you said: 'God will not
forgive me. I am separated from Him for
ever. I think I must apply the law by JUDAS IS THE CANVAS
myself to my own crime. I am parting
(The other disciples are not very
from life to evade remorse' without
happy with Judas attitude and his
considering that you would no longer
lies, and ask Jesus to send him away.
have felt remorse if you had come on My
But Jesus tells them:)
faithful bosom. Let it be done to you, as
Peter is destined for a part, and
you judged. I will not do violence to the
Judas is the canvas on which he must
freedom I gave you".
weave his part, or, if you prefer so,
That is what the Eternal Father will
Judas is the school where Peter will
say to the suicide. Meditate on it, Judas.
learn more than with anyone else. Also Too much respect. He is full of
idiots are capable of being good, with respect also for You. But not for you, the
John and understanding souls like Master; for You the future Kingiii, from
John's. But it is difficult to be good with Whom he hopes to receive wealth and
people like Judas, and to understand glory. He was a nobody, just a little more
souls like Judas' and to be a doctor and than the others at Kerioth. He hopes to
priest for them. Judas is your living play an important role at Your side
teaching and Oh! Jesus! I do not want to be
(Poem Vol. 1, p. 447; Gospel Vol. 2, p. 45) uncharitable, but I think, even if I do not
want to believe it, that in case You
should disappoint him, he will not
hesitate to take Your place, or
AN UNWITTING PROPHESY endeavour to do so. He is ambitious,
(Judas is extolling Jesus greedy and vicious. He is more suitable
qualities to Him) to be the courtier of a worldly king, than
We know You as Man and Your apostle, My Son. He frightens
Master. We listen to You and see Your Me! And the Mother looks at Jesus
works. Your contact, Your breath, Your with two eyes full of dismay in Her pale
kiss: they are our continuous face.
consecration and our continuous Jesus sighs. He ponders. He looks
purification. Only a satan could deny at His Mother. He smiles to encourage
You after being Your close Her. Also that is needed, Mother. If it
companion. were not he, it would be someone else.
It is true, Judas. But there will be My College must represent the world,
one. and in the world they are not all angels,
Woe to him! I will be his neither are they all of the same
executioner. character as Peter and Andrew. If I
No. Leave justice to the Father. Be chose everything perfect, how could the
his redeemer. The redeemer of this soul poor diseased souls dare hope to
that is inclined towards Satan become My disciples? I have come to
(Poem Vol. 1, p. 466; Gospel Vol. 2, p. 68) save what is lost, Mother. John is saved
as he is. But how many are not!
I am not afraid of Levi (Matthew).
He redeemed himself because he
MARYS CONCERNS OF JUDAS wanted to. He forsook his sin and his
customs desk and acquired a new soul
(Mary and Jesus are discussing to come with You. But Judas of Kerioth
the qualities of the different apostles. did not. On the contrary, pride is
Mary says:) becoming more and more the master of
I think that they love You and that his ugly old soul. But You already know
You will get much out of them But the that, Son. Why do You ask Me? I can
man from Kerioth I do not like him, but pray and cry for You. You are the
Son. His eye is not crystal-clear and his Master. Also of Your poor Mother.
heart even less so. He frightens Me. (Poem Vol. 1, pp. 540-1; Gospel Vol. 2, p. 158)
He is full of respect for You.

Are you mad? And do you think
that we would not tear him to pieces?
shouts Peter.
A TRAITOR WAS NECESSARY And the Iscariot: Oh! You really are
mad! It will never be I! But if I should feel
(Jesus says to Maria Valtorta:) so weak as to eventually become so, I
My eyes had seen into the heart would kill myself. Better than be the
of Judas Iscariot. No one must think that murderer of God.
the Wisdom of God has not been able to Jesus frees Himself from John's grip,
understand that heart. But, as I told My shakes Judas violently saying: Do not
Mother, he was necessary. Woe to him swear! Nothing can make you weak,
for being the traitor! But a traitor was unless you want! And if that should
necessary. Deceitful, shrewd, greedy, happen, make sure you weep for it, and
lustful, dishonest, more intelligent and do not commit another crime in addition
cultured than the masses, he had been to deicide. He becomes weak, who cuts
able to impose himself on everybody. off his vital link with God.
Daring as he was, he smoothed the way (Poem Vol. 2, p. 207; Gospel Vol. 3, p. 175)
for Me, also when the way was a difficult
one. He was above all fond of standing
out and showing his position of trust
near Me. He was not obliging out of
instinctive charity, but only because he
was one of those whom you would call
a "hustler". That enabled him also to
look after the purse and approach JUDAS CURIOSITY
women. Two things which he loved FOR THE OCCULT
without restraint, together with a third
one: position amongst men (Jesus and His apostles are
(Poem Vol. 1, p. 567; Gospel Vol. 2, p. 191) travelling near Endor, near where
Saul, the predecessor of King David,
had gone to consult a mediumiv.
Judas expresses great interest in
FIRST THE BAPTIST visiting this place, and Jesus asks
Why did you want to come? You
(John arrives to tell Jesus and the must admit it was not out of mere
other apostles that John the Baptist curiosity of a scholar.
has been captured and imprisoned We always hear someone talk of
by King Herod) magicians, necromancers, evoked
Do not worry! Nothing will happen spirits I wanted to see whether I could
to Me for the time being. discover anything I would like to know
But later? What will happen later? how it is done I think that since we are
I look at myself, at these I am afraid of destined to amaze people in order to
everybody, also of myself. Will one of us attract them, we should be, somehow,
be Your traitor? necromancers, too. You are You and
You do things by means of Your power.
But we must ask for power, for help in explained by man's reason or cannot be
order to perform exceptional deeds, done by man's power, so that the
which are necessary sources of wickedness may not be
Are you mad? What are you opened for you and you may realise that
saying? shout many. you are "naked". Naked: repellent in
Be quiet. Let him speak. He is not your humanity mixed with satanism.
mad. Why do you wish to amaze people by
Yes, I thought that by coming here means of obscure prodigies? Amaze
a little of the magic of gone by days them through your holiness, which
would assume possession of me and should be as bright as things coming
make me greater. In Your interest, from God. Do not be anxious to rend the
believe me. veils which separate the living from the
I know that your present desire is a dead. Do not disturb the deceased.
sincere one. But I will reply to you with Listen to them, if they are wise, while
eternal words, because they are words they are on the earth, venerate them by
of the Bible, and the Bible will exist as obeying them also after their death. But
long as man exists. Believed or mocked do not upset their second life. Who does
at, employed to defend the truth or not obey the voice of the Lord, loses the
scorned at, it will always exist. It is Lord. And the Lord has forbidden
written: "And Eve, seeing that the fruit of occultism, necromancy, satanism in all
the tree was good to eat and pleasing to its formsvii. What more do you wish to
the eye, took it and ate it and gave some know than the Word already tells you?
to her husband Then their eyes were What more do you wish to perform than
opened and they realised that they were your goodness and My power enable
naked and they made themselves loin- you to perform? Do not crave for sin, but
cloths And God said: 'How did you for holiness, son. Do not feel mortified. I
realise that you were naked? Only am glad that you disclose your
because you ate of the forbidden fruit'. humanity My dear Judas. Put wings
And He expelled them from the garden as bright as the sun, wings of an angel
of delights"v. And in the book of Saul, it on your spirit. By the simple breeze
is written: "Samuel appearing said: 'Why caused by flapping them you will attract
have you disturbed me, conjuring me hearts and will lead them in your wake
up? Why do you consult me when the to God. Can we go?
Lord has abandoned you? The Lord will Yes, Master! I was wrong
deal with you as I told you because No. You have been an inquirer
you did not obey the voice of the Lord' The world will always be full of them
"vi. Son, do not stretch your hand (Poem Vol. 2, pp. 247-9; Gospel Vol. 3, pp. 224-6)

towards the forbidden fruit. It is

imprudent even to go near it. Do not be
curious to know ultramundane things,
lest its satanic poison should conquer A TOUCH OF THE UNDERWORLD
you. Avoid the occult and what cannot (A short time later, the apostle
be explained. One thing only is to be Andrew remarks about a change that
accepted with holy faith: God. But avoid has come about in Judas. He asks
what is not God and what cannot be Jesus:)
What is the matter with Judas of Son, My pity is even greater than
Simon, Master? We do not understand My fear. And I would like to help You
him any more He seemed so and him to save his soul. You can do
changed, but now, since we left the everything, and You do not need Me.
lake But You say that everybody must
Peter retorts: Be quiet, brother. I cooperate with Christ in redeeming
have the key to the mystery! A little bit and that son needs to be redeemed so
of Beelzebub has stuck to him. He went badly!
to look for it in the cave at Endor to What else can I do for him in
astonish us and he was served as he addition to what I already do?
deserved! You cannot do any more. But You
There is another reason, could let Me do. He asked Me to let him
Simon says Jesus. stay in our house because he thinks that
Tell us, Master. I will be happy to he will be able to get rid of his monster
change my mind about my there You are shaking Your head?
companion. You do not want? I will tell him
Judas is jealous. He is agitated No, Mother. It is not that I do not
because he is jealous. want. I am shaking My head because I
Jealous? Of whom? He is not know that it is useless. Judas is like one
married, and even if he were, and went who is drowning and although he
with women, I think that none of us realises that he is drowning, he rejects
would be rude to a fellow disciple out of pride the rope that has been
He is jealous of Me Pray that he thrown to him to draw him to the shore.
may be cured. Jealousy is a He has no will to come to the shore.
disease Now and again, he is in terror of
Of which one can be cured, beside drowning and he seeks and invokes
You, if one wants to. Ah! I will put up with help. He clings to the rope and then,
him, for Your sake But, how difficult it seized once again by pride, he refuses
is! help, rejects it, he wants to be
(Poem Vol. 2, pp. 325-6; Gospel Vol. 3, pp. 320-1) independent and he becomes heavier
and heavier because of the muddy
water that swallows him down
Son! As I held the little baby in
MARY AND JESUS My arms to bring her to You to be
DISCUSS JUDAS blessed, let Me hold Judas in My arms,
(After a distressing encounter that I may bring him to Your
with Judas, Mary goes to Jesus and blessing
says:) Mother Mother He does not
I feel sorry for him, just as I deserve You [But] let it be done as
would feel sorry if I saw a very infected You wish! And may You be blessed for
person Poor son! How ill his soul is! Your loving intention towards Me and
And You feel sorry for him? Are Judas!
(Poem Vol. 2, pp. 675-6; Gospel Vol. 4, pp. 255-6)
You no longer afraid of Him? You were

(An old and wise Simon the Zealot
is very aware of some of Judas JUDAS REVEALS
failings, but keeps these concerns to A GROWING RESENTMENT
himself. Jesus notices Simons (Alone with Judas, Jesus tells him
unease, and presses him to explain. of the continuing necessity to prune
Simon replies:) oneself of evil habits. He says:)
My Lord, You already know! Why Even if we lose God's favour by
do You want me to tell You? shouts infringing His Law, we always become
the Zealot sorrowfully, as if he were what we were, by renouncing sin...
tortured. Judas does not reply.
Are you certain? Jesus resumes: And if one
He did not deny it. But he said: "I understands that it is not possible to
do so because I am provident. I have have the power of God, because God is
common sense. The Master never not there where Satan is, one can easily
thinks of the future" remedy, by preferring what God grants
Well: let us keep that to ourselves. to what our pride desires.
All right? Judas is silent.
Yes, Master. They have by now reached the first
(Poem Vol. 3, p. 121; Gospel Vol. 5, p. 16)
house of the village and Jesus, still
speaking to Himself, says: And to
think that I did severe penance that he
might mend his ways and go back to his
(Mary Magdalene tells Jesus of Judas starts, raises his head, looks
her lack of trust in Judas, and wants at Him... but does not say anything.
to stay away from him) Jesus also looks at him... and then
Anyone of them, except him. My He asks: Judas, to whom am I
Lord, do not look at me so severely... speaking?
Who has fed on lust, perceives it when To me, Master. It is because of
it is near... I am not afraid of it. I can hold You that I no longer have power. You
at bay someone who is much more than took it off me to increase it in John,
Judas. I am terrified at not being Simon and James - in everybody except
forgiven, and it is my ego, and it is Satan me. You do not love me, that's what it is!
who wanders round me, and it is the And I will end up by not loving You and
world... But if Mary of Theophilus is not by cursing the hour when I did love You
afraid of anybody, Mary of Jesus is and I ruined myself in the eyes of the
disgusted at the vice which had world for a cowardly king, who is
subdued her, and she... Lord... The man overwhelmed even by the populace. I
who craves for sensuality disgusts was not expecting this from You!
me... Neither I from you. I have never
(Poem Vol. 3, p. 152; Gospel Vol. 5, p. 54)
deceived you. And I have never forced
you. So why do you remain with Me?

Because I love You. I cannot part
with You. You attract me and You
disgust me. I desire You as much as I
desire air to breathe and... You frighten
me. Ah! I am cursed! I am damned! Why
do You not drive the demon out of me,
since You can? Judas' face is livid
and upset, he looks like a madman full
of hatred and fear... He reminds me,
although faintly, of the satanic mask of
Judas on Good Friday.
And Jesus' face reminds me of the
scourged Nazarene, Who sitting on an
upturned tub in the courtyard of the
Praetorium, looks at His sneerers with
all His loving pity. He says, and a sob
already appears to be in His voice:
Because there is no repentance in
you, but only hatred against God, as if
He were guilty of your sin.
Judas utters a horrible curse
between his teeth...
[The disciples come to Jesus and
say]: Master, we have found lodgings.
There is room for five in one place, for
three in another, for two in a third place
and then two places can accommodate
one each. We could not find anything
All right. I will go with Judas of
Kerioth says Jesus.
No says Judas, I prefer to be
alone. I am upset. You would not be
able to rest...
As you wish...
(Poem Vol. 3, pp. 344-5; Gospel Vol. 5, pp. 289-90)

SIGNS OF REPENTANCE forgive and help who has done wrong
(Shortly afterwards, sharing a but has later repented...
lighter moment, Jesus speaks to Judas is silent for a little while... Then
Judas of some of the dangers in he takes Jesus' hand and kisses it,
searching for experiences, whereas remaining bent over it: Last night I
there is wisdom in remaining exceeded the limit. I insulted You,
innocent) Master. I told You that I would end up by
Sin does not increase wisdom. It hating You... How much I blasphemed!
is not light. It is not a guide. Never. It is Can I ever be forgiven?
corruption, it is derangement of mind, it The greatest sin is to despair of
is chaos. Thus, he who commits it, God's mercy... Judas, I said: "Every sin
tastes its flavour but at the same time against the Son of Manviii will be
loses the ability to savour many other forgiven". The Son of Man has come to
spiritual things and no longer has an forgive, to save, to cure, to lead souls to
angel of God, a spirit of order and love, Heaven. Why do you want to lose
to guide him, instead, he has an angel Heaven? Judas! Look at Me! Wash your
of Satan to lead him into greater and soul in the love emanating from My
greater disorder, because of the eyes...
unappeasable hatred that devours Do I not disgust You?
those diabolical spirits. Yes, you do... But love is stronger
Listen, Master. And if one wanted than disgust. Judas, poor leper, the
to attain angelical guidance again? Is greatest leper in Israel, come and
repentance sufficient, or does the invoke health from Him Who can give it
poison of sin last even after one has to you...
repented and has been forgiven?... You Give it to me, Master.
know? For instance, one who has taken No. Not that way. There is no true
to drinking, even if he swears that he will repentance or firm will in you. There is
not get drunk again, and is really only a faint effort of surviving love for Me
determined in swearing so, always feels and for your past vocation. There is a
the stimulus to drink. And one hint of repentance, but it is entirely
suffers... human. That is not entirely bad. Nay, it
One certainly suffers. That is why is the first step towards Good. Cultivate
one should never become the slave of it, increase it, graft it into the
evil. But to suffer is not to sin. It is supernatural, change it into real love for
expiation. And as a repentant drunkard Me, make it a real return to what you
commits no sin but gains merits if he were when you came to Me, at least
resists the stimulus heroically and does that! Make it not a temporary, emotional
not drink any more, so he who has inactive throb of sentimentalism, but a
sinned, and repents and resists all true active feeling attracting you to
stimuli, gains merit and will not lack Good. Judas, I will wait. I can wait. I will
supernatural help to resist. It is not a sin pray. I will take the place of your
to be tempted. On the contrary it is a disgusted angel, while waiting. My pity,
battle that brings victory. And believe patience and love are perfect and
Me, in God there is only the desire to therefore greater than the pity, patience
and love of angels, and I can remain
beside you, in the disgusting stench of feels that he will be ashamed of Me
what is fermenting in your heart, in order before the world accusing Me, should
to help you... go away. He who will be scandalised
Judas is moved, he is really moved, seeing Me treated as an evil-doer,
he is not simulating. With trembling lips should go away. I am telling you so that
and voice made shaky by his emotion, you may do so before being
looking pale, he asks: Do You really compromised in the eyes of the world.
know what I have done? Imitate those who are escaping in those
I know everything, Judas. Do you boats, if you feel that you cannot share
want Me to tell you, or shall I spare you My lot in disgrace, to be able to share it
this humiliation? later in glory. Because this is what is
I... cannot believe it... about to happen: the Son of Manix is
Well let us go over the past few about to be accused and put into the
days and tell the incredulous apostle the hands of men, who will kill Him as a
truth. This morning you lied several criminal and will believe that they
times. With regard to the money and to defeated Him. But they will have
where you spent the night. Last night accomplished their crime in vain.
you tried to suffocate in lust your Because after three days I will rise from
feelings, your hatred, your remorse. the dead,x and triumph. Blessed are
You... those who will be able to stay with Me till
That's enough! That's enough! For the end!
pity's sake, say no more! Or I will run (Poem Vol. 3, p. 453; Gospel Vol. 5, p. 423)

away from Your presence

On the contrary, you ought to cling
to My knees and ask to be forgiven.
Yes, forgive me, Master! Forgive
me! Help me! It's stronger than I am.
Everything is stronger than I am.
Except the love you ought to have
for Jesus... But come here, that I may
help you to resist temptation and relieve
you of it. And He takes Judas in His
arms shedding silent tears on his dark-
haired head
(Poem Vol. 3, pp. 350-2; Gospel Vol. 5, pp. 297-9)

(Jesus is pre-warning a new
disciple regarding motive in
following Him)
He who hopes that I am an
earthly king, should go away. He who
PART TWO Jesus is silent. And Judas teases Him:
A DOWNWARD SPIRAL Am I not right, Master?
No. His no is so sharp that it
JUDAS REVEALS sounds like an explosion.
A PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY And yet I... I do not perceive Satan,
neither do I admit free will or Evil. All the
(In Jesus presence, Judas Sadducees are of my opinion, as well as
astounds his fellow apostles by many other people in Israel. No, Satan
questioning the existence of Hell and does not exist.
Paradise. He says:) Jesus looks at him. His glance is so
I say what I think I base myself complex that it cannot be analysed. It is
on the following philosophical concept. the glance of a Judge, of a Doctor, of a
If everything is controlled by God, grieved astonished man... There is
everything we do depends on His will, everything in it...
and He must reward us all in the same Judas, who is already launched
way, because we are only robots moved out, concludes: Perhaps it is because
by Him. We are beings devoid of will. I am better and more perfect than the
The Master Himself says so: "The Will others, that I have overcome the terror
of the Most High. The Will of the Father". of men for Satan.
That is the only Will. And it is so infinite And Jesus is silent. But Judas
that it crushes and destroys the limited teases Him: Speak! Why am I not
will of creatures. Consequently both the terrified?
Good and the Evil, which we appear to Jesus keeps silent.
do, is done by God, Who imposes it on Are You not replying, Master?
us. Thus He will not punish us for evil Why? Are You afraid?
deeds and His justice will be No. I am Charity. And Charity
administered that way. Our sins are not withholds its opinion until it is compelled
voluntary but they are imposed by Him to give it... Leave Me and go away He
Who wants us to commit them, so that says at last, because Judas tries to
both good and evil may be on the earth. embrace Him, and when He is held by
He who is bad is the means of expiation force in the arms of the blasphemer, He
for those who are not so bad. He suffers whispers to him: You disgust Me! You
within himself as he cannot be do not see or perceive Satan, because
considered good, and thus expiates his he is all one with you. Go away, you
part of sin. Jesus said so. Hell is on the demon!
earth and in the hearts of men. I do not Judas kisses Him impudently and
perceive Satanxi. He does not exist. laughs, as if the Master had praised him
Once I believed he existed. But for secretly. He goes back to the others,
some time I have convinced myself that who are so aghast that they have
it is a lot of nonsense. And one attains stopped. And he says to them: See? I
peace through such belief. know how to open the Master's heart. I
Judas expounds such... theory with make Him happy by showing Him my
so much ostentation that the others confidence, and I learn. You, instead!...
stand breathless with astonishment... You never dare speak to Him. Because
you are proud. Oh! I will know more
about Him than anybody else. And I will
be able to speak...
(Poem Vol. 3, pp. 457-8; Gospel Vol. 5, pp. 428-9)

JOHNS DISCLOSURE TO JESUS Lord, he... Oh! Lord! John's head
Jesus he has something on his slides lower.
mind, but doesnt wish to sin against What?
charity. Jesus encourages him to He... It is not true that the money
explain) he gives You for the poor belongs to
John heaves a long sigh, then him. It is the money of the poor that he
lowers his head further, letting it slide on steals, to be praised for being generous,
to Jesus' chest, and says: How which is not true. He was wild because
grievous it is to speak of putrid things!... when You came back from mount
Lord... Judas is lewd... and he tempts Tabor, You took all the money away
me to commit obscene things. I do not from him. And he said to me: "There are
mind if he derides me. But it grieves me spies among us". I replied: "Spies of
that he should come to You, filthy with what? Have you stolen, perhaps?". "No"
his love affairs. Since he came, he has he replied to me, "but I am far-sighted
tempted me several times. When we and I have two purses. Someone told
happen to be alone - and he takes the Master and He ordered me to hand
advantage of every opportunity - he everything over, and He was so
does nothing but speak of women... and authoritative that I was compelled to do
I am as disgusted with it as if I were so". But it is not true, Lord, that he does
immersed in some fetid matter that so because he is provident. He does
threatened to enter my mouth... that to have money for himself. I could
Are you deeply upset by that? bear witness to that, and I am almost
What? Upset? My soul shudders. certain that I would be telling the truth.
Reason cries against such Almost certain! That uncertainty is
temptations... I do not want to be indeed a slight fault. You cannot accuse
corrupted... him of being a thief, if you are not
How does your body react? absolutely certain. At times, the actions
It shrivels with disgust. of men appear to be faulty, whereas
Nothing else? they are good.
No, Master, and I weep because I That is true, Master. I will not
think that Judas could not cause a accuse him any more, not even in my
graver offence to a man who has own mind. But it is true that he has two
consecrated his life to God. Tell me: will purses, and that the one he says
that be detrimental to my offering? belongs to him and he gives to You, is
No. Not more than a handful of instead Yours. And he does so to be
mud thrown against a diamond plaque. praised. I would not do that, because I
It will not affect or penetrate the plaque. feel that it is not right.
A cup of clean water poured over it is You are right. What else have you
enough to clean it. And it becomes more to tell Me?
beautiful than before. John raises his frightened face,
Cleanse me, then. opens his mouth to speak, then closes it
Your charity and your angel and falls on his knees hiding his face in
cleanse you. There is nothing left on the tunic of Jesus, Who lays a hand on
you. You are a clean altar on which God his head.
descends. What else does Judas do?
So, speak up! You may have You ought to give him your soul.
misjudged things. I will help you to But neither the Father nor I would allow
consider them properly. You must also that...
tell Me what you think of the probable There is a long silence. Then Jesus
causes of Judas' sinning. says with a tired voice: Let us go,
Lord, Judas feels that he does not John. Let us go downstairs. We will rest
have the strength he would like to have until dawn.
to work miracles... You are aware that it You look more depressed than
has always been his ambition... Do You before, Lord! I should not have told
remember Endor? Instead... he is the You!
one who works fewer miracles. Since he No. I already knew. But you have
came back, he has not been able to do taken a load off your chest... and that is
anything... and during the night he what matters.
moans in his dreams, as if they were Lord, must I avoid him?
nightmares and... Master! No. Do not be afraid. Satan can do
Come on. Tell Me, everything. no harm to people like John. He
And he curses... and practises terrorises them, but he cannot take
witchcraft. This is not a lie and there is away the grace that God continuously
no doubt about it. I saw him myself. He grants them. Let us go.
chooses me as his companion, because (Poem Vol. 3, pp. 462-4; Gospel Vol. 5, pp. 434-6)

I sleep soundly. Nay, because I used to

sleep soundly. Now, I must admit it, I
watch him and my sleep is not so sound,
because I hear him as soon as he TWO FRUITS OF BLOOD AND FIRE
moves... Perhaps I did the wrong thing. (Shortly afterwards, John tells
But I pretended to be asleep to see what Jesus of his feelings of inadequacy,
he was doing. And twice I have heard and Jesus says:)
and seen him do horrible things. I am None of you is perfect. I knew
not an expert in sorcery, but that is what since I chose you. And I do not expect
it is. any of you to become perfect rapidly.
Does he do that by himself? You will all have to change from wild to
Sometimes he does, sometimes domestic beings by means of two
he does not. I followed him at Tiberias. grafts...
He went into a house. I inquired later Which ones, Master?
who lives there. It is a man who One is blood, the other is fire.
practises sorcery with other people. And Afterwards you will be the heroes of
when Judas came out, almost at Heaven and will convert the whole
daybreak, I gathered from the words world, beginning from yourselves.
they spoke that they are familiar with Blood? Fire?
one another. They are many... and not Yes, John. Blood: Mine...
all strangers. He asks the demon to give No, Jesus! John interrupts Him
him the Power that You do not give him. with a deep groan.
That is why I renounce my part so that Be calm, My friend. Do not
the Father may give it to him and he may interrupt Me. Be the first to listen to this
sin no more. truth, because you deserve it. The
Blood is Mine. You already know. That
is why I came. I am the Redeemer...
Think of the prophets. They did not
leave out one iota in describing My
mission. I will be the Man described by THE MOTHER OF JUDAS
Isaiahxii. And the Blood, which I will (Alone once more with Judas,
shed, will make you prolific. But I will not Jesus has some touching words to
confine Myself to that. You are so say about the differing anxieties of
imperfect and weak, dull and timorous, their respective mothers for their two
that I, sitting gloriously beside the sons. He notices that Judas is upset,
Father, will send you the Fire. It is the and says:)
Strength that proceeds from My being, Judas, do not weep. Why weep?
through generation by the Father. And it If you feel no remorse in your heart with
binds the Father and the Son in an regard to your mother or Mine, why
indissoluble ring, making Three of One: shed those tears? Come here, rest your
the Thought, the Blood, the Love. head on My shoulder and tell your
When the Spirit of God - nay, the Friend your anxiety. Have you done
Spirit of the Spirit of God, the Perfection wrong? Do you feel you are about to do
of Divine Perfections - will come to you, wrong? Oh! do not remain alone! Defeat
you will no longer be as you are. But you Satan with the help of Him Who loves
will be new, powerful, holy... But for one you. I am Jesus, Judas. I am the Jesus
of you, Blood and Fire will be of no avail. Who cures diseases and expels
Because Blood will have, for him, the demons. I am the Jesus Who saves...
power of damnation. And he will for ever and Who loves you so much, that He
know another fire, in which he will burn worries at seeing you so enfeebled. I am
belching blood and swallowing blood, the Jesus Who teaches to forgive
because he will see blood wherever he seventy times seven. But I, personally,
lays his material or spiritual eyes, forgive you not seventy, but seven
having betrayed the Blood of a God. hundred, seven thousand times... There
Oh! Master! Who is it? is no fault, Judas, there is no fault,
You will know one day. For the Judas, there is no fault, Judas, that I do
time being, forget about it. And for the not forgive, that I do not forgive, that I do
sake of charity do not even endeavour not forgive, if the repentant culprit says
to inquire into it. Investigation to Me: "Jesus, I have sinned". Even
presupposes suspicion. You must not less: if he only says: "Jesus!". And even
suspect Your brothers, because less: if he only looks at Me imploringly.
suspicion is already lack of charity. And the first faults that I forgive, do you
(Poem Vol. 3, pp. 497-8; Gospel Vol. 5, pp. 478-9)
know, My friend, whom I forgive them?
The most guilty and the most repentant.
And do you know which are the very first
ones that I forgive? Those committed
against Me.
Judas?... Can you not find one word
to reply to your Master?... Is your
anguish so severe that it makes words
die on your lips? Are you afraid that I brightness! Poor soul, which is aware of
may denounce you? Be not afraid! I My love for you and reproaches you for
have been longing for such a long time tearing it away from My love! Poor soul,
to speak to you like this, holding you on which reproaches you in vain - as in vain
My heart, like twins in a cradle, born of I caress you - for acting underhandedly
the same mother, almost one flesh only, with your Master. But it is not you who
two babies who have sucked in turn the acts. It is he who hates you and Me.
same warm nipple, each savouring his That is why I said to you: "Do not remain
brother's saliva together with his alone". Now, listen. You know that I
mother's sweet milk. I now have you, spend most of My nights in prayer. If one
and I will not let you go away until you day you should feel the courage of
tell Me that I have cured you. Be not being a man and you wanted to be Mine,
afraid, Judas. I want your confession. come to Me when your companions are
Your companions will think that this is a sleeping. Stars, flowers, birds are good
friendly conversation, because after it wise witnesses. And they are discreet
our faces will beam so much with and compassionate. They are struck
reciprocal peace and love. And I will get with horror at the crime committed in
them to believe so more and more, by their presence, but they do not utter any
holding you against My chest at supper word to say to men: "This man is the
this evening, dipping in the dish My own Cain of his brother". Have you
bread for you, and offering it to you as understood, Judas?
to a favouritexiii. And you will be the first Yes, Master, I have. But believe
to whom I will give the cup, after giving Me: I am only tired and deeply moved. I
thanks to God. You will be the king of love You with all my heart and...
the banquet, Judas. And you will really All right. That is enough.
be so. You will be the Bride of the Will You give me a kiss, Master?
Groom, o soul that I love, if you become Yes, Judas. I will give you a kiss
clean and free, depositing your dust in now, and many in future...
My purifying lap. Jesus draws a heavy sigh, with grief.
Are you not going to speak to tell Me But He kisses Judas on the cheek. He
your grief? then takes his head between the palms
You have spoken so kindly to me... of His hands, and holding it tight, in front
of my mother... of home... of Your love... of Himself, only a few inches from His
A moment of weakness... I am so face, gazes at him, scrutinises him,
tired!... I thought that You had not loved pierces him with His magnetic eyes.
me thus for some time... And Judas, a wretched miserable man,
No. It is not so. Only one thing of does not turn a hair. He seemingly
what you said is true, and that is that you remains impassive while being
are tired. But you are not tired of the examined. He only grows pale and
road, of dust, of the sun, of mud, of closes his eyes for a moment. Jesus
crowds. You are tired of yourself. Your kisses his closed eyelids, his lips, and
soul is tired of your body and of your then his heart, bending His head to look
mind. So tired that it will end for the heart of His disciple... and He
extinguished by deadly tiredness. Poor says: There you are: to dispel haze, to
soul, which I called to eternal make you feel Jesus' kindness and
fortify your heart. He then lets him go
and directs His steps towards the
house, followed by Judas
(Poem Vol. 3, pp. 764-5; Gospel Vol. 6, pp. 325-7)

ANOTHER A loud crash, like thunder, is heard,
SATANIC POSSESSION! but there is neither flash of light nor
(Jesus is dealing with a violently rumbling of thunder, only a sharp
possessed man who claims to be lacerating crack. And as the demoniac
Beelzebub, and who offers great falls like a dead body to the ground and
resistance. Finally) remains there, a huge tree-trunk
Aaaaah! (it is a very long cry of collapses near the apostles, as if it had
never-ending torture. Not even a man been cut about one metre from the
slowly pierced by a sword would yell like ground by a saw, working as quickly as
this). And the cry ends in words: I am lightening. The apostolic group moves
coming out. Yes, You have defeated away just in time, while the local people
me. But I will avenge myself. You are run away.
driving me away, but there is a demon But Jesus, Who has bent over the
beside You and I will go into him and prostrated man and has taken him by
possess himxiv, investing him with my the hand, turns round, still stooping and
full power. And no order of Yours will be with the hand of the cured man in His
able to take him away from me. In every own. He says: Come. Be not afraid!
age, in every place, I, the author of Evil, The people approach timorously. He
procreate sons for myself. And as God is cured
procreated Himself by Himself, I (Afterwards, Jesus tells His
procreate myself by myself. I conceive apostles:)
myself in the heart of man and he gives It was through the flesh that
birth to me. He gives birth to a new Satan entered man, and through the
Satan, who is he himself, and I rejoice, flesh he goes back into man. And he is
having so many children! You and men happy if he can do so. He, one and
will always find those creatures of mine, sevenfold, enters with the proliferation
who are as many Satans. I am going, o of his legions of minor demonsxv.
Christ, to take possession of my new You said that Mary of Magdala had
kingdom, as You wish, and I leave You seven demonsxvi. You said so and they
this poor wretch whom I maltreated. In were certainly demons of lust. And yet
his place, as I am leaving him to You - You freed her very easily.
the alms of Satan to You, God - I will Yes, Judas. That is true.
take one thousand and ten thousand So?
now, and You will find them when Your So, according to you, My theory is
body in lurid tatters will be given as a wrong. No, My friend. That woman
plaything to dogs. And I will take ten wanted, by that time, to be freed from
thousand and one hundred thousand in her possession. She wanted. Will power
future centuries, to use them as an is everything.
instrument for me and a torture for You. (Poem Vol. 4, pp. 35, 37; Gospel Vol. 6, pp.
432-3, 435)
Do You think that You will win by raising
Your Sign? My followers will knock it (In an earlier passage Jesus
down and I will be the winner Ah! It is reassures Martha, who is concerned for
not true that I will win! But I will torture her sister, Mary Magdalene. He says:)
You, both in Yourself and in Your You say that she is mad. She says
followers! herself that she is ill and suffers from a
sinful fever. I say: she is ill because she No, don't say that! Not a
is possessed by a demon. It is still a misfortune! On the contrary: a way to
disease. And her incoherent behaviour, sanctify oneself says the Zealot.
her fury, her tears, her affliction, her Or to damn oneself, because he
longing for Me, are stages of her illness, makes one lose one's virtues says
which has come to a moment of crisis Thaddeus resolutely.
and has its most violent fluctuations. He is a poor wretch! remarks
Poor soul of My Mary! Her soul also was Andrew sadly
created by the Father, and it is in no way (Poem Vol. 4, p. 103; Gospel Vol. 6, p. 516)

different from all other souls... [The soul

of] My poor Mary who has been
poisoned with seven poisons besides
the first universal poison! Of My JUDAS GIVES SOME JOY
imprisoned Mary! But let her come to TO JESUS
Me! Let her breathe the air I breathe, let (A little later, Jesus is alone when
her hear My voice and meet My Judas comes to speak with Him.
glance! She calls herself: "Manure" Their conversation is heart-warming
Oh! My poor dear soul in whom the for Judas, who says:)
demon of pride is the weakest of the How beautiful it is, Master, to hear
seven possessing her!xvii Only because You speak like this! Everything
of that she will be saved! becomes clear to the eyes, to the mind,
(Poem Vol. 2, p. 492; Gospel Vol. 4, pp. 30-1)
to the heart and everything becomes
easy. Also to say: "I want to be good!".
Also to say to You also to say to You:
"Master, my soul is upset as well! Do not
THE APOSTLES AND JUDAS be disgusted at me, Master, since You
(In Judas and Jesus absence, love so much those who are pure!".
the remaining apostles are remarking Oh, Judas! I disgusted? My dear
how familiar Judas is with the friend, My dear son, what is upsetting
Pharisees) you?
Judas knows too many Keep me with You, Master. Hold
things! says James of Zebedee. me tight I have sworn to be good after
Be quiet! He may hear you! You spoke to me so kindly. I have sworn
advises Matthew. to become the Judas of the first days:
No. He has gone away, saying that when I followed and loved You as a
he is sleepy and has a headache groom loves his bride, and I yearned for
replies James. nothing but You as I found every
Moon! Moon in the sky and moon satisfaction in You. That is how I loved
in his head. It is so: he is more You, Jesus
changeable than the wind pronounces I know and that is why I loved
Peter who has been silent so far. you But I still love you, My dear hurt
Yes! A real misfortune among friend
us! says Bartholomew with a sigh. How do You know that I am hurt?
And do You know by what?

There is silence. Jesus looks at who became a leper? Or that woman,
Judas so kindly Tears seem to make the Roman prostitute, for whom I
His eyes wider and kinder, tempering prophesied a place in Heaven, because
their brightness: the eyes of an innocent being forgiven by Me she will have the
defenceless child who gives himself strength to live in a holy way?
completely in love. Master Master Oh! How sick at
Judas drops at His feet with his face heart I am! This evening I ran away
on Jesus' knees and clasping His sides from Korazim because if I had
with his arms he moans: Keep me with remained, I would have been lost. You
You, Master keep me My flesh is know it is like one who drinks and is
howling like a demon and if I give in, taken ill The doctor forbids him to
then all evil befalls me I know that you drink wine and any intoxicating drink,
are aware of it, but You wait for me to and he recovers and is healthy as long
tell You But it is hard, Master, to say: as he does not taste such liquors But
"I have sinned." if he gives in, once only, and he tastes
I know, My friend. That is why one them again. He is thirsty thirsty for
ought to act correctly. So that later one such liquids He no longer resists, and
may not have to lower oneself saying: "I he drinks and drinks and is taken ill
have sinned". But, Judas, that is also a again for ever mad possessed by
very good medicine. The fact that one his demon, by that demon of his. Oh!
has to make an effort to confess one's Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Don't tell the
sin restrains one from committing it; and others Don't tell them I blush with
if it has been committed, the pain in shame before them all
accusing oneself is already redeeming But not before Me.
repentance. And if one suffers not so Judas misunderstands. That is
much out of pride or for fear of true! I ought to blush more before You
punishment, but because one realises than anybody else, because You are
that by sinning one has caused sorrow, perfect
then I tell you that the sin is cancelled. It No, son. I did not mean that. Your
is love that saves. grief, your distress, your dejection must
I love You, Master. But I am so not confound you. I said that you may
weak Oh! You cannot love me! You blush before everybody, but not before
are pure and You love the pure You Me. A son is not afraid or ashamed of a
cannot love me because I am I am good father, neither is an invalid of a
Oh! Jesus, relieve me of the hunger of clever doctor. And confession is to be
sensuality! Do You know what a demon made to both without any fear, as one
it is? loves and forgives, and the other
I know. I did not listen to it, but I understands and cures. I love and
know what its voices sound likexviii. understand you. So I forgive and cure
See? See? You are so much you. But tell Me, Judas. What is it that
disgusted by it that by simply puts you into the hands of your demon?
mentioning it You look very upset Oh! Is it I? Your brothers? Corrupt women?
You cannot forgive me! No. It is your will. I now forgive you and
Judas, do you not remember cure you With what joy you have filled
Mary? Or Matthew? Or the publican Me, My Judas! I was already rejoicing at
this clear, scented night, which sweet Nothing, if they do not ask Me If
songs made delightful, and I was they ask Me, I will say that we spoke of
praising the Lord for it. But the joy which God's mercy It is such a true and
you are now giving Me exceeds this boundless subject, that a very long life
clear moonlight, these scents, this is not sufficient to consider it. Let us
peace, these songs. Can you hear it? go
The nightingale seems to join Me in (Poem Vol. 4, pp. 353-5; Gospel Vol. 7, pp. 310-3)

telling you that it is glad of your good

will, as the little singing bird is so willing
to do that for which it was created. And
likewise, this early morning breeze,
which blows over flowers awaking them
and letting dewy diamonds drop into the
hollow calyces, so that butterflies and JUDAS GRADUAL AND
sunbeams may find them very soon - DELIBERATE DESCENT
the former to refresh themselves, the (Immediately following the
latter to have their great brightness preceding passage, Jesus says to
reflected by the tiny mirrors. Look: the Maria Valtorta:)
moon is setting. Dawn is being It is an episode of mercy like those
announced by that cock crowing far of the Magdalene. But if you make a
away. The darkness and phantasm of book, it will be better if you put the
the night are vanishing. See how quickly periods in orderly succession rather
and pleasantly time has passed, than the categories, simply stating at the
whereas, if you had not come to Me, you beginning or end of each episode to
would have spent it in disgust and which category it belongs.
remorse? You ought to come to Me Why do I elucidate Judas' figure?
every time you are afraid of yourself. Many may wonder why.
One's own ego!!! A great friend, a great I reply. Judas' figure has been
tempter, a great enemy and a great distorted too much in the course of time.
judge, Judas! And see? While it is a And lately it has been completely
sincere loyal friend if you have been perverted. Some schools have sung his
good, it can be an insincere friend if you praises, as if he had been the second
are not good, and after being your and indispensable author of
accomplice, it rises to the office of Redemption. Many also think that he
implacable judge and tortures you with succumbed to a sudden fierce assault of
its reproaches It is cruel in the Tempter. No. Every fall has
reproaching Not I! Well, let us go. The premises in time. The graver the fall, the
night is over more it is prepared. Antecedent factors
Master, I did not let You rest and explain the fact. One does not collapse
today You have to speak so much or rise all of a sudden, either in Good or
I have rested in the joy which you in Evil. There are long insidious factors
gave Me. in descents, and patient holy ones in
Master what will You tell my ascents. Judas' unfortunate drama can
companions? teach you so well how to save
yourselves, and how to become
acquainted with the method of God and Man, of his own puts only the
His mercy in saving and forgiving those good will to love his God wholly, to give
who descend towards the Abyss. himself up to His will, to practise virtues
One does not arrive at the satanic and control passions. He is absorbed in
delirium in which you saw Judas God, and in the Light that is God. In the
struggle after the Crime, unless one is Wisdom that is God he sees and
completely corrupted by Hellish habits, understands everything. Later, when
which one has taken up voluptuously for the absolute action comes to an end, a
years. When one commits a crime state takes over in the creature,
driven by a sudden event, which whereby what has been received is
deranges one's mind, one suffers but is transformed into a rule of life and
capable of expiation, because some sanctification
parts of the heart are still free from The demon, a perpetual mimic of
infernal poison. To the world denying God, causes a similar effect, although
Satan - because it has him so much in limited because God only is infinite. In
itself that it no longer notices him, it has the mental obsession of those who are
absorbed him and has become part of possessed, because they gave
his ego - I prove that Satan exists. He is themselves spontaneously to him in
eternal and immutable in the method order to be triumphant, he grants them
employed to make you his victims. a superior intelligence, devoted
(Poem Vol. 4, pp. 355-6; Gospel Vol. 7, p. 313) exclusively to evil, to harming, to
offending God and man. [If] the satanic
action finds the soul consenting, it is
continuous, and thus leads it by degrees
to a complete knowledge of Evil. They
LOOSE WITH THE TRUTH are the worst possessions. Nothing
(Judas is becoming proud of his appears outwardly, and consequently
ability to mislead and to twist the such possessed people are not
truth. But Jesus tells him:) avoided. But they exist
To say one thing for another, (Poem Vol. 4, pp. 540-1; Gospel Vol. 8, pp. 19-20)

even if for a good purpose, is always

blameworthy. Do you think that the Lord
needs such behaviour to protect His
Messiah? Do not lie any more, not even A COMPLETE AND ACCEPTING
for a good purpose. The mind becomes POSSESSION
accustomed to imagining lies, and lips (Shortly afterwards, Jesus is
to utter them. No, Judas. Avoid being asked by the apostle Thomas:)
insincere. The other day You said that the
(Poem Vol. 4, p. 432; Gospel Vol. 7, p. 408)
Redeemer, You, will have a traitor. How
can a man betray You, the Son of
A man, in fact, would not be able to
POSSESSION, AND FREE WILL betray the Son of God, God like His
(Jesus tells His apostles that Father. But it will not be a man. It will be
there are two forms of possession) a demon in the body of a man. The most
possessed, the most obsessed man. That man is a mass of snakes, and he
Mary of Magdala had seven demons xix himself is in heat with the demon.
and the demoniac of a few days ago How do you infer that?
was dominated by Beelzebub. But in My Well! I don't know. I am coarse
traitor there will be Beelzebub and all his and ignorant, but I am not stupid. I am
demoniac court Oh! Hell will really be accustomed to reading winds and
in that heart to give him the boldness to clouds and now I have eyes to read
sell the Son of God to His enemies, just also hearts. Jesus I am afraid.
as a lamb is sold to the butcher! Do not judge, Peter. And do not
Judas asks: Master, is that man suspect. Suspicion creates monsters.
already possessed by Satan now? And one sees what is not there.
No, Judas. But he is leaning May eternal God grant that there is
towards Satan and to lean towards nothing. But I am not sure.
Satan means putting oneself in the Who is it, Peter?
condition of falling into himxx. Judas of Kerioth. He boasts of
And why does he not come to You having important friends, and even a
to be cured of his inclination? Does he short time ago that ugly face greeted
know he has such inclination, or does him as one greets a well known person.
he not know? asks Andrew. He did not have such friends
And Jesus replies: If he did not previously.
know he would not be guilty, whereas Judas is the one who receives and
he is, because he knows that he tends hands out money. He has the
to evil and that he does not persist in his opportunity to approach rich people. He
decision to emerge from it. If he is clever.
persisted, he would come to Me but Yes, he is clever Master, tell me
he does not come Poison penetrates the truth, do You not suspect?
and My closeness does not cleanse him Peter, you are so dear to Me
because he does not want it, he avoids because of your heart. But I want you to
it Your error, o men. You fly from Me be perfect. Who does not obey is not
when you need Me most perfect. I said to you: do not judge and
(Poem Vol. 4, p. 543-4; Gospel Vol. 8, pp. 23-4) do not suspect.
Peter lowers his head and becomes
silent and embarrassed. Perhaps he is
not yet convinced and is still curious, but
PETERS CONCERNS he is silent
ABOUT JUDAS (Poem Vol. 4, p. 546; Gospel Vol. 8, pp. 26-7)

(Almost immediately afterwards,

Peter approaches Jesus and says:)
Master I I hate I am
disgusted, yes, if I do not hate because ANOTHER FLASH
You do not want us to hate, I am OF REPENTANCE
disgusted at one of us. I seem to be near (Judas expresses resent towards
a den from which the stench of snakes Jesus for reproaching him, but Jesus
in heat comes out and I would not like replies:)
any of them to come out to injure You.
A man who caresses his guilty I noticed that he had gone from the
son will have to bandage his wounds very first moment. Nothing escapes My
later, says the proverbxxi. And another notice. That is why I went to some
proverb says that a horse badly broken- friendly houses, telling them to send
in turns out stubborn, and an Judas to Bethany, if he should look for
uncontrolled son turns out Me
headstrongxxii. God forbid! grumbles the other
Am I perhaps Your son? asks Judas between his teeth.
Judas, changing countenance, as he no Jesus looks at him but pretends that
longer frowns but looks contrite. He has not heard, and He goes on,
If I had begotten you, you could not speaking to everybody, as He sees that
be more so. And I would have My they are all of the same opinion as
viscera torn out to give you My heart and Thaddeus (faces, at times, speak better
make you as I would like you to be than words): This will be a good rest
Judas has one of his fits of while waiting for his return. It will be of
repentance and looking really sincere comfort to everybody. Then we will go
he throws himself into Jesus' arms towards Tekoah. The weather is cold
shouting: Ah! I do not deserve You! I but it is clearing up. I will evangelize that
am a demonxxiii and I do not deserve town, then we will come back, passing
You! You are too good! Save me, through Jericho, and we will go to the
Jesus! And he weeps, he really other bank. The shepherds told Me that
weeps, with the pain of a heart upset by many sick people are looking for Me. I
evil things, and by the remorse of sent word that they need not set out on
grieving the Master Who loves him. the journey, and that they should wait
(Poem Vol. 4, p. 646; Gospel Vol. 8, p. 149) for Me there.-
Well, let us go says Peter with a
Are you not glad to go to Lazarus'
A VITAL LESSON house? Thomas asks him.
(During their travels, and in the You don't seem to be, the way you
absence of Judas, Jesus and His say it.
apostles pause on the way to It is not because of Lazarus. It's
Bethany) because of Judas
Jesus then turns round to look at You are a sinner, Peter says
His apostles and He says: And now let Jesus admonishing him.
us wait here for Judas of Simon I am. But he, Judas of Kerioth, is
Ah! You noticed that he has he not a sinner since he goes away, is
gone? say the others who are insolent and a torture? bursts out
surprised. We thought that You were Peter angrily, as he cannot stand the
not aware of it. There was such a large situation any longer.
crowd. And You were speaking all the He is. But if he is, you must not be.
time, first with the young man and then None of us must be. Remember that
with the shepherds God will ask us - I say: will ask us,
because God Father entrusted that man
to Me before entrusting him to you - to Not one word is uttered by
account for what we did to redeem anybody
him. (Poem Vol. 4, pp. 656-7; Gospel Vol. 8, pp. 161-3)

And do You hope to succeed,

Brother? I cannot believe it. You - I
believe this - You know the past, the
present and the future. So You cannot PATIENCE WITH
be mistaken about that man. And But A SPIRITUAL BROTHER
it is better if I don't tell You the rest. (Still journeying without Judas,
It is in fact a great virtue to be able Jesus calls the other eleven apostles
to be silent. But you had better know together and says:)
that to foresee - more or less exactly - What I am about to say is useful
the future of a heart, does not exempt to everybody, as you all have the same
anyone from persevering until the end to thoughts in your hearts Do you not
save a heart from being ruined. Do not know that you learn more through Judas
fall into the fatalism of Pharisees who of Kerioth than through any other
maintain that what is destined must take person? You will find many Judases and
place, and nothing can prevent what is very few Jesus in your apostolic
destined from being accomplished. With ministry. The Jesus will be kind, good,
such reasoning they justify their sins, pure, faithful, obedient, prudent, free
and will justify their final act of hatred from greed. They will be very few But
against Me. Many a time God awaits the how many Judases of Kerioth you, your
sacrifice of a heart, that overcomes its followers and your successors, will find
nausea and indignation, and its along the ways of the world! And in
antipathy - even if justified - to rescue a order to be masters and to know, you
spirit from the quagmire into which it is must attend this school With his faults
sinking. Yes, I tell you. Many times God, he shows you what man is; I show you
the Almighty, the Everything, waits for a what man should be. Two examples
creature, a mere nothing, to make or not equally necessary. By knowing both
to make a sacrifice, to say a prayer, in well, you must try to change the former
order to condemn or not condemn a into the latter And let My patience be
spirit. It is never late, never too late, to your rule.
try and hope to save a soul. And I will Lord, I was a big sinner, and I am
give you proof of that. Even on the certainly an example as well. But I
threshold of death, when both the sinner would like Judas, who is not such a
and the just man who is anxious about sinner as I was, to become the convert
him are about to leave the Earth to that I am. Is it pride to say this?
appear at the first judgement of God, No, Matthew, it is not pride. You
one can always save or be saved. honour two truths by saying so. The first
Between the cup and the lips, says the is that the sentence saying: "The good
proverb, there is always room for death. will of man works divine miracles" is
I instead say: between the extremity of truthful. The second is that God loved
agony and death there is always time to you infinitely since the time you thought
obtain forgiveness, for oneself or for nothing about it, and He did so because
those whom we want to be forgiven. He was aware of your capability for
heroism. You are the fruit of two powers: Let the former remember that he was a
your will and God's love. And I am sinner and the latter that he is a
putting your will first, because without it father
God's love would have been vain. Vain, Yes, Master. We will bear that in
inert mind.
But could God not convert us (Poem Vol. 4, pp. 664-5; Gospel Vol. 8, pp. 171-2)

without our will? asks James of

Certainly. But man's will would still
be required to persevere in the A GLIMPSE OF THE DEMONIC
conversion obtained miraculously.
(Filled with anguish and
So such will has not been and is
confusion at the conflicts within
not in Judas, either before knowing You,
himself, Judas is exchanging a volley
or now says Philip impulsively.
of words with Jesus. Finally, he asks
Some laugh, some sigh.
Jesus is the only one who defends
What do You want of me?
the absent apostle: Do not say that!
What do I want!! I would like not to
He had it and has itxxiv. But the evil law
have become Incarnate in vain for you.
of the flesh overwhelms it at intervals xxv.
That is what I would like! But by now you
He is ill. A poor sick brother. In every
belong to another father, to another
family there is a week or a sick person,
country, you speak a different
someone who is the pain, the worry, the
language Oh! What shall I do, Father,
burden of the family. And yet is a frail
to cleanse the profaned temple of this
child not the one most loved by his
son of Yours and My brother? xxvi
mother? Is the unhappy brother not the
Jesus, Who is very pale, weeps,
one best served by his brothers? Is he
speaking to His Father.
not the one to whom his father gives the
Judas becomes pale too, and he
dainty morsel, taking it from his plate, to
moves aside a little, in silence. Jesus
make him happy, to make him feel that
overtakes him in a few steps,
he is not a burden and thus make his
descending the hill, His head lowered,
illness less boring?
closed in His grief. Judas then makes a
That is true. It is just like that. My
gesture of mockery, of threat, I would
twin sister was delicate in her childhood.
say like a cruel oath behind the back of
I had taken all the sturdiness. But the
the Innocent One. His face, so far
love of the whole family helped so
masked by a hypocritical gloss of
much, that now she is a buxom wife and
kindness and humility, becomes bony,
mother says Thomas.
hard, ugly, cruel: really demoniac. All
Exactly. Do with your spiritual
the hatred, but not a human hatred, is in
brother what you would do with a weak
the fire of his dark eyes, and that fiery
brother german. I will not utter one word
hatred is concentrated on Jesus' tall
of reproach. Do not be more severe
person. Then shrugging his shoulders
than I am. Your patient love is the
and striking his foot angrily, Judas ends
sharpest rebuke against which it is not
his internal reasoning. And he sets out,
possible to react. I will leave Matthew
and Philip at Tekoah to wait for Judas
composedly, like one who has made a AN ATTEMPTED DIVERSION
decision past recall (As the time approaches towards
(Poem Vol. 4, p. 766; Gospel Vol. 8, p. 296)
Jesus Passion and Death, Judas
accuses a new disciple of
You trust that man too much,
Master. I told You who he is. He is
(Soon afterwards, Judas visits the Jonathan's most hot-headed and
house of the members of the excitable disciple. Of course, it is late
Sanhedrin, and asks the same now. You have put Yourself into his
question:) hands. He is a spy close to You. You
What do you want of me? I do more than once thought that I was a spy,
not yet know precisely what you want. I and the others thought so more than
have done what I could. I cannot do You did! I am not a spy.
more than that. He is by far greater than Jesus stops and turns round. Grief
I am. He reads my heart and He never and majesty mingle on His face and in
treats me as I deserve. I am a sinner His eyes fixed on His apostle. He says:
and He knows and He absolves me. If I No. You are not a spy. You are a
were not such a coward I should I demon. You have stolen the Serpent's
should kill myself to make it impossible prerogative to seduce and deceive in
for me to hurt Him. Judas sits down, order to take people away from God.
crushed by the situation. With his face in Your behaviour is neither a stone nor a
his hands, his eyes wide open gazing at club, but it hurts Me more than a blow
the void, he is clearly suffering in the with a stone or a club. Oh! in My
struggle between his opposed atrocious suffering there will be nothing
instincts greater than your behaviour capable of
(A turmoil erupts after Judas leaves, torturing the Martyr. Jesus covers His
and some want to chase after him. But face with His hands, as if He wished to
one of their number, Helkai, screams:) conceal so much horror, and then He
Oh! No Leave it to me and you begins to run down the path.
will have to say that I am wise. Judas, Judas shouts after Him: Master!
when he has no more money, will Master! Why are You grieving me? That
become meek. Oh! as meek as a liar has certainly made a slanderous
lamb! and he laughs venomously. report to You Listen to me, Master!
He will not give in today, tomorrow, Jesus does not listen. He runs, He
perhaps for a month But then He is flies down the slopes. He does not stop
too depraved to be able to live in the when He passes by the woodcutters
poverty offered to him by the Rabbi and shepherds who greet Him. He
and he will come to us Ha! Ha! Let me passes, He waves to them but does not
see to it! I know stop. Judas resigns himself to being
(Poem Vol. 4, pp. 781, 784; Gospel Vol. 8, pp. 315, silent
318) (Poem Vol. 5, pp. 191-2; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 101-2)

