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Name_________________________________ Class__________ Total 100

Elementary Pre-Intermediate Placement Test

Wybierz waciw odpowied: a, b, c lub d.
0 I _____ a student.

a be b am c is d are

1 She _____ an electric guitar.

a have got b have c has got d got

2 I _____ got a camera.

a not b dont c dont have d havent

3 My _____ name is David.

a uncle b uncles c uncles d uncles

4 His _____ names are Jacob and Daniel.

a cousin b cousins c cousins d cousins

5 _____ two pens in my bag.

a There is b There are c Are there d Is there

6 There _____ a caf in the park.

a is b has c are d arent

7 There are five _____ in my family.

a child b childs c children d childrens

8 I need some money but I havent got my _____ .

a mirror b purse c inhaler d ID card

9 Is it his DVD? No, its _____ .

aI b my c me d mine

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10 He _____ walk to school.
a isnt b doesnt c dont d hasnt

11 I go to work at 7.30 a.m. and I _____ late in the evening.

a get home b wake up c get dressed d have breakfast

12 I get up at 7.00 a.m. every day. I _____ get up at 7.00 a.m.

a never b usually c often d always

13 Kylie lives with Lauren and Katie but she doesnt talk to _____.

a her b him c them d us

14 Do they _____ in the city?

a live b to live c living d lives

15 There are _____ great shops in my city.

aa b some c any d much

16 Is there a _____ in the living room? Yes, there is.

a basin b cooker c carpet d sink

17 How _____ rooms are there?

a a lot of b some c much d many

18 There _____ space for the furniture.

a isnt much b isnt many c arent much d arent many

19 He can _____ English quite well.

a to speak b speak c speaking d speaks

20 _____ gymnastics? No, I cant.

a Can you b Can you do c You can do d Do you

21 I am good at tennis. I can play it _____ .

a quite b badly c very d well

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22 Hes a very good swimmer. He swims _____ .

a fastly b fast c faster d fastest

23 Ellie carries the baby _____ .

a carefully b loudly c clearly d sadly

24 Can you _____ judo?

a play b go c do d take

25 She cant sing today because shes got a sore _____ .

a cough b throat c tooth d leg

26 We like _____ pizza.

a made b make c making d makes

27 I _____ watching football. But I love playing it.

a love b hate c like d do

28 Toms favourite snack is _____ .

a crisps b tomatoes c cheese d meat

29 I like _____ Chinese food.

aa b an c the d

30 Theres a problem! Whats _____ problem?

aa b an c the d

31 I take a sandwich and _____ apple to school.

aa b an c the d

32 She _____ an exam now.

a is taking b takes c take d to take

33 Mums not here. My sister and I _____ dinner today.

a cook b cooks c is cooking d are cooking

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34 Come in! I _____ .

a dont work b isnt working c m not working d doesnt work

35 Whats that music? _____ the piano?

a They are playing b Are they playing

c Do they play d They play

36 I usually _____ trainers but today Im wearing boots.

a am wearing b wear c wears d wearing

37 Sarah and Fred live in Brighton but at the moment they _____ in an apartment in Venice.

a stay b is staying c stays d re staying

38 Ive got a _____ in my nose.

a earrings b piercing c belt d scarf

39 We _____ at the cinema yesterday.

a are b was c is d were

40 It was a busy day but Jane _____ tired.

a was b wasnt c were d werent

41 When you were ten, who _____ your favourite singer?

a is b are c was d were

42 During the New Year celebrations we watched brilliant _____ in the sky.

a sweets b decorations c candles d fireworks

43 Did you stay _____ bed late?

a on b in c at d to

44 Who _____ you dance with at the party yesterday?

a do b did c are d were

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45 Did they do the shopping on Friday?

a Yes, they are. b Yes, they do. c Yes, they did. d Yes, they were.

