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1. State advantage of using the convex mirror in the mini market.

To widen up the visual field and increase the visibility of blind spot location in the mini


1. Explain why the body of a cooking pot is made of good heat conductor whereas the handle
of the pot is made of poor heat conductor.
Good heat conductor has a smaller specific heat capacity. Hence, the body of the cooking
pot can be heated up very fast/ easy to hot. Poor heat conductor has a larger specific heat
capacity. Hence, the handle may absorb a great amount of heat without a high increase in
temperature// will not become too hot.


1. Give one suggestion how you would avoid the egg from cracking when dropped on hard
surface and after the impact.
Replace the hard surface substance with soft surface substance// Sponge
2. Explain how sounds of the guitar and singing of the students can be transferred to audiences
through air.
The vibrations of guitar strings and singing changes to sound waves. The air particles vibrate
forwards and backwards. These produces compression and rarefaction regions. From this,
energy is transferred and parallel to the direction of waves propagation to the audiences.


1. Determine the most suitable radioisotope that can be used to detect the crack in the
concrete wall.
2. How the front bumper and airbag of a car helps the driver to minimise the injury?
Bumper long and made from material easy to crumple. This prolong the time of impact and
reduced the impulsive force. Airbags of the car released automatically on impact. This
reduced the impulsive force exerted on the driver and increased the time of impact.
3. The Anglerfish (Lophius Piscatorius sp.), a type of fish that lives only in deep sea. When it is
brought to the surface of the seawater, the fish will die. By using physics concept, explain
why the fish dies.
The ocean is deep so the pressure is high at seabed. The nature of the fish is to stay in the
high pressure surrounding. When brought towards the surface, the pressure decreases.
Hence, the volume of the fish increase and this make the gas in the body will expand so the
internal organ of the fish will burst.
4. State one safety precaution to avoid the gas cylinder from hazardous incidents.
Always store the gas cylinder in an upright position// Put the gas cylinder away from other
combustible and flammable materials

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1. Give one safety feature in vehicles to protect the driver from high impulsive force during an
Air bag// seat belt// padded dashboard// crumple zone
2. State modification to the structure of the moving coil ammeter which can produce bigger
deflection of pointer.
Use stronger magnet// increase number of coils
3. State the most suitable radioisotope used to detect the leakage of water pipe.
4. Name the suitable detector to be used to identify the position where the leakage of pipe
occurs and explain why.
GM Tube. It is portable, easy to carry and can detect beta particle.


1. Explain why the wall of the submarine is made up of stiff and thick metal?
To withstand huge force acting on the submarine. The higher the depth, the higher the
pressure, the bigger the force.
2. Explain how the ice cubes cooled the hot coffee.
Too reach thermal equilibrium// heat absorbed = heat released. Latent heat of fusion is
absorbed from the hot coffee and hot coffee released heat energy. Hence, the temperature
of coffee decreased.
3. During a hot day, image a pool of water can be seen on the surface of a road. Name the
natural phenomenon involved and explain how the phenomenon occur.
Mirage is the natural phenomenon involved. Air layer at bottom (near the road) hotter than
upper layer. The ray from sunlight moves from denser medium to less dense medium. The
angle of incidence is greater than the critical angle of air at upper layer. Hence, total internal
reflection occurred.
4. Explain why hydrometer has big bulb?
To increase volume of liquid displaced and buoyant force increased.
5. Name one application of the reflection of waves.
Sonar system// Ultrasound scanner
6. A dolphin detects the presence of enemy with a wave phenomenon. State the wave
phenomena involved in the situation and explain how dolphins can estimate the distance of
the enemy.
Reflection is the wave phenomena involved. The enemy emit/send/produce ultrasound
wave. Wave is reflected and produced echo. So, the wave and sound is detected by
dolphins. Based on the formula [s= (vt)/2], distance increased, time increased.


1. Name optical device which uses two glass prisms for its operation.
Prism binoculars// Periscope
2. Explain why the hydraulic brake system is less efficient if there is air bubbles trapped in the
brake tube.
It makes the transmission of pressure is less effective.
3. A metal at 100oC being placed in a beaker wrapped with cotton layer and filled with water at
28oC. After a few minutes thermal equilibrium state is achieved. What is the purpose of
wrapping the beaker with cotton layer?