JUDAS, THE THIEFxxvii face that it was impossible to look at, his
(Jesus and John have returned fingers hooked like claws, his elbows
unexpectedly to a house where they pressed against his sides. It is as if he
are staying, and discover Judas were on the point of assailing Jesus,
stealing some money which was Who does not show the least sign of
meant for others. Jesus sends John fear, and Who moves, turning round to
out of the room. And holds back a open the door with His back to the other,
curse He was tempted to give to who could attack Him, seizing Him by
Judas) His neck. But he does not do that, and
Judas, who uttered a stifled cry when Jesus opens the door and looks to see
he saw Jesus on the point of cursing whether John has really gone away.
him, does not react any further. But The corridor is empty and almost dark,
another cry is heard from beyond the as John has closed the door opening
closed door when Jesus throws the bag onto the kitchen garden after going out.
on the floor. And John's cry irritates the Jesus then bolts the door and leans
thief. It gives him back his demoniac against it, waiting, without a gesture or
daring. It makes him furious. He almost word, for the fury to abate
flings himself on Jesus, shouting: You Jesus remains still, with His arms
had me spied upon to bring dishonour stretched out, with His eyes always
on me. Spied by a foolish boy who fixed on the apostle, with a look of
cannot even keep quiet. Who will shame sorrow and prayer. And Judas, like one
me in front of everybody! That's what coming out of delirium, rubs his
You wanted. In any case Yes! That's forehead and sweaty face with his
what I want, too. I want that! To force hand He thinks, he recollects, and
You to drive me away! To force You to remembering everything he collapses
curse me! To curse me! To curse me! I on the floor, whether weeping or not, I
have tried everything to make You reject do not know. He certainly falls on the
me. He is hoarse with rage and as floor, as if his strength failed him.
ugly as a demon. He is panting as if Jesus lowers His eyes and arms,
something were choking him. and in a low but clear voice He says:
In a low but dreadful voice Jesus Well? Do I hate you? I could strike
repeats to him: Thief! Thief! Thief! you with My foot, I could tread on you,
and He ends, saying: A thief today. A calling you "worm". I could curse you, as
murderer tomorrow. Like Barabbas. I freed you from the power that makes
Worse than him. Now close to him, you rave. You thought that My
Jesus breathes that word on his face.. impossibility to curse you was
[Judas speaks angrily and at length weakness. Oh! it is not weakness! It is
against Jesus, and then] the torrent of because I am the Saviourxxviii. And the
words is suddenly replaced by a Saviour cannot curse. He can save. He
mournful silence... Because, while I was wants to save You said: "I am the
writing without being able to say what strength. The strength that hates You
was happening, Judas, bending just like and will defeat You". I also am the
a wild dog that points a prey and Strength, nay, I am the only Strength.
approaches it ready to dash on it, has But My strength is not hatred. It is love.
come closer and closer to Jesus, with a
And love does not hate and does not or damnation, to curse them once again
curse, never. after cursing them individually at their
The Strength could also win single death, first, and at their individual
battles, like this one between You and judgement. Because man, and you
Me - between Satan who is in you xxix, know this because you have heard Me
and Me - and remove your master from say so a hundred, a thousand times,
you, for good, as I did now by because man can save himself while he
transforming Myself into the sign that is alive, up to his last breath. An instant,
saves, the Tau that Lucifer abhors. It a thousandth of a minute is sufficient for
could win also these single battles as it a soul to say everything to God, to ask
will win the oncoming one against to be forgiven and obtain absolution
incredulous murderous Israel, against Each of these damned souls could say
the world and against Satan defeated by to Me: "Why did You not tie us to Good,
Redemptionxxx. It could win also these as You did with Judas?". And they
single battles as it will win the last one, would be right
remote for those who count by You have ruined and dissipated your
centuries, close at hand for those who soul and the gifts God had given it. What
measure time with the measure of have you done with your free will? What
eternityxxxi. But of what avail would it be with your intellect? Have you kept for
to infringe the perfect rules of My your spirit the freedom that belonged to
Father? Would it be justice? Would it be it? Have you used the intelligence of
merit? No. It would be neither justice nor your mind intelligently? No, you have
merit. It would not be justice with regard not. You do not want to obey Me - I do
to guilty men, who have not been not say Me-Man, but not even Me-God -
deprived of the freedom of being so, and you have obeyed Satan. You have used
who on the last day could ask Me the the intelligence of your mind and the
reason for their damnation and reproach freedom of your spirit to understand
Me for My partiality for you alone. Ten Darkness. Voluntarily. Good and Evil
thousand and one hundred thousand were placed before you. You chose Evil.
people, seventy times ten thousand and Nay, only Good was placed before you:
one hundred thousand people will I. Your eternal Creator, Who followed
commit the same sins as yours and will the evolution of your soul, Who was
become demons through their own wills. aware of such evolution because the
And they will be the offenders of God, Eternal Thought is aware of everything
the torturers of their fathers and that happens since Time began, placed
mothers, killers, thieves, liars, Good before you, Good only
adulterers, lewd and sacrilegious (Poem Vol. 5, pp. 223-7; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 140-5)

people, and in the end deicides, killing (Finally, when Jesus has nothing
the Christ materially on a day close at more to say to Judas)
hand, killing Him spiritually in future Judas at long last has a gesture of
times And I will come to separate resipiscence. He covers his face with
lambs from billy-goats, to bless the his hands and bursts into tears saying:
former and curse, then, yes, to curse the I am cursed! I am the opprobrium of
latter, to curse them because there will the Earth!
be no further redemption then, but glory
Jesus says: You are the eternal Jesus raises His head, opens His
wretch! And to think that, if you wanted, eyes that He had closed to refrain His
you could still be happy! tears, and says: Remember that we
Swear to me! Swear that no one are three to know: the culprit, you and I.
will be told and I swear to You that I And no one else must know.
will redeem myself shouts Judas. No one will learn it from me
Do not say: "and I will redeem (Poem Vol. 5, pp. 233-5; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 153-5)

myself". You cannot. I alone can

redeem you. He who was speaking
through your lips a short while ago, can
be defeated only by Me. Tell Me the ONE MORE PLEA TO JUDAS
words of humility: "Lord, save me!", and
(Now at Bethany, knowing that
I will free you from your ruler. Do you not
Judas is becoming more and more
understand that I am waiting more for
entangled in his web of treachery,
that word of yours, than for a kiss of My
Jesus pleads with him to go far away
from Jerusalem and Judas replies
Judas is weeping, but he does not
that it is too late. Jesus makes one
say that word.
more plea)
Go. Go out of here. Go up to the
Come. There is no sin that I do
terrace. Go wherever you wish, but
not excuse and forgive. Say: "I want".
make no noisy scene. Go. Go. No one
And I shall have redeemed you
will find you out, because I shall be
Jesus, standing up, has taken him in His
watching. As from tomorrow you will
keep the money. Everything is quite
But if the tears of Jesus-God fall on
useless now.
Judas' head, Judas' lips remain closed.
Judas goes out without replying.
He does not say the requested word. He
Jesus, now all alone, drops on a seat
does not even say forgive me when
near the table. And with His head
Jesus whispers through his hair: You
resting on His arms, folded on the table,
can perceive whether I love you! I
He weeps distressingly
should have reproached you! I kiss you.
(After some minutes, John returns to I should be entitled to say to you: "Ask
a sorrowful Jesus, and he says:) your God to forgive you" and I only ask
Oh! do not suffer any more! Do not you to have the will to be forgiven. You
suffer any more, Master! I cannot bear are so ill! You cannot ask much of a
to see You suffer! person who is very ill. Of all the sinners
And am I not to suffer because of who came to Me, I asked absolute
that? My deepest grief! Remember that, repentance in order to be able to forgive
John: this will be for ever My deepest them. I am asking you, My friend, only
grief! You cannot understand everything the will to repent, and then I will act.
yet My deepest grief Jesus is Judas is silent
depressed. John is holding Him close to (Poem Vol. 5, p. 327; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 270-1)
himself, with his arms round His waist,
anguished at not being able to console

(After Judas walks away) now Oh! it seems to Me - through
Jesus lifts up His arms towards the Your great pity, Most Holy Father! - it
clear sky, and raises His very sad face seems to Me but a dreadful dream,
and soul to His Father, moaning: Oh! brought about by his behaviour, but not
Father! Will You accuse Me of omitting something immoveable and that I
anything that may save him? You know may still hope, always, because infinite
that I am struggling to prevent his crime is My suffering and infinite will be the
for the sake of his soul, not for My life Sacrifice, and may it be of some benefit
Father! Oh! Father! I beg You! Hasten also for him Ah! I am raving! It is the
the hour of darkness, the hour of the Man Who wants to hope so! The God
Sacrifice, because it is too cruel for Me Who is in the Man, the God made Man,
to live near the friend who does not want cannot delude Himself! The mist that for
to be redeemed The greatest grief! a moment was concealing the abyss
and Jesus sits down on the thick, tall, from Me is dissipating the abyss is
beautiful clover. He bends His head on already open to swallow the man who
His raised knees clasped in His arms, preferred Darkness to the Light It was
and He weeps Your pity that concealed it! It is Your pity
When Jesus stops weeping, He that shows it to Me now that You have
says: Father, take My sufferings and re-comforted Me. Yes, Father, also that!
force Judas' soul with them. I am aware Everything! And I will be Mercy until the
that I am asking what Justice cannot end, because such is My Essence.
grant. But Mercy and Love have come He is still praying, silently, His arms
from You, and You love what comes stretched out crosswise, and His
from You and is One Thing only with distressed face calms down more and
You, God One and Trine, Holy and more, assuming the appearance of
Blessed. I will give Myself to My beloved solemn peace
ones as food and drink xxxii. So, Father, (Poem Vol. 5, pp. 328-9; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 271-3)

are My Blood and My Flesh to become

condemnation for one of them? Father,
help Me! A germ of repentance in that
heart! Father, why are You going
away? Are You already moving away
from Your Word Who is praying?
Father, the hour has come. I know. May
Your blessed will be done! But leave
Your Son, Your Christ, in Whom, by
Your inscrutable decree the certain
clairvoyance of the future, is diminishing
in this hour leave Me the hope that I
may still save him. Oh! Father! I know. I
have known since I am. I have known
since, not only as Word, but as Man, I
came here to the Earth. I have known
since I met the man in the Temple I
have always been aware of it But
Yes. It is. I do not have to think
about it, because for a long time I have
wanted nothing but that.
PART THREE Then go. God does not do violence
JUDAS DECIDES to man's will and Jesus turns His back
on him and goes slowly back to the
(Jesus and all the apostles are (Poem Vol. 5, pp. 367-8; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 321-2)

still at Bethany, and Jesus sees that

Judas is about to leave the property.
He calls out:)
Where are you going, Judas? JUDAS MEETS THE LEADERS
Please, stay here! OF THE SANHEDRINxxxiii
Since You know everything, why (Judas returns to the Sanhedrin,
do You ask me? What need is there for and agrees to arrange for his betrayal
You to ask, since You can read the of Jesus. He is told:)
hearts of men? You know that I am You should take us to Him when
going to my friends. You do not allow me He is all alone. You are aware of His
to go there. They press me to go. And I habits. You wrote to us that He wants
am going. you to be closer to Him than anybody
Your friends! You should say your else. So you must know what He wants
ruin! That is where you are going. You to do. We shall always be ready. When
are going to your true murderers. Don't you think that it is the right place and the
go, Judas! Don't go! You are going to right moment, come, and we will follow
commit a crime You you.
Ah! You are afraid?! Are You afraid Agreed. And what retribution shall
at last?! You realise at last that You are I receive? Judas is now speaking
a man! You are a man! Nothing more coldly, as if he were dealing with
than a man!... You are as bad as those common business.
whom You reproach as being What is mentioned by the
hypocrites! You have enticed us and prophets, so that we may be faithful to
betrayed us. And we had left everything the inspired word: thirty silver
for Your sake! And because of You we piecesxxxiv
are hated! You have brought about our Thirty silver pieces to kill a man,
ruin and that Man? The price of a common
That is enough. Go! Go away! Not lamb during these festivities?! You are
many hours have gone by since you mad! It is not that I need money. I have
said to Me: "Help me to stay. Defend plenty. So do not think that you can
me!". I have done that. To what avail? convince me for greed of money. But it
Tell Me one thing more, and think about is too little to compensate for my grief in
it before telling Me. Is this your sincere betraying Him Who has always loved
will? To go to your friends, to prefer me.
them to Me? But we have told you what we will
do for you. Glory, honours! What you
were hoping to have from Him and you
did not get. We will cure your Nicodemus, or Chuza, or Manaen
disappointment. But the price has been Every man is anxious to save his life and
fixed by the prophets! Oh! it is a his property He trusted them too
formality! A symbol and nothing else. much! You know that even yesterday
The rest will follow later they were not present?! They haven't
And the money when? the courage to face Him
The moment you say to us: Jesus does not hear him. He has
"Come" gone ahead and joined His Mother
They take him to the door with (Poem Vol. 5, pp. 391-2; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 351-2)

embraces and protestations of love

they watch him go away along the half-
dark corridor they listen to the noise
of the locks of the door that is opened JESUS HOUR DRAWS NEAR
and closed (It is the Tuesday before Holy
They go back to the hall, exulting Thursday. Now in Jerusalem, Jesus
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 384-5; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 343-4)
thanks the apostles for their love,
and tells them that His hour is near)
I know which hour! says John
weeping. I know the hour. And it will
NO GREATER LOVExxxv be after Your death and
(Back in Bethany with all the resurrection!xxxvi and John
apostles, Jesus tells them that it is embraces Jesus tightly in his arms.
time to go to Jerusalem for the And are you weeping, if He is going
Passover. Then Jesus tells of His to rise again? says Judas Iscariot
coming betrayal by a most cunning mockingly.
demon) I am weeping because He must die
There is no love greater than first. Don't mock at me, you demon. I
Mine! Neither is there a greater power. know. And I cannot think of that hour.
Also My Father agrees if I say: "I want", Master, he called me a demon. He
and I can speak but compassionate has sinned against his companion.
words for those who have fallen and Judas, are you sure you do not
stretch their arms towards Me from their deserve it? Then do not take offence at
abyss. O soul of the greatest sinner, his fault. I also have been called a
your Saviour on the threshold of death, "demon" and I shall be called so
bends over your abyss and invites you again.
to take His hand. My death will not be But You said that he who insults
avoided But you but you would his brother is guil
be saved, you whom I still love Silence. In the presence of death
Jesus is silent exhausted let these hateful accusations,
The apostles whisper to one another discussions and lies finish at long last.
and they ask: But who is He speaking Do not upset [One] who is dying.
of? Who is it? Forgive me, Jesus whispers
And Judas, lying shamelessly, says: John. I felt something turn in me at the
It is certainly one of the false sound of his laughter and I could not
Pharisees I think it must be Joseph or refrain myself. Jesus and John are
embraced, chest to chest, and John do. So much so that he says: But
weeps on His heart. remember that I want the money
Dont weep. I understand you counted in the purse before going out
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 434-5; Gospel Vol. 9, p. 405) from here with the guards.
You will have it! You will have it!
We will also give you the purse, so that
you may keep those coins as a relic of
your love. Ha! Ha! Ha! Goodbye,
(It is now Thursday, and Judas Judas is livid He runs away
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 486-7; Gospel Vol. 9, p. 470)
meets with some of his fellow
Judas speaks in a low but excited
voice: This evening! After supper. At
Gethsemane. Come there and get Him. THE EUCHARIST,
Give me the money. AND JUDAS DEPARTURExxxviii
No. We will give it to you when you (In the house of the Last Supper,
call for us this evening. We do not trust Jesus has changed the bread and the
you! We want you to stay with us. You wine into His Body and Blood)
never know! says Elkai with a sneer. He now has the empty chalice in
The others nod assent in chorus. His hands. Only at its bottom there is a
Judas flares up in a temper at the trace of wine, and in the light of the
insinuation. He swears: I swear by chandelier it looks just like blood.
Jehovah that I am telling the truth! Judas Iscariot, in front of whom is the
Sadoc replies to him: All right. But chalice, looks at it as if he were
it is better to do it this way. Come when enchanted, then he averts his eyes.
it is time, take those who are charged to Jesus watches him and shudders, and
capture Him and go with them, lest the John, leaning as he is on His chest,
stupid guards may arrest Lazarus by feels it. Why not say so! You are
chance and may bring about a lot of shivering he exclaims.
trouble. By means of a signal you will No. I am not shivering because I
point out the man to them. You must am feverish I have told you
understand! By night there will not be everything, and I have given you
much light the guards will be tired and everything. I could not have given you
sleepy But if you guide them! Well! anything else. I have given you
What do you say? The perfidious Myself.
Sadoc addresses his companions He makes His usual kind gesture
saying: As a signal I would suggest a with His hands, which, previously
kiss. A kiss!xxxvii The best signal to point joined, now separate and stretch out,
out the betrayed friend. Ha! Ha! They while He bows His head as if He wished
all laugh. A chorus of sneering demons. to say: Excuse Me if I cannot give you
Judas is furious. But he does not more. It is so.
withdraw. He will not withdraw any I have told you everything and I
more. He suffers because they sneer at have given you everything. And I repeat.
him, not because of what he is about to The new rite has been accomplished.
Do this in remembrance of Me. I have warner, your conscience of a man, the
washed your feet to teach you to be conscience that God the Father gave
humble and pure like your Master. you that you might behave as a man,
Because I solemnly tell you that and listen whether it accuses you. You
disciples must be like their Master. will be the first to know. But if it
Remember that, bear it in mind. Also reassures you, why do you utter a word
when you are in high office, remember and speak of a deed that is anathema,
that. There is no disciple greater than even to mention or to think of as a
his Master. As I washed you, do the joke?
same to one another. That is, love one Jesus is speaking calmly. He seems
another like brothers, helping and to be supporting a proposed thesis as a
respecting one another, setting an learned man may do with his pupils. The
example to one another. And be pure, to confusion is great, but Jesus' calm
be worthy of eating the living Bread that appeases it.
descended from Heaven. And have the But Peter, who is the most
strength, in yourselves and through It, to suspicious of Judas - perhaps
be My disciples in the hostile world that Thaddeus also is so, but he does not
will hate you because of My Name. But look so, disarmed as he is by the
one of you is not pure. One of you will Iscariot's easy manners - plucks John's
betray Me. My Spirit is deeply perturbed sleeve, and when John, who has
by that The hand of him who will pressed against Jesus upon hearing
betray Me is here with Me on this table, Him speak of betrayal, turns round, he
and neither My love, nor My Body and whispers to him: Ask Him who it is.
Blood, nor My word, make him mend his John takes his previous position
ways and repent. I would forgive him again, he only raises his head slightly,
going to My death, also on his behalf. as if he wanted to kiss Jesus, and in the
The disciples cast terrified glances at meantime he whispers in His ear:
one another. They scrutinise one Master, who is it?
another suspiciously. Peter stares at the And Jesus in a very low voice,
Iscariot in a revival of all his doubts. kissing him, in His turn, on his head,
Judas Thaddeus in his turn jumps to his says: It is he to whom I shall give a
feet to look at the Iscariot above piece of bread dipped in the dish.
Matthew's body. And taking another entire loaf, not
But the Iscariot is so sure of himself! the remains of the one used for the
In his turn he looks at Matthew, as if he Eucharist, He detaches a large morsel,
suspected him. He then looks fixedly at He dips it into the lamb's sauce left in
Jesus, and smiling, he asks: Is it I the tray, and says: Take it, Judas. You
perhaps? He seems to be the one like this.
who is most certain of his honesty and Thank You, Master. I do like it
says so, not to let the conversation drop. and unaware of what that morsel is, he
Jesus repeats His gesture, saying: eats it, while John, horrified, closes his
You are saying so, Judas of Simon, eyes, so as not to see the horrid smile
not I. You are saying so. I have not of the Iscariot, as he bites the accusing
mentioned your name. Why are you bread with his strong teeth.
accusing yourself?-Ask your internal
Well. Now that I have made you know everything, why did You do that?"
happy, go says Jesus to Judas. Do not even ask who he is. He is not a
Everything has been accomplished, man. He is Satanxl If Satan, the
here (He lays much stress on the word). eternal mimic of God, had not become
What is still left to be done elsewhere, incarnate in human flesh, this
do it quickly, Judas of Simon. possessed man could not have escaped
I will obey You at once, Master. My power of Jesus. I said: "possessed".
Then I will join You at Gethsemane. You No. He is much more: he is annihilated
are going there, are You not? As in Satan.
usual?xxxix Since You have driven demons
Yes I am going there as away, why did you not free him? asks
usual. James of Alphaeus.
What has he got to do? asks Are you asking that for your own
Peter. Is he going by himself? sake, fearing that you are the one? Be
I am not a baby says Judas not afraid of that.
scoffingly, as he puts on his mantle. I, then?
Let him go. He and I know what I?
must be done says Jesus. I?
Yes, Master. Peter is silent. Be quiet. I am not mentioning that
Perhaps he thinks he has committed a name. I am being merciful, do
sin, suspecting his companion. Resting likewise.
his forehead on the palm of his hand, he But why did You not defeat him?
becomes pensive. Could You not do that?
Jesus presses John to His heart and I could. But in order to prevent
whispers again through his hair: Say Satan from taking bodily form to kill Me,
nothing to Peter for the time being. It I should have had to exterminate the
would be a useless scandal. human race before Redemption. So
Goodbye, Master. Goodbye, what would I have redeemed?
friends says Judas, greeting them. Tell me, Lord, tell me! Peter has
Goodbye replies Jesus. fallen on his knees and he shakes Jesus
And Peter says: Goodbye, boy. phrenetically as if he were a prey to
John, his head almost on Jesus' lap, frenzy. Is it I? Is it I? Shall I examine
whispers: Satan! Jesus alone hears my own conscience? I do not think so.
him and sighs But You You said that I will disown
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 505-7; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 493-6) You And I am quivering Oh! how
horrible if it is I!
No, Simon of Jonah. It is not you.
Why are You depriving me of my
THE APOSTLES IN TURMOIL name "Peter"?xli So am I Simon again?
(Before leaving for Gethsemane, See? You are saying so! It is I! But
Jesus reminds the remaining how could I? Tell me, tell me, all of you.
apostles that they are His chosen When was it that I became a traitor?
ones) Simon? John? Tell me!
Do not say: "So, if You chose us, Peter, Peter, Peter! I am calling
why did You choose a betrayer. If You you Simon because I am thinking of our
first meeting, when you were Simon.
And I am thinking how you have always
been loyal since the first moment. It is
not you. I, the Truth, am telling you.
Who, then?
It is Judas of Kerioth! Have you not
yet understood that? shouts
Thaddeus, who can no longer restrain
Why did you not tell me before?
Why? shouts Peter as well.
Silence. It is Satan. He has no
other name. Where are you going,
To look for him.
Leave that mantle and that
weapon at once. Or shall I drive you
away and curse you?
No, no! Oh! my Lord! But I but
I Have I become delirious, have I?
Oh! Oh! Peter has thrown himself on
the ground and is weeping at Jesus'
I give you My commandment: love
and forgive one anotherxlii. Have you
understood? Even if in the world there is
hatred, let only love be in you. For
everybody. How many traitors you will
find on your way! But you must not hate
them and return evil for evil. Otherwise
the Father will hate you. I have been
hated and betrayed, long before you.
And yet, as you can see, I do not hate

(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 514-5; Gospel Vol. 9, pp. 505-6)

PART FOUR take fresh heart again at the sight of the
JUDAS FINAL ACTIONS overthrown soldiers. So much so that
they approach Jesus, threatening Judas
THE BETRAYAL WITH A KISSxliii so explicitly, that the latter makes a leap
just in time to avoid a masterly stroke of
(After agonising alone in the Simon's sword. In vain, pursued by the
Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus stones and sticks thrown at him by the
returns to the apostles, just as a apostles not armed with swords, he
horde of guards arrive, headed by escapes beyond the Kidron and
Judas) disappears in a dark lane
Judas approaches Jesus, (Poem Vol. 5, p. 538; Gospel Vol. 10, p. 34)
enduring the glance of His eyes, which
have become the flashing eyes of His
best days. And he does not lower his
face either. On the contrary, he JESUS TWO SORES
approaches the Master with the smile of
a hyena and kisses His right cheek. (Jesus comments to Maria
My friend, what have you come Valtorta:)
for? Are you betraying Me with a kiss? I was a spirit already in agony
Judas bends his head for a moment, because of the effort of having to
then raises it insensible to reproach overcome the two greatest sorrows of a
as to every invitation to repent. man: to say goodbye to a beloved
Jesus, after the first words uttered mother, and to have an unfaithful friend
with the majesty of a Master, speaks in close by. They were two sores that
the sorrowful tone of one who resigns scorched My heart: the former with Her
oneself to a misfortune. tears, the latter with his hatred.
The guards, shouting, come forward I had to share My bread with My
with ropes and clubs and try to get hold Cain. I had to speak to him in a friendly
not only of Christ, but also of the manner in order not to denounce him to
apostles, with the exception of Judas the others, as I was afraid they might
Iscariot, of course. react violently, and in order to avoid a
Who are you looking for? asks crime. In any case it would have been
Jesus calmly and solemnly. useless, as everything was already
Jesus the Nazarene. written in the great book of lifexliv: both
I am He. His voice is thunderous. My holy Death and Judas' suicide. Any
Before the murderous world and the other death was useless and
innocent one, before nature and the disapproved of by God. No other blood
stars, Jesus bears this clear, loyal, but Mine was to be shed, or was shed.
certain witness to Himself, I should say The halter strangled that life, shutting up
that He is happy to be able to bear it. his impure blood which had been sold to
But, if He had thrown a thunderbolt, Satan in the filthy sack of the traitor's
He could not have done more. They all body. [It was] blood that was not to be
fall to the ground like mown sheaves of mixed, falling on the Earth, with the
corn. No one remains standing except most pure blood of the Innocent
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 541-2; Gospel Vol. 10, pp. 38-9)
Judas, Jesus and the apostles, who

