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Maxi Chain Machine

Available in Electric, Manual or Pneumatic Models

The Chain Machine provides an economical way to cut and bevel pipe. One
machine cuts any pipe diameter from 3" (76mm) to unlimited. Precision control of
chain tension on the traveling wheels give Maxi Machines the straightest cutting
capability of any chain-type machine available. For larger sizes above 18" (457mm
pipe diameter the use of a Guide Strip is recommended.

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The most durable and accurate of Mathey Dearmans Chain Machines, the Maxi is
an excellent choice for cutting a wide range of large diameter horizontal or vertical
pipes. Maxi Chain Machines three wheel positions and triple width chain makes it
the most accurate chain driven pipe cutting and beveling machine on the market
today. The machine is easily changed from one pipe diameter to another by adding
or removing chain. Our Maxi Chain Machine is the ideal tool for flame cutting
seamless, seam-welded, spiral-welded or out-of-round pipe. The Maxi chain
machine cuts pipes from 4 (102mm) to unlimited.

The rack adjustable torch support of the Maxi permits the operator to pierce the
pipe away from the cut line and quickly move the torch to the cut line to reduce
notching. The machine comes standard with out-of-round device to lift the torch

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over seam or spiral welds and to lift or lower the torch over imperfection in the
surface in the pipe surface. The machine maintains the torch at a constant distant
from the pipe surface producing and even and consistent bevel on the pipe end
regardless whether the pipe is round or out-of-round.

The Maxi Chain Machine can be fitted with a guide strip to obtain a precise square
cut on horizontal or vertical pipes 18 and up. The guide strip allows the machine to
produce the desired quality square cut without having to rotate the machine around
the pipe to bring the chain into the proper alignment. By adding or removing
Sections of the Guide Strip, the machine is adapted to various diameters of pipe.

Mathey Dearmans Maxi precision Chain Machine is designed for the maximum
cutting versatility. The Maxi can be fitted with such accessories as 115 or 230vac
50/60hz Electric Drive, 9 14 Flexible Drive Cable, 2nd Torch and Sliding Suppor
to make multiple cut simultaneously or Contour Cutting Attachment and template to
make shallow miters and saddles

When placing your order please specify if you are working with a cutting
torch having a barrel diameter other than 1 3/8" (35mm).
Torch sold separately.

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http://www.mathey.com/102.htm 29/07/05