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FAQs | Margin and Rate Card History Feature

1. What is Margin and Rate Card History feature?

This feature allows you to track historical changes in marketing fee, logistics and
packaging/special packaging charges through your seller panel. This information is
accessible through Change History tab in the Catalog panel.

2. What is the benefit of Margin and Rate Card History feature?

With this feature, you can:
a) Track historical changes in the components that affect your net seller payable
b) View reason for change
c) Enjoy increased transparency and convenience in record keeping

3. What information is available under Change History tab?

You can use this tab to track:
a) Historical change in margin type and percentage
b) Historical change in logistic charges
c) Historical change in packaging/special packaging charges

4. Are any changes visible immediately under Change History tab?

Any change will reflect within 24 hours of its implementation. This will only include
changes in margin type and percentage change, logistic rate update and
packaging/special packaging rate update implemented since 1 September, 2016.

5. What is the most dated information that I can track through this feature?
You can track any change in margin type or percentage, logistic rate card and
packaging/special packaging charges made since 1 September, 2016, through this

6. Can I set a custom date filter to view changes made within a specific duration?
No, you cant select a date range.

7. Can I also view SUPC fulfilment mode switch history through Change History
SUPC fulfilment mode switch will only be visible if the switch affects logistic or
packaging charges, which will impact the net seller payable.

8. How can I track changes under Change History tab?

Follow the steps listed below each screen-shot to learn how to use this feature.

Click on the Catalog tab.

Click on Edit Price & Inventory.

Click on Show breakup.

Click on Change History to track changes in a) Margin Charges (b) Logistic Charges
and (c) Packaging/Special Packaging charges made since 1 September, 2016.

The date and changes made are now visible.