JUDAS FINAL TORMENT know through which irresistible force or
AND DEATHxlv through which satanic criminal sadism,
(Maria Valtorta writes:) he goes forward. He looks for the place
The Iscariot looks like a furious where Jesus was arrested
wild beast hunted down by a pack of He looks and looks and then he
mastiffs. Every breath of wind rustling utters a hoarse cry and jumps
among leaves, any noise in the streets, backwards. He shouts: That blood,
the gurgling of a fountain, make him that blood! with his hand stretched
start and turn round suspiciously and out and his forefinger pointed to it. In the
with terror, as if an executioner had increasing light his face is ashen and
caught up with him. He looks round with ghastly. He looks like a madman
his head lowered, his neck twisted, Judas sees Jesus' mantle left folded
rolling his eyes like one who wants to on the rock. He recognises it. He wants
see but is afraid of seeing, and if a play to touch it. He is afraid. He stretches out
of moonlight forms a shadow with a his hand and withdraws it. He wants and
human appearance, he opens his eyes does not want. But that mantle
wide, he jumps back, he becomes more fascinates him. He moans: No. No.
livid than he normally is, he stops for a He then says: Yes, by Satan! Yes. I
moment and then runs away headlong, want to touch it. I am not afraid! I am not
retracing his steps, slipping away along afraid! He makes an effort and gets
other narrow streets hold of the mantle. And he laughs. The
While running so blindly, he bumps laughter of a madman, of a demon. A
against a stray dog - the first dog I have hysterical, broken, mournful, never-
seen since I had visions - a big grey ending laughter, because he has
hairy dog that moves to one side overcome his fear. And he says so:
snarling, ready to hurl itself upon the You do not frighten me, Christ. I am no
disturber. Judas opens his eyes and longer afraid. I was so much afraid of
meets the two phosphorescent ones You, because I thought that You were a
staring at him, and he sees the white God and a strong man. Now You no
uncovered fangs that seem to be longer frighten me, because You are not
laughing in a diabolic manner. He gives God. You are a poor madman, a
a shriek of terror. The dog, that perhaps weakling. You did not know how to
takes it for a cry of menace, rushes upon defend Yourself Satan is the strong
him and they both roll in the dust: Judas one! Stronger than You. He defeated
underneath, paralysed by fear, the dog You! Ha! Ha! Ha!... Take this! Take this!
on top of him. When the animal leaves Take this! I was wrong in not doing to
the prey, perhaps considered unworthy You what I am now doing to Your
of a struggle, Judas is bleeding because mantle, to revenge myself for the time
of two or three bites, and his mantle is You kept me the slave of fear. Fear of a
badly torn. One bite has injured Judas' rabbit! Take this! Here! Take this!
cheek, exactly where he kissed Jesus At each take this! Judas bites the
[A little later] he finds himself at the cloth of the mantle and tries to tear it. He
entrance to the Garden of the Mount of rumples it with his hands. But in doing
Olives. He shouts: No! No! when he so, he unfolds it and the stains wetting it
recognises the place. Then, I do not appear. Judas stops in his fury. He
stares at those stains. He touches them. exchange glances for a moment. Then
He smells them. It is blood He Jesus, tied and beaten, passes by. And
spreads out the whole mantle. The Judas falls on his back, as if he had
impression left by the two hands stained fainted
with blood, when Jesus pressed the When the street is empty, he stands
cloth against His facexlvi, is clearly up again and runs to the Temple. He
visible. bumps against and almost overthrows a
Ah! Blood! Blood! His No! guard on duty at the gate of the
Judas drops the mantle and looks enclosure. Other guards run to prevent
around. Also on the rock, where Jesus the frantic man from entering. But like a
leaned with His back when the angel furious bull, he routs them all. One of
comforted Him, there is a dark mark of them, who clings to him to prevent him
blood that is clotting. There! from going into the hall of the Sanhedrin
There! Blood! Blood! He lowers - where they are all still gathered,
his eyes in order not to see, and he sees discussing - is seized by the throat,
the grass all stained with the blood that strangled and thrown down the three
has dropped on it. As it has been diluted steps. If not dead, he is certainly at the
by the dew, it looks as if it had just point of death.
dripped. It is red and shines in the early I don't want your money, may you
sunshine. No! No! No! I don't want to be damned he shouts, standing in the
see it! I cannot look at that blood! middle of the hall, just where Jesus was
Help! and he holds his throat with his previously. He looks like a demon who
hands and gropes about, as if he were has come out of hell. Bleeding,
drowning in a sea of blood. Back! unkempt, in a state of delirious fury,
Back! Leave me! Leave me! Cursed! slavering, his hands like claws, he
But this blood is a sea! It covers the shouts and seems to be barking, so
Earth! The Earth! The Earth! And on the shrill and hoarse is his howling voice. I
Earth there is no room for me, because don't want your money, you cursed
I cannot look at that blood that covers it. ones. You have ruined me. You have
I am the Cain of the Innocent!xlvii I think made me commit the gravest sin. I am
that the idea of suicide entered his heart cursed like you! I have betrayed
at this moment. Judas' face is innocent Blood. May that Blood and my
frightening. death fall upon you. Upon you No!
He jumps from the terrace and runs Ha! Judas sees the floor stained
away through the olive-grove without with blood. Even here, is there blood
going back the way he came. He looks even here? Everywhere! His blood is
like one chased by wild beasts. He goes everywhere! But how much blood has
back to town the Lamb of Godxlviii to cover the whole
At a crossroad he finds himself in Earth like this, without dying? And I
front of the rabble who are dragging have shed it! Through your instigation.
Jesus to Pilate. He cannot withdraw, Cursed! May you be cursed for ever!
because other people press him from Cursed be these walls! Cursed be this
behind, as they flock to see. And, tall as profaned Temple! Cursed be the deicide
he is, he dominates forcibly and sees. Pontiff! Cursed be the unworthy priests,
And he meets Jesus' eyes They the false doctors, the hypocritical
Pharisees, the cruel Judaeans, the sly He cannot forgive me. Away, away!
scribes! May I be accursed! Curse me! There is no place where the Cain of God
Keep your money and may it strangle may find peace. Death! Death to
your souls in your throats, as the halter me!
strangles me and he throws the purse He goes out. He finds himself in front
in Caiaphas' teeth and goes away of Mary, Who is standing at the door of
howling, while the coinsxlix tinkle, the room where Jesus left Her. Hearing
spreading out on the floor after striking a noise, She has looked out, hoping
Caiaphas' mouth and making it bleed. perhaps to see John, who has been
No one dare stop him. away such a long time. She looks as
He goes out. He runs along the pale as if She had lost all Her blood.
streets and he ends up again at the Grief has made Her eyes resemble,
house of the Supper. It is all closed as if even more, those of Her Son. Judas
it were abandoned. He stops. He looks meets those eyes that look at him with
at it. The Mother! he whispers. the same sorrowful conscious
The Mother! He is undecided knowledge with which Jesus looked at
I have a mother as well! And I have him in the street, and uttering a
killed a son of a mother! And yet I frightened Oh! he leans against the
want to go in To see that room again. wall.
There is no blood in there He Judas! says Mary, Judas, why
knocks at the door. have you come? The same words as
He knocks again and again The Jesus'. And they are spoken with sad
mistress of the house comes and half- love. Judas remembers them and
opens the door And seeing the man shouts.
so agitated and altered beyond Judas repeats Mary what have
recognition, she utters a cry and tries to you done? To so much love have you
close the door again. But Judas opens it replied by betraying? Mary's voice is a
wide with a push of his shoulder and, trembling caress.
knocking down the terrified woman, he Judas is about to run away. Mary
goes in. calls him with a voice that should have
He runs towards the little door that converted a demon. Judas! Judas!
leads into the Supper Room. He opens Stop! Stop! Listen! I am telling you in His
it and goes in He goes towards the name: repent, Judas. He forgives
table he sees the chalice the Judas has run away
chalice enchants him. A little red wine is He wanders about the country. Now
still in the bottom of it, and the sun, and again the wind carries an echo of
shining on the metal (it looks like silver ) the clamour made by the crowds who
inflames the liquid. Blood! Blood! follow Jesus, cursing Him. Every time
Blood also here! His Blood! His Blood! such echo reaches Judas, he howls like
"Do this in memory of Me! Take this a jackal
and drink it. This is My Blood The Standing uptight under an olive-tree
Blood of the new testament that will be on the edge of a terrace, he looks
shed for youl Ha! I am cursed! It can towards Golgotha. He sees the crosses
no longer be shed for me to remit my being erected, and he realises that
sin. I do not ask to be forgiven, because Jesus has been crucified
He looks, and looks like one The vision ends. And I hope I shall
bewitched. He struggles: No! No! soon forget all this, because I can
Don't look at me. Don't speak to me. I assure you that it is a dreadful vision.
cannot bear it. Die, die, You cursed one! (Poem Vol. 5, pp. 573-80; Gospel Vol. 10, pp. 78-86)

Let death close those eyes that frighten

me, that mouth that curses me. But I
also curse You. Because You did not
save me.
His face is so troubled that one
cannot look at it. Two fine streams of
slaver run down from his howling mouth.
The cheek that was bitten is livid and CROSS-ROADS OF REMORSE
swollen, and so his face looks twisted. (Jesus says:)
His sticky hair, his very dark beard that Dreadful, but not useless. Too
has grown on his cheeks during these many people think that Judas did
hours, make his face look dismal. And something of little importance. Some
his eyes! They roll, are squint and even go to the extent of saying that he
phosphorescent. The eyes of a real is well deserving, because Redemption
demon. would not have taken place without him,
He tears away from his waist the and that 'he is therefore justified in the
cord of thick red wool that encircles it eyes of God'.
three times. He tests its solidity by I solemnly tell you that, if Hell did not
winding it round an olive-tree and pulling already exist and was not perfect in its
it with all his strength. It resists. It is torments, it would have been created
solid. even more dreadful and eternal for
He chooses a suitable olive-tree. Judas. Because of all sinners and
Here it is. This one, protruding beyond damned souls, he is the most damned
the terrace with its ruffled foliage, is all and the biggest sinner, and throughout
right. He climbs on the tree. He fastens eternity there will be no mitigation of his
a noose solidly to the strongest branch sentence.
hanging out over the empty space. He Remorse could have also saved him,
has already tied a slip-knot. He looks at if he had turned remorse into
Golgotha for the last time. He then puts repentance. But he would not repent,
his head into the slip-knot. He now and, to the first crime of betrayal, still
seems to have two red necklaces round compatible because of the great mercy
the bottom part of his neck. He sits on that is My loving weakness, he added
the terrace. Then with a jerk he lets blasphemy, and resistance to the voices
himself slip into the empty space of Grace. These still wanted to speak to
The strong wind, that has risen with him through recollections, through
the impending storm, makes the terrors, through My Blood and My
macabre pendulum swing and whirl like mantle, through My glances, through
a horrible spider, hanging from the the traces of the institution of the
thread of a cobweb. Eucharist, and through the words of My
Mother. He resisted everything. He
wanted to resist. As he had wanted to
betray. As he wanted to curse. As he that creates them. Then Satan
wanted to commit suicide. instigates such shadows, which might
It is one's will that matters in things. still bring a heart to repent, and turns
Both in good and in evil. When one falls them into horrible ghosts that lead to
without the will to follow, I forgive. despair. And despair leads to the last
Consider Peter. He denied Meli. crime: suicide
Why? Not even he knew why. Was My Mother was Grace that was
Peter a coward? No. My Peter was not speaking, and My Treasurer that was
cowardly. Facing the cohort and the granting forgiveness in My name. She
guards of the Temple he had dared to said to him: "Repent, Judas. He
wound Malcus to defend Me, thereby forgives " Oh! I would have forgiven
risking his own lifelii. He then ran away, him! If he had only thrown himself at the
without the will to do so. Then he denied feet of My Mother saying: "Mercy", She,
Me, without the will to do it. Later he did the Merciful Mother, would have picked
remain and proceeded on the bloody him up as a wounded man, and on his
way of the Cross, on My Way, until he satanic wounds, through which the
reached death on a cross. And then he Enemy had imbued him with the Crime,
bore witness to Me very efficiently, to She would have shed Her tears that
the point of being killed because of his save. And She would have brought him
fearless faith. I defend My Peter. His to Me, to the foot of the Cross, holding
bewilderment was the last one of his him by the hand, so that Satan might not
human nature. But his spiritual will was snatch him, and the disciples might not
not present at that moment. Dulled by strike him. She would have brought him
the weight of his humanity, it was so that My Blood might fall first of all on
asleep. When it awoke, it did not want to him, the greatest of all sinners. And She
remain in sin, but it wanted to be perfect. would have been the admirable
I forgave him at once. Priestess on Her altar, between Purity
Judas did not want. You say that he and Guilt, because She is the Mother of
seemed mad and hydrophobic. He was virgins and saints, but She is also the
so, through satanic fury. His terror in Mother of sinners.
seeing the dog, a rare animal But he did not want. Meditate on the
particularly in Jerusalem, was a power of free will, of which you are the
consequence of the fact that, from time absolute arbiters. Through it you can
immemorial, that form was attributed to have Heaven or Hell. Meditate on what
Satan to appear to men. In books of persisting in sin means.
magic it is stated that one of the forms The Crucified is holding His arms
preferred by Satan to appear to men is stretched out and nailed, to tell you that
that of a mysterious dog or cat or billy- He loves you, and that He does not want
goat. Judas, already a prey to terror and cannot strike you, because He
brought about by his crime, and being loves you, and prefers to deprive
convinced that he belonged to Satanliii Himself of the possibility of embracing
because of his crime, saw Satan in that you, His only sorrow in His being nailed
stray animalliv. to the cross. Rather than have the
He who is guilty, sees shadows of freedom to punish you, Christ Crucified
fear in everything. It is his conscience is the object of divine hope for those
who repent and want to abandon sin.
But He becomes, for the unrepentant,
the object of such horror, that makes
them curse and be violent against
themselves. They become the
murderers of their spirits and bodies,
through their persistence in sin
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 580-82; Gospel Vol. 10, pp. 87-9)

