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CPE- Advanced English Suffixes

(lleno de/ von etwas heimgesucht) (adicto a algo / schtig nach...)

used with some nouns to make adjectives meaning full of used with nouns and verbs to make nouns meaning
something, usually something unpleasant or harmful someone who likes something a lot or who
A crime-ridden society is unable to stop doing something
A guilt-ridden expression Shopaholic (=someone who loves shopping)
It is a superstition-ridden community. Chocaholic (=someone who loves chocolate)
Workaholic (=someone who loves to work)

(en cuanto a/ in Bezug auf ) ( y tantos/ in den 20ern/30ern usw.)

1) speaking of, or referring to: used with used with numbers such as twenty, forty, sixty etc to refer to
many nouns, verbs, and adjectives the age of someone who is between 20 and 29, 40 and 49 etc,
It was a poor show, talent-wise (=speaking of talent). or to make nouns meaning someone who is that age
Weather-wise (=referring to the weather) I dont know how old Tom is I suppose he must be forty-
2) in the direction of: used with some nouns and something.
adjectives A chat room for thirty-somethings.
lengthwise (=from one end to another)
cross-wise (=in a cross direction)

( afectado por/ von etwas betroffen) (vestido de/ in etwas gekleidet)

used with some nouns to describe people or things used with some nouns to make adjectives describing
affected by serious problems or unpleasant emotions the type of clothing that someone is wearing
Poverty-stricken. Pictures of a denim-clad president relaxing on the ranch
Grief-stricken. Scantily clad dancers
Emergency aid for famine-stricken countries. An armour-clad vehicle

(con base en / basado en / basiert) (digno de/ -wert)

used with combines with nouns to form adjectives that mean
some names of places to make adjectives meaning happe suitable for something
ning or working in a particular place Although his car is old, it is still roadworthy.
A London-based company Meals in some Japanese schools are restaurant-worthy.
Web-based training, also known as e-learning A cringeworthy performance

(transmitido por /von etwas bertragen) ( aspectos / doble, triple/ zwei, dreiSeiten /
used with some nouns to make adjectives describing how Zweifach, dreifach, vierfach...)
something is carried from one person or place to another used with numbers to make adjectives and adverbs describing
Malaria is a mosquito-borne disease. how much something increases.
Air-borne pollution A fourfold increase (=an increase in an amount that makes
Cholera is a water-borne disease caused by the it four times larger than before)
bacterium Vibrio cholerae, which is typically ingested The problems are twofold - firstly, economic, and
by drinking contaminated water. secondly, political.

(futuro/a / zuknftig/e) (guiado por/ betrieben, orientiert)

used after some nouns to describe the person that used with some nouns to make adjectives meaning strongly
someone will soon be or the position that they influenced or caused by something
will soon have Lower interest rates set off computer-driven buy
Mum-to-be Sinead says she is delighted about programs that sent stocks soaring late in the day.
her baby. The new ships, propelled by gas turbines, require less
maintenance than older, steam-driven ones.