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Sulphate resistant, high strength repair mortar

EMACO S188 is a ready to use cementitious powder Supply form : powder
which on mixing with the specified quantity of water Colour : cement grey
provides a non-segregating, shrinkage compensated, Density (wet) : 2.25 kg/L
thixotropic repair mortar with high strength
characteristics, that can be spray or trowel applied. Storage temperature : 10-50C
EMACO S188 is reinforced with synthetic fibres, and is Application temperature : >10C
free from chlorides.
Surface Preparation
EMACO S188 is recommended for repair situations Correct substrate preparation is critical for optimum
requiring application of mortar up to 40 mm thickness, performance.
such as; Surfaces should be structurally sound, clean, and free
from loose particles, oil, grease, or any other
Maintenance of marine structures.
Repairs to industrial structures such as oil storage Cement laitence, loose particles, oil, grease, mould
facilities, silos, chimneys etc. release agent, curing membrane, and other
Extensive repairs to beams, columns and other contaminants must be removed from the surface by wet
structural elements. grit blasting, high pressure water jetting (approx 150
As a protective screed against sulphate attack. bars) or such other effective methods.
Prepare the surface of the concrete to a rough profile
FEATURES AND BENEFITS with a surface level difference of at least 5 mm between
trough and ridge
Dense Reduced permeability to aggressive
Where deeper removal of concrete is required to obtain a
structure environment
sound base, first saw cut the edges of the repair area
Prepacked Ready to use. No batching errors perpendicular to the surface to at least 10 mm depth.
Thixotropic Does not sag under recommended Where required cut back the concrete to at least 25 mm
application thickness behind the rebars. Remove all corrosion products from
the rebars by grit blasting or other suitable technique.
Fibre Can be applied to vertical or
Replace the affected part of rebar if the diameter after
reinforced overhead sections
grit blasting is found to be reduced by more than 20% of
High strength Stronger repairs the original diameter.
Chloride free Does not corrode steel Note : It is recommended that the decision on
Sulphate Advantage in sulphate / sulphide replacement of rebars is taken based on the advice of
resistant laden environment the structural engineer responsible for the works.
In a chloride laden environment, the rebars are
TYPICAL PERFORMANCE DATA recommended to be coated with BARRAFER S or
BARRAZINC SP zinc rich primer.
1 Day 28 Days Where the thickness of repair will exceed 30 mm, place a
Compressive 15 >50 50 mm square welded steel mesh in mid section to
(ASTM C109) minimise drying shrinkage cracking. Anchor the mesh
firmly to the substrate or to the exposed steel so as to
Flexural (ASTM C348) 1.5 5 allow 15-20 mm cover over the mesh when the repair is
E-Modulus (N/mm) : 54,000 completed.
Bond to concrete : > tensile strength of Saturate the surface thoroughly with clean water before
concrete applying the mortar.

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Priming Curing
To obtain extra strong bonding, the damp substrate can EMACO S188 requires adequate curing to achieve
be primed with a slurry brush coat of EMACO S188 (2 optimum performance. Apply a uniform coat of a BASF
parts powder to 1 part water) or with BARRA EMULSION Construction Chemicals curing compound such as
57 diluted with water (ratio 1:1). MASTERKURE 181 immediately after final finishing by
Mixing roller or low pressure spray.
Mechanical Mixing is necessary.
Place approximately 80% of the water in the mixer. EQUIPMENT
Keeping the mixer running, add EMACO S188
Deguna 30 combined mixing & spraying unit or similar
continuously. Mix for 3-4 minutes or until a lumpfree mix
equipment (see separate data sheet).
is obtained. Add the balance of water while continuing to
mix until the desired consistency is achieved. CLEANING
Water requirement Clean tools and equipment with water, before the mortar
Consistency Min. water Max. water content hardens.
content per per 25 kg
25 kg
Sprayable or 15.5% 17.5%. A 25 kg bag of EMACO S188 mixed with 4.2 L of water
Trowellable (3.9 L) (4.4 L) yields 13 litres (0.013 m ). Therefore material
requirement is 19.2 kg/m at 10 mm thickness.
EMACO S188 has been formulated for placing both by PACKAGING
trowel and spray application to required build thickness.
For best results, apply the first layer by gloved hand 25 kg, multi-ply paper sacks with polythene liner.
including packing behind the rebars, and then firmly
trowel on the rest to required thickness.
If applying by spray, spray the mortar using a Deguna 30 EMACO S188 can be stored in tightly sealed original
spray unit or a similar machine available from BASF bags for up to 12 months, if kept dry and at even
Construction Chemicals. For satisfactory results, an temperature.
experienced operator in sprayed concrete is essential.
The final surface may be smoothed by a wooden, plastic, PRECAUTIONS
or synthetic sponge faced trowel. Trowelling after spray
application may start, only after the mortar has set Health : EMACO S188 is alkaline like normal cement
sufficiently to resist the penetration by fingers into the and can cause skin irritations to persons with sensitive
surface. skin. Wear gloves and mask while handling the product.
Take all precautions normally taken while handling
Protective coating cement.
In high chloride / carbon dioxide laden atmosphere a Safety : take adequate safety measures during spraying.
flexible coating with low permeability to chlorides and Consult the supplier of the spraying machine.
carbon dioxide is strongly recommended to be applied.
Refer to BASF for product selection advice. Fire : EMACO S188 is not flammable.
For detailed Health, Safety and Environmental
Recommendations, please consult and follow all
instructions on the product Material Safety Data Sheet.


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NOTE the owner, engineer or contractor since they, and not BASF Construction Chemicals, are
responsible for carrying out procedures appropriate to a specific application.