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To decrease the heat loss to the surroundings

4. Explain why the speed limit must be imposed on heavy vehicles.
Momentum of heavy vehicle depends on the speed// directly proportional to the speed or
greater momentum causes more damage// difficult to control direction// greater impulsive
force when accident occurs
5. Explain why Penghulu in a hometown decided to build a water tank tower instead of placing
the water tank on the top of the roof of house.
As water pressure increases with depth/ difference in height. Difference in height in higher
between the water tank tower and the tap compared to difference in height between water
tank on the roof and the tap. Water pressure produced at the tap is high, water can flow out
fast from the tap.
6. Why the rotation of ratchet of a micrometre screw gauge should be stopped when a click
sound is heard?
To limit the pressure on the object to be measured.
7. How does a cats eye reflector fixed into a road to help drivers when it is dark or foggy?
By reflecting light from headlamp to the drivers eye
8. Give example of application of radioisotope in the medical field.
Gamma from Carbon-60 to kill cancer cells// Detect the position of blood clot with Sodium-
9. The greater the length of conductor, the higher the resistance. Name an apparatus in
laboratory which applies this relationship.
10. The sound waves from the train can be heard loudly and clearly at night. The distance of the
sound waves are further apart at the top than at the ground level. Explain why this situation
occurs, and state how this leads to the sound being loud and clear.
At night ground cools quickly, ground has low specific heat capacity. Hence, the air layer
near the ground is colder and low temperature. Cold air denser than warm air, sound travels
faster in warm air. This makes refraction of sound wave occurred and sound that loud and
clear bends towards observer.
11. Name the phenomenon of wave being applied in using transducer to obtain an image of a
foetus from the womb. State one other use of the phenomena stated.
The phenomenon of wave applied is reflection of sound wave. The other use are to
determine the depth of the sea and to determine the position of a shoal of fish.
12. A device is to control the thickness of paper in a factory. Which type of radiation is most
suitable for use in this device?
Beta radiation
13. This is an electric motor which is supplied with a direct current. State two ways to increase
the speed of the motor.
Increasing the number of turns in the coil// Increasing the strength of the permanent
14. Mirror can also be used in periscope. State the light phenomenon occurs when using mirror.
Give one reason why mirror is not that suitable to be used compared to glass prism.
Reflection of light is occurs when using mirror. Mirror is not that suitable for a periscope is
because mirror produce a distort image, the image produced is not that clear and to prevent
overlapping image.
15. In broadcasting, radio waves are used in communications in domestic area. Explain why
radio wave are better than sound wave for telecommunication.

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Radio waves are electromagnetic waves. Radio waves have higher velocity than sound
waves. Radio waves can travel without medium but sound waves need a medium. Radio
waves have higher frequency and can carry more information in once. Radio waves transfer
more energy and can travel further distance.
16. Impulsive force can cause severe damage. State and explain the material used for packaging
eggs for safe delivery from the farm to the market.
Soft and thick material is used for the packaging of eggs, this is to reduce the impulsive force
act on the eggs. At the same time, increase the time of impact to prevent the eggs from
break. The shorter the time of impact, the bigger the force acting on the eggs and the higher
the chance of eggs to be break.
17. Using the knowledge of atmospheric pressure, explain how the liquid in the bottle can be
sucked into the dropper tube.
When the dropper is pressed, the air inside the dropper is forced out and the pressure inside
the dropper decreases. The atmospheric pressure pushes the liquid into the dropper tube.
18. A father standing on a balcony at 9th floor calling his son which is at floor level for lunch. By
using physics concept, explain why his son could not hear him clearly.
During daytime, the air temperature is higher at the lower altitude and the density of air is
lower. Sound waves is refracted and bends far apart from the normal line. Hence, the
pathway of sound wave is moving upwards and there is no sound wave reached to his son
which is at the floor level.