(Jesus says:)
Who was loved by Me like
Judas? But he did not have Me-God in
his heart. And he is the damned deicide,
infinitely guilty as an Israelite and as a
disciple, as a suicide and a deicide, in
addition to his seven deadly sins and
every other sin of his
(Poem Vol. 5, p. 776; Gospel Vol. 10, p. 330) SOME FINAL
(The scene shifts to a time after
Jesus Resurrection. Mary of Simon,
Judas mother, is lying on her bed,
being attended to by her friend Anne.
Mary says:)
I want to die! God is just and
He will not punish me in the next life. But
here, no. The world does not forgive it
does not distinguish I am becoming
mad, because the world howls : "You
are Judas' mother.
She is exhausted and collapses on
the pillows. Anne attends to her and
goes out to take away the dirty linen
Mary, her eyes closed, deadly pale
after the effort she made, moans: The
mother of Judas! of Judas! of Judas!
She pants. But what is Judas? What
did I give birth to? What is Judas? What
have I
Jesus is in the room, which is lit up
by a trembling light, because daylight is
still too faint to illuminate the large room,
in which the bed is at the end, very far I am Judas' mother. I am unclean
from the only window. He calls her like all the things that demonlv touched.
gently: Mary! Mary of Simon! The mother of a demon! Do not touch
The woman is almost delirious and me. She struggles to avoid the divine
does not attach importance to the voice. Hands that want to hold her.
Her mind is far away, carried away by The two tears of Jesus fall on her
the vortex of her grief, and she repeats face, burning once again with fever. I
the ideas that haunt her brain, have purified you, Mary. My tears of
monotonously, like the tick-tack of a compassion are on you. I have not shed
pendulum-clock: The mother of My tears on anybody since I consumed
Judas! What have I given birth to? The My sorrow. But I am weeping over you
world shouts: "The mother of with all My loving pity. He has
Judas" succeeded in getting hold of her hands
Two tears well up in the corners of and He sits, yes, He really sits down on
Jesus' very mild eyes. I am surprised at the edge of the little bed, holding her
them. I did not think that Jesus could trembling hands in His.
weep, also after His resurrection The loving compassion of His bright
He bends. The bed is so low for Him eyes caresses, envelops and cures the
Who is so tall! He lays His hand on the poor wretch, who calms down, weeping
feverish forehead, pushing aside the silently and whispering: Have You no
cloths damp with vinegar, and He says: grudge against me?
A poor wretch. That and nothing else. I have love. That is why I have
If the world shouts, God covers the come. Have peace.
shout of the world saying to you: "Have You forgive! But the world! Your
peace, because I love you". Look at Me, Mother! She will hate me.
poor mother! Gather your lost spirit and She thinks of you as of a sister.
put it in My hands. I am Jesus! The world is cruel. That is true. But My
Mary of Simon opens her eyes, as if Mother is the Mother of the Love, and
she were coming out of a nightmare and She is good. You cannot go about in the
she sees the Lord. She feels His Hand world, but She will come to you when
on her forehead, she covers her face everything is at peace. Time
with her trembling hands and moans: pacifies
Do not curse me! If I had known what Make me die, if You love me
I was giving birth to, I would have torn A little longer. Your son was not
my womb to prevent him from being able to give Me anything. Give Me a
born. period of time of your suffering. It will be
And you would have sinned. Mary! a short one.
oh! Mary! Do not depart from your My son has given You too much
justice because of the sin of another Infinite horror he has given You.
person. The mothers who have fulfilled And you your infinite sorrow. The
their duty must not consider themselves horror is over. It no longer serves. Your
responsible for the sins of their sons. sorrow serves. It joins these wounds of
You have done your duty, Mary. Give Mine, and Your tears and My Blood
Me your poor hands. Be calm, poor wash the world. All sorrows join together
mother. to wash the world. Your tears are
between My Blood and the tears of My
Mother, and around them there is all the
sorrow of the saints who will suffer for
the Christ and for men, for My sake and
for the sake of men. Poor Mary! He
lays her down gently, He crosses her
hands and watches her, as she calms
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 794-6; Gospel Vol. 10, pp. 353-4)

A MESSAGE Jesus opens His arms, in His usual
FOR JESUS FUTURE PRIESTS attitude of resigned confirmation of a
(Shortly before His Ascension painful fact, and He says: It is so
into Heaven, Jesus says to His Judas has been and is the deepest
apostles:) sorrow in the sea of My sorrows. It is the
Do not be hard on those who sorrow that remains The other
repent. Remember! Remember! Many sorrows have come to an end with the
of you ran away twenty two days ago. end of the Sacrifice. But this one
And was your running away perhaps not remains. I loved him. I consumed Myself
a repudiation of your love for Me? in the effort to save him I was able to
Therefore, as I received you as soon as open the doors of Limbo and bring out
you, repentant, came to Me, do the the justlvii, I was able to open the doors
same yourselves. Do everything I did. of Purgatorylviii, and bring out those who
That is My commandlvi. You lived with were being purified. But the place of
Me for three years. You know My deeds horror was closed upon him. In vain I
and My thoughts. When, in future, you died for him.
will find yourselves in front of a case to Do not suffer! Do not suffer! You
be decided, look back to the time when are glorious, my Lord! Glory and joy to
you were with Me, and behave as I You. You have consumed Your
behaved. You will never go wrong. I am sorrow! implores John again.
the living perfect example of what you No one really thought that He
have to do. could still suffer! they all say, amazed
And remember also that I did not and moved, whispering to one another.
refuse Myself even to Judas of And do you not think of how much
Kerioth A priest must try to save, by sorrow My Heart will still have to suffer
all possible means. And let love always throughout ages, for every unrepentant
prevail, among the means used to save. sinner, for every heresy that denies Me,
Consider that I was not unaware of for every believer who renounces Me,
Judas' horror But, overcoming all for every - torture of all tortures - for
disgust, I treated the wretch as I treated every guilty priest, the cause of scandal
John. You you will often be spared the and ruin? You do not know! You do not
bitterness of knowing that nothing is of know as yet. You will never know fully,
any use to save a beloved disciple until you are with Me in the Light of
And you will therefore be able to work Heaven. Then you will understand In
without the tiredness that affects one, contemplating Judas, I contemplated
when one knows that everything is the chosen ones whose election is
useless One must work even then changed into ruin through their wicked
always until everything is will Oh! you who are faithful, you who
accomplished will form the future priests, remember
But You are suffering, Lord!?! Oh! My sorrow, grow holier and holier to
I did not believe that You could suffer comfort My sorrow, make them holy so
any more! You still suffer because of that, as far as possible, there may be no
Judas! Forget him Lord! shouts John, repetition of this sorrow. Exhort, watch,
who does not turn his eyes away from teach, fight, be as heedful as mothers,
his Lord for one moment. as untiring as teachers, as vigilant as
shepherds, as man-like as warriors, to
support the priests that will be formed by
you. Ensure, oh! do ensure that the sin DOES HELL REALLY EXIST?
of the twelfth apostle may not have too
many repetitions in future Be as I was (Jesus says:)
with you, as I am with you "The men of this time no longer
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 832-3; Gospel Vol. 10, pp. 399- believe in the existence of Hell. They
have invented an afterlife according to
their taste, such as to be less terrorizing
for their conscience, deserving of great
punishment. More or less faithful
A REASON FOR THE WORK disciples of the Spirit of Evil, they know
(Jesus gives seven reasons for that their conscience would draw back
giving this extraordinary work, later from certain misdeeds if it really
to be assembled into its English believed in Hell
translation: The Poem of the Man- "It pushes this opinion to the point of
God. This is one of these reasons) believing, sacrilegiously, that the
To show the power of My Word greatest of all the sinners of mankind,
and its different effects according to the favorite son of Satan, the one who
whether the person receiving it was a thief, as stated in the Gospel lix...
belonged to the group of men of good can be redeemed and arrive at Me by
will, or to that of those who had a passing through successive stages.
sensual will, which is never righteous. "No. If he was the sacrilegious one
The Apostles and Judas. Here are par excellence, I am not. If he was the
the two opposed examples. The former, unjust one par excellence, I am not. If he
very imperfect, rough, ignorant, violent, was the one who shed my Blood with
but with good will. Judas, learned more disdain, I am not. And to forgive Judas
than most of them, refined by living in would be sacrilege for my Divinity,
the capital and in the Temple, but of evil betrayed by him; it would be injustice
will. Watch the evolution of the former in towards all other men, who are always
Good, their ascent. Watch the evolution less blameworthy than he, and are still
of the latter in Evil, and his descent punished for their sins; it would be
Merit is really consequent on the disdain for my Blood; finally, it would be
victory over disorderly passions and to neglect my laws.
temptations, a victory achieved through "I, the Triune God said, that what is
love for God and to attain the final aim: destined for Hell endures in it for
to enjoy God for ever. It should be eternitylx, for people do not emerge from
watched by those who claim that a that death to a new resurrection"
(Notebooks 1944, pp. 76-7)
conversion should come only from God.
God gives the means to be converted,
but He does not do violence to the will
of man. And if man does not want to be
converted, in vain he has what serves MATERIAL FOR INSTRUCTION
other people to become converted (Jesus says to Maria Valtorta:)
(Poem Vol. 5, pp. 948-9; Gospel Vol. 10, pp. 546-7)

"You now know Judas, don't you?... than the latter, into which it pours and
Can you say I ever flattered him? I fuses itself.
rejected him. I resisted. On several "And who is the apostle I loved
occasions I said, 'Depart. It's better to be most? It is Judas Iscariot It's true. I
a mediocre Jew than an infamous loved Judas Iscariot more than anyone
apostle.' But God can go no farther, out else. And now I'll explain to you and
of respect for man's free will! And I went you'll understand.
no farther. I sought to change the soul "John was the beloved one He
of the one who was obstinate in evil, was good, pure, and faithful. It is
even though unable to delude Myself. It obvious that he attracted the love of
was my duty as the Master. I never fail God and the love of the Man, that is, the
to do my duty. I sought to provide help love of Jesus the God-Man.
for this unfortunate, to work to save him, "But tell me: is it more wearisome to
not because I was able to save him, but perform an action demanding
because it was my duty to try to, and, continuous effort, which we know
above all, to leave you an example of beforehand will be futile, or to perform
how to act with certain souls that are a another which, instead of effort, involves
mixture of good impulses, and impulses joy and repose in carrying it out? The
which are not good For in his former, isn't it? And who will have more
darkness, there is more material for the merit? The one carrying out the former
instruction of those charged with guiding or the latter? In the former case, where
men" the sole purpose is to do one's full duty
(Notebooks 1945-50, p. 238) with no hope of receiving compensation,
"How often have I said that the figure or in the latter, where minute by minute
of Judas - enthusiastic and believing, we are amply repaid for what we are
then unbelieving to the point of betrayal, doing? Whoever carries out the former
in a 'yes and no' lasting three years and act will have more merit
which ended in deicide - is the figure "And, do you know what kind of love
that should be studied most among the people have who, out of the heroism of
followers of Christ, because it is the one love alone and duty towards God and
most frequently found among them?" their brothers and sisters, go on
(Notebooks 1945-50, p. 543) showing interest and concern in
bringing their wicked brothers and
sisters benefit and trying to make them
good and glorify the Lordlxi? They have
WHOM DID JESUS LOVE perfect love. The love which carries out
THE MOST? everything and forgives everything,
(Jesus says:) overcoming all, moved by the perfect
"Do you want to know who the end of doing the work which is pleasing
apostle was who loved more than any to God. Do they not succeed? Is it clear
other? John. It was truly John. Before that they do not succeed? Is it clear that
and after the Passion. Before and after God knows they do not succeed? It
Pentecost. He and I: two oceans of love, doesn't matter. They act, all the same. It
where the former is only slightly less is the heroism of duty done to
perfection. And it also shows perfection
in sentiment. For if people did not love,
in God, those who they know are
delinquents, traitors, and incorrigible in
their perverse sentiments, they could
not love such delinquents. But they love
them with the sublime love which
swelled my Heart on the Cross, when I
was not praying for the just, but calling
for the Father's forgiveness of those
who were my killerslxii.
"This is the love I want in you for all
those who hate youlxiii.... If only you
knew how this love we give to our
unbending enemies - the
unconvertible - works miracles! Directly,
in terms of themselves, as was the love
of Stephen for Saullxiv, a love which
obtained for the latter an encounter with
Me on the road to Damascuslxv, or
"Love is not lost. Not even an
infinitesimal part of love, of this coin, of
this yeast, of this balm which is love,
remains without fruit. Gathered in by the
angels, noted by God, it rises into the
treasury of Heaven and there
serves - oh, mysterious operations by
God! - to acquire, bring growth to, and
treat souls [which are] slaves of Satan,
immobile souls in their newly-fashioned
justice, wounded and sick souls. The
love given for the conversion of our
crucifiers, and remaining without fruit for
them on account of their perverse will,
goes on to nourish other souls for grace
who are unknown on earth, but will be
known in Heaven
(Notebooks 1945-50, pp. 394-6)

o o 0 o o

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