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Project Reflection

In quarter 1, we have a huge project that we did. During

the project, we had some problem in our group which I
think that is a normal thing. To begin with, the first problem
was we did not communicate clearly about the work when
we separated the topic for each individual. Thus, this made
the information that a group member searched was the
same and not various enough. However, we solved this
problem by meeting each member again. The second thing
was one of the members in our group named Tan was sick,
but we need to use her voice to record and put it in the
video. Thus, we need to solve this problem immediately
because if we not, then the work will not be on time.
Moreover, I took the recording instead of my friend. The last
problem that our group faced was the information that each
individual gave to Tin was too long and it made our video
became over 10 minutes. In addition, some of the
information was not important, so we need to cut some part
out. This made our work delays from the plan. More
importantly, my group also has some successes part such as
each person worked hard and tried to do the work on time
that we decided. Besides, our project finished on time and
faster than we think because of the good relationship
between the member in the group. Lastly, we can manage
the time well, so everything becomes perfect.
In this project that we did. It related to many aspects of
the Essential Understandings of Unit 1 which were related to
three philosophers. The first philosopher is John Locke. John
Locke believes that a group of representative can make the
society better because they will not let the King does the
wrong things. If the king does anything incorrectly, they will
stop it. The second philosopher that related is Thomas
Hobbes. He said that everyone is selfish. To clarify this, they
will do whatever they want to make them better and have a
good position. Lastly, Martin Luther, he was a person whose
creates 95 theses to correct the wrong ways of teaching in
Christianity. Before he created 95 theses, he against Pope
Leo X because he suggested that Pope Leo Xs teaching
ways were wrong. Thus, Martin Luther made a Christianity
better and become Christianity today.

To begin with, Plammy's group with a topic of France

revolution. I reckon that their presentation was very good
and very unique because they used a PowerPoint to do a
comic book. Moreover, every picture that they use; they
draw it by themselves. Moving to, Dews group with the
same topic as Plammys group (France revolution). The main
idea in the presentation of this group is a woman right. In
their video, they included a famous book named Education
of daughters. written by Mary Wollstonecraft. The main
sentence that stated in this book is no matter what gender
they are and no matter rich or poor should be educated.
For another woman that was included in the presentation is
Marie Antoinette which is the one worst queen of France.
However, her elegant style of dressing was a great impact
on fashion. She liked to wear a different kind of dress and
some dress that she wears were very unfamiliar. Lastly, Buas
group with a topic of American revolution as same as my
group. The information in the video was as same as my
group. They included the biography of Thomas Hobbes and
John Locke. This group presents their project as a video with
a voice in it. Thus, I think that this group can do well in
edited the video, but I suggest that this group did not copy
our group ideas.

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