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Students Worksheet Date :

Le Grondif Observe ces noncs au sujet des 2 adolescents que tu as pu dire ou entendre dans le corpus de la

Casie loves animals .

Lawson is fond of art.
She enjoys swimming.
He is interested in drawing.

Dans chaque nonc, entoure le verbe conjugu en rouge et souligne le complment en vert.
Dans les noncