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Professional Growth Plan

One of my primary goals as a first-year teacher is to build strong professional relationships with
members of my school community. I believe that establishing these relationships and seeking
advice whenever possible will greatly assist me in my development as an educator during my
first year of teaching and beyond. As a first-year teacher, I also plan to develop my classroom
management skills and establish classroom procedures to ensure that I make the most of
instructional time in my classroom. I also plan to refine my technology skills and identify
technological resources to assist my students in their learning. I have collected a variety of online
resources during my time as a student and intern at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at
Arizona State University, and I plan to continue acquiring knowledge and resources about
educational technology. I am very interested in pursuing online training from the Google for
Education Training Center. As a teacher candidate, I witnessed many successful applications of
Googles Apps for Education in the classroom. Learning how to use these resources proficiently
will allow me to become a more effective and efficient educator.

Within my first five years of teaching, I plan to refine my skills as an educator and contribute to
my school community in a variety of ways. I hold a minor of media analysis from the Walter
Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and I am very interested in applying
my knowledge to the development of a multimedia program at my school. I believe that
technology and media literacy are very important skills to possess in the 21st century, and I
would very much like to develop or expand upon an existing program that affirms these
concepts. After spending a few years exclusively in the classroom, I plan to pursue a masters
degree in order to further my professional development as an educator. I also plan to make a
concerted effort to develop and embrace a multicultural curriculum in my classroom. I believe
that students deserve a curriculum that represents all students and affirms their sense of
belonging within the school community.

In order to continue in my professional development as an educator, I plan to apply for

membership in the following professional organizations:

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

Arizona Education Association (AEA)
National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)
National Education Association (NEA)
Arizona Technology in Education Association (AzTEA)

I believe that these organizations will increase my efficacy as a teacher of English, as a teacher
who values equal representation and honors multiculturalism, and as a teacher who capably
utilizes technology to enhance curriculum.