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Managerial Computing (MC), PGP I: 2017-18, Term I

Objectives of the course

1. To introduce electronic spreadsheet as a decision support tool for management

applications and to build capabilities to model management applications for analysis on
2. To introduce basic concepts of programming methodology and to provide skills to
develop algorithmic applications, extensions to spreadsheet functionality.

Course Outline

The course is organized into two modules. These are: Problem Solving through Electronic
Spreadsheets (7 sessions) and Introduction to Programming (5 Sessions) . In addition to
classroom discussions, students are required to work on computer based assignments to
experience the use of tools.

Module 1: Problem solving Using Spreadsheets (7 sessions)

Concepts of problem solving through spreadsheets. Design of managerial applications involving

sensitivity analysis. Features that help in scenario building, goal seeking, what if analysis, data
tabulation, data filtering and data query, and optimization will be discussed.

Module 2: Introduction to Programming and Applications (5 sessions)

Programming concepts and Programming methodology. Programming to extend the power of


Software Systems to be used for Class discussions and Assignments

Spreadsheet : MS EXCEL
Programming: Visual Basic
Course Management Tool: MOODLE

Note: Soft copies of all illustrations discussed in the class will be hosted on a server, such
material on electronic medium is the supplementary reading material

Course Evaluation:

End Term Group Project : 40%

Quizzes : 60%
Books in Reserve Sequence of the Library:
1. Introduction to Management Science: A modeling and Case Studies Approach with
spreadsheets (Fredrick S. Hiller and Mark S Hillier, 2005)
2. Statistics for Managers using Microsoft Excel (Levine, David M. Stephen David and
Krehbiel, Timothy C, 2005)
3. Excel models for Business and Operations Management (Barlow, John, 2005)
4. Data Analysis and Decision Making with Microsoft Excel (Albright, S Christian et al.,
5. Operations Analysis using Microsoft Excel (Weida, Nancy C. et al., 2001)
6. Applied Statistics with Microsoft Excel (Keller, Gerald, 2001)
7. Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel (Berk, Kenneth N; Carey, Patrick, 2000)
8. Excel Spreadsheet applications series for Managerial Accounting (Smith, Gaylord N,
9. Quantitative Business Methods using excel (Whigham, David, 1998)
10. Excel 2007 Power Programming with VBA 9 John Walkenbach,2007)
Session Plan
Instructions to Participants

For each session, we specify the topics to be covered and prescribe three sets of problems:

1. One or more worked-out problems listed under the head Read. These would provide adequate
background and equip you with the tools and techniques to solve the discussion problems.

2. One or more problems listed under the head Discuss. The solutions for these would be discussed
in the class. Some of these will be assigned to be solved by you beforehand and you should be
prepared to present your solution in the class, if called upon to do so.

3. One or more problems for additional practice, listed under the head Additional Problems, usually
after the class is over. Although these are not meant to be discussed in the class, you are
encouraged to attempt them and seek clarifications from your instructor individually if you have any

4. Do not use your laptops in the class unless the instructor specifically allows you to.

Course Material

1. Using Moodle, by Ms. Prabha T. Gopinath

2. Spreadsheet through Examples (Excel version), by Prof V. Venkata Rao- IIMA/CISG0119TEC(STE)
3. Problem Set for Modeling with Spreadsheets, by Prof. T.P. Rama Rao-IIMA/CISG-91(PSMS)
4. Stepwise Refinement and Pseudo-codes: An Introduction, by Profs. V Venkata Rao & S. Yegneswar-
5. A note on Visual Basic for Applications, by Prof.T.P.Rama Rao-IIMA/CISG-86
6. Visual Basic: Message Box and Input Box , by Prof Sanjay Verma-IIMA/CISG-72
7. Intoduction to Visual Basic Programming: Graphic User Inetrface, by Prof Sanjay Verma-IIMA/CISG-70
8. Working with Userform Object of Visual Basic, by Ms. Nupur Uday Singh and Ms Ravitha Shukla
9. Problem Set for Modelling with VBA and Excel,by Prof. T.P. Rama Rao-IIMA/CISG-93(PMVE)
10. Problem Set for Spreadsheets and VBA for Excel by Prof Kavitha Ranganathan-IIMA/CISg-103TEC(PSSVE)
Module 1: Problem Solving Using Spreadsheets

Sessions 1-2 Topic: Elementary Spreadsheet and Problem Solving (Logical Functions)

June 27-28, 2017 Read: 1. Using Moodle

2. Essential Features of Excel, Pages 7-12, 14-23, STE

Discuss: 1. Comparison of Two Sales Commissions

2. Conference Budget, Pages 193, STE

Addl. Prob. 1. Computation of IT work Units: Page 2, PSMS

2. All-unit Discount: Pages 136, STE

Session 3 Topic: Table lookup

June 29, 2017 Read: 1. Computation of Shipping Cost: Pages 28-30, STE

Discuss: 1. Frequent Flier Scheme of IA: Page 4, PSMS

2. Analysis of Transportation Costs: Page 7, PSMS

Addl. Prob. 1. Analysis of Consignment Dispatches: Page 6, PSMS

2. On-line Counseling: Chances of Admission: Page-10, PSMS

Session 4 Topic: Date, Time and Strings

July 3, 2017 Read: A Preventive Maintenance System, Time Study Data: Pages 55-58, STE

Discuss: 1. Exercise in Date Functions

2. Fruit Prices: Pages 204-206, STE

Addl. Prob. 1. Length of Employment: Page 94, STE

2. Number of Retirements: Page 147, STE
3. Flights from Ahmedabad, Pages 14-15 PSMS
4. Reformatting of Student IDs, Page 14, PSSVE

Sessions 5-6 Topic: Data Management

July 4-5, 2017 Read: 1. Queries on a Personnel Database: Pages 42-46, STE
2. Sales Revenue Query- Handling Complex queries: Pages 46-48, STE

Discuss: 1. Top 100 of Forbes 2000, Pages 194-199, STE

2. Multiplex Movies, Pages 148-149, STE
Addl. Prob. 1. Analysis of Revenues: Page 8 , PSMS
2. Analysis of Purchase Order Database: Page 142-143, STE
3. Bus Schedules- Feasible Connections: Page 9, PSMS
4. Medal Tally in Atlanta Olympics: Pages 158-160, STE
5. Customer Service at Pizza Kutir: Pages: 173-177, STE
6. Service Utilization Study: Page 13, PSMS
7. Hello Zindagi: Pages 211-212, STE
8. Demand Estimation of Information Products: Pages 11-12, PSMS

Session 7 Topic: Formulating and Solving Optimization Problems

July 10, 2017 Read: 1. Optimal Product Mix Problem, Pages 68-71, STE
2. How to Solve Transportation Problems in Excel: Pages 72-78, STE

Discuss: 1. Flaming Red Pickles Company, Andhra Pradesh: Pages 212-213, STE
2. Location of Fair Price Shops: Page 31, PSMS

Addl. Prob. 1. Location of Fair Price Shops- Extension: Page 31, PSMS
2. Providing Network Connectivity to rural District: Pages 1-4, PSSVE
3. Allocation of Police Guards: Pages 32-33, PSMS
4. Product Allocation Problem: Pages 36-37, PSMS

Module 2: Programming: Applications with Excel- VBA

Session 8 Topic: Enhancement of Excel functionality through VBA: User Defined Functions

July11, 2017 Read: A Note on Visual Basic for Applications: Pages 11-12, Examples 1-4

Discuss: Fibonacci Series: Pages 178, STE

Addl. Prob. Two Dates Problem: Implementation in VBA (Pages 15-23, CISG-5TEC)

Session 9 Topic: Constructs for Iteration in VBA

July 12, 2017 Read: A Note on Visual Basic for Applications: Pages 11-12, Examples 1-4

Discuss: Check Digit Validation, Pages 150-151, STE

Addl. Prob. Reverse Identity Matrix: Page 3, PMVE

Session 10 Topic: Introduction to Subroutines

July 17, 2017 Read: 1. Stepwise Refinement and Pseudo Codes: An Introduction
2. A Note on Visual Basic for Applications: Pages 12-15, Examples 5-7

Discuss: 1. Matrix Search: Page 179, STE

2. Number of Minima: Page 186, STE

Addl Prob.: 1. Bin Packing Problem: Pages 155-158, STE

2. Computing Transshipment Costs: Pages 4-6, PMVE

Session 11 Topic: Interaction between Spreadsheet and VBA

July 18, 2017 Read: A Note on Visual Basic for Applications: Pages 16-18, Examples 1-10

Discuss: 1. Multiplex Movies: Pages 148-149, STE

- VBA Function and sub to obtain the options*
2. Vendor Selection: Pages 13-14, PMVE

Addl Prob.: 1. Customer service at Pizza Kutir VBA Solution, Pages 173-177, STE
2. Software size Estimation: FP counting: Pages 7-10, PMVE

Session 12 Topic: Modifying Macros

July 19, 2017 Discuss: 1. Location of fair Price Shops: Page 31, PSMS
Solve the extended problem with solver iteratively for different
2. Pre-Processing for Location of Fair Price Shops: Pages 15-16, PMVE

Addl Prob.: 1. Assembly Line Planning: Pages 191-192, STE

2. The Graph Coloring Problem: Pages 179-183, STE