1. State one way how the lightning conductor can reduce the risk of a building being struck by
Streams of ions flow out from the spikes due to point action which reduces the induced
charges accumulated on the roof of a building and cancels out some of the charges in the
clouds. Hence, the probability of lightning striking the building is reduced. The lightning
conductor provides a path for electrons to move between the ground and the sky if lightning
occurs which prevents the lightning from striking the building.
2. Explain why the radioactive emissions from a thorium source are dangerous.
Because their ionising effect can destroy or damage living cells
3. Which type of radioactive emission from the thorium source will cause the greatest harm to
our body if we exposed to it? State the reason.
Gamma radiation. Because it has the highest penetration power and longest range which
can penetrate through the human body.
4. This is a device with beta radiation, which used to control the thickness of paper in a factory.
A similar device is used to monitor the thickness of sheets of aluminium. Explain why this
device cannot use the same radiation source as that for the device used to control the
thickness of paper.
Beta particles cannot pass through metal (aluminium)
5. Name one piece of apparatus in a school laboratory which uses the Bernoullis Principle.
Bunsen burner
6. Give one characteristics should be possessed by the heating element to produce higher heat
High resistivity of material// thinner wire// higher resistance
7. This is an arrangement of apparatus of a gas law. The volume of trapped air in the flask is
constant. Give one reason why the rubber tube used to deliver the gas in this experiment is
as short as possible.

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Reduce the volume of trapped air in the tube.// to fix the volume of air in the flask
8. Explain how the vacuum cleaner is able to remove dust from the floor?
As the fan rotates, air is force out through vent. This create low air pressure inside the
vacuum. Atmospheric pressure is higher than air pressure inside the vacuum cleaner. Thus a
force is produced to push the dust in due to the difference in pressure.
9. This is an audio frequency generator connected to a speaker and placed at the corner of a
wall. There are three students standing around the next corner. When a high pitch sound is
generator generated, only the student nearest to the generator can hear the sound clearly.
When a low pitch sound is generated, all the three students can hear the sound clearly.
Explain how this situation occurs.
High pitch sound has high frequency so that the wavelength is shorter. Less diffraction of
sound wave occur// sound wave spread less. Low pitch sound has low frequency so that the
wavelength is longer. Hence, more diffraction of sound wave occur// sound wave spread


1. Referring to the principle of thermal equilibrium and the working principle of a

thermometer, explain how a doctor can check his patients temperature during the medical
The thermometer is placed under the tongue// inside the mouth of the patient. Heat from
the body flows to the thermometer// net heat flow is to the thermometer. Hence, thermal
equilibrium achieved. Temperature of the body is equals to the temperature of
2. Explain based on the transformations of energy and other physics concept how a
hydroelectric power station generates electric energy.
When water fall flow gravitational energy convert to kinetic energy. The kinetic energy
converted to mechanical energy when fall to turbine// dynamo. Electromagnetic induction
produced current. Mechanical energy convert to electrical energy.


1. A boy blowing on the surface of a bowl of a very hot soup to cool it down. This increased the
rate of evaporation of water from the soup when air is blown over. Name one other method
by which the rate of evaporation water from the soup can be increase.
By pouring the soup into a wider bowl to increase its surface area// Put the bowl of soup
under strong cooling fan


1. A fish was cooked by the steaming method that enables the fish to be cooked at a faster
rate. Explain how the fish can be cooked at a faster rate. State another application that are
using the same method.
Water has a large specific latent heat of vaporization. When the steam condenses on the
food, the latent heat is released directly into the fish. So, the fish is cooked. Another
application used the same method is pressure cooker that killing germs and bacteria of
2. Plimsoll lines are marked at the sides of the ship. State the purpose of plimsoll lines.
To ensure the ship will not be overload// ensure the safety of ship
3. Why plimsoll lines have many levels?

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Because different water zone has different density of water

4. Explain why the birds perched on a high voltage cable does not experience an electric shock?
The skin and legs of the birds have high resistance. There is only low electric current flow at
the cable. Both of the legs of the bird is perching on the same wire, so there is no electric
charges flow in between also.
5. Explain how the medicine flows from the intravenous injection bottle into the patients vein.
The medicine in the intravenous injection bottle is hanging, so that its placed higher than
the position of the patient. The fluid pressure inside the intravenous injection bottle is
higher than the patients veins. Fluid will flow from the higher pressure region to the lower
pressure region. Hence, the medicine will flows in to the patients veins because the high
pressure of medicine fluid in the intravenous injection bottle.


1. Why is the sand used in long-jump events?

Can reduce the impulsive force by lengthening the time of impact.

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