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The problem with the society today, was its lacking capability to increase its awareness
upon important events happening around the environment. We are part of this society. Neither
you nor I would be an exemption to this matter. We are a society bonded by rules and guided by
leaders, but how come that the majority was still acting its innocence? Who are to be blame?

Suffrage is a political right. It is a privilege given to us students, a privilege to vote for

our leaders that will serve and protect our rights, and will provide for our needs. But our failure
to know these leaders is our disadvantage and theirs is conversely labeled.

It was dated June 30, 2015. The College Student Government (ColSG) election
conducted by the Campus Student Government (CSG) leaders and COMMELEC Commissioners
was still a disputable matter for us. It is questionable indeed that in some cases, the said election
has its circulating issues on the results and even to its counting process.

With the said issues, I preferred not to listen to my fellow students testimonies first.
Instead, I directly submitted myself to the CSG office. Entering the office was quite daring. But
as a committed student to my institution, I SHOULD. Upon opening the door, some officers
hastily went out, leaving me Mr. Jerome Yadao to interview with. He was a bit nervous; it could
be seen in his disposition when I said it was an interview for our campus publication. He
answered some basic questions but kept his mouth closed when I asked him about the issues. He
said that the questions must be addressed to the governor or to other higher authorities for a
clearer answer. Unfortunately, no Higher Authorities were present that time. I understand his
position, but reconsidering his presence during the election would make him at least state some
testimonies that could defend their side about the controversy. With that, it leaves me no choice
but to quit their side.

There are two clear points here that branches out to more issues. First, is the election
results. Results that are impossible to attain when majority of the students population did not
vote. Why can we say so? Even though the process was done room to room from 7am to 5pm,
we cant assert that each and every student especially those who are not having classes during
that day casted their votes. Evident to this are students that roam around the campus clueless of
the election date, and the inaction of the officers to notify and encourage these students to cast
their votes.

Lastly, is the counting process. Poll watchers were scattered to guard votes and spot
conspiracy happening in the process. Reports surfaced about unused ballots that were shaded and
that have the same and identical affixed signatures, there were some of that multiple voter who
used 2-3 ballots in voting, and also the presence of so many flying voters inconspicuously
making their own moves.
With these reports, candidates tried to communicate with the CSG and COMMELEC.
Each and one of them raised their concerns, but even their request on the omnibus election code
was not settled. Hence, issues remained unsolved. On my interview with Ms. Myzel Donayre, an
AB- Political Science student from the College of Arts and Sciences and also one of the
candidates who complained for the anomalies said that, the issues were still under investigation.

We are still in the process of building ourselves for the future. Are we opting to do these
practices? We are claiming ourselves to be the better leaders of our society than that of our
present leaders today. Ironically, we are being one of them now.

Hopefully, a solution for this matter will rise sooner. And this shall be a lesson to all of
us. I want to address this to all the students involve in this case. To the students and most
especially to the student leaders of the Cagayan State University Carig Campus, we should take
part of changing our corrupted system and not contribute to its longer existence.

We should replace ignorance with virtues, straighten bent practices, and promote clean
and transparent election. Lets be vigilant. Lets be honest.