46 Where did she _____ last holiday?

a go b went c goes d going

47 Im sorry, I _____ the letter. I forgot.

a not read b dont read c didnt read d am not reading

48 _____ invented the World Wide Web?

a What b Who c When d Where

49 I cant make phone calls my mobile needs a _____ .

a toaster b cooker c charger d player

50 When _____ to Spain? Two years ago.

a did they go b they went c are they going d do they go

51 Take an umbrella with you its _____ today.

a foggy b snowy c rainy d windy

52 Walking is _____ for your health.

a bad b worse c good d better

53 Going by plane is _____ than going by train.

a expensive b not expensive c more expensive d most expensive

54 Do you think food will get _____ in the future?

a cheap b cheaper c cheapest d not cheap

55 Whos _____ boy in your class?

a tall b taller c tallest d the tallest

56 In the next twenty years the global temperature _____ up.

a is going b goes c will go d went

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57 _____ study English next year?

a Are you b Were you c Will you d Did you

58 I like visiting old towns and cities. I simply love _____ .

a camping b walking c adventure d sightseeing

59 _____ to go bungee jumping at the weekend?

a Are they going b Will they go c Did they go d Do they go

60 What is he going to _____ tonight?

a doing b do c did d does

61 We _____ to stay in a hotel this holiday.

a not going b dont go c arent going d wont go

62 How do you go to work? _____ car.

a In b On c For d By

63 She _____ wear a uniform at school.

a have to b has c have got d has to

64 _____ work this Saturday?

a Have you got b Are you doing c Are you going d Are you having

65 Tom _____ to wear a tie at work.

a havent got b isnt having c dont have d doesnt have

66 A vet

a talks on the phone. b sells things.

c looks after people. d works with animals.

67 Are you bad _____ remembering things?

a at b in c with d about

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68 If Amanda _____ watching DVDs, invite her to the cinema.

a like b likes c will like d is going to like

69 Have you ever _____ to change the world?

a made b won c wanted d organised

70 I _____ a speech in my life.

a have ever made b have never made

c have never done d have ever done

71 What _____ when they arrived?

a are you doing b do you do c were you doing d have you done

72 I was having a shower when Alice _____ .

a arrived b was arriving c arrives d arrive

73 I cant drink this tea. Its _____ !

a hot enough b cold enough c too hot d to cold

74 He looks terrible. I think hes got _____ tattoos.

a too much b too many c not enough d not too many

75 I _____ to be a lawyer one day.

a would b like c going to d would like

76 My mothers sister is my favourite _____ .

a niece b stepmother c aunt d daughter-in-law

77 I dont mind _____ the dishes.

a wash b washing c to wash d washed

78 He agreed _____ camping.

a go b going c to go d went

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79 Perhaps you _____ leave your car at home and walk more!

a should b shouldnt c must d mustnt

80 You look tired! You _____ get a good nights sleep! Its very important!

a have b must c can d do

81 Students are _____ to use bad language at school.

a cant b dont have to c not allowed d shouldnt

82 You _____ watch TV this evening if you do your homework.

a should b must c have to d can

83 I never make a mess in my room. Its very _____ .

a stylish b dark c tidy d comfortable

84 Its important not to _____ into trouble.

a go b take c have d get

85 When I was sixteen, I _____ allowed to wear make-up.

a couldnt b wasnt c didnt d didnt have to

86 An accountant has to be

a good with people. b creative. c good with numbers. d rewarding.

87 Next Friday we _____ to Florida.

a flies b are flying c flying d to fly

88 My brother _____ home for his summer holiday next month.

a isnt coming b doesnt come c didnt come d wasnt coming

89 Its possible that the weather will change. It _____ snow tomorrow.

a can b might c will d should

90 In the future people _____ to live without computers.

a cannot b might not c wont be able d may not

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91 Have you finished your homework _____ ?

a never b yet c just d ever

92 He has already _____ three matches.

a win b beat c won d beaten

93 My home is a place _____ I feel really happy.

a that b who c which d where

94 There hasnt been much rain recently. There is a _____ at the moment.

a flood b melting ice c hurricanes d drought

95 I _____ really frightened of fire when I was little.

a could be b be c used to be d was used to

96 This book _____ by my favourite author, J. R. R. Tolkien.

a was written b wrote c are written d has written

97 Hes lived here _____ he was born.

a for b ago c since d ever

98 Has the book been made _____ a film?

a for b into c after d about

99 If people didnt pay for music, artists _____ records.

a wont make b wouldnt make c dont make d didnt make

100 He asked me _____ there.

a go b went c to go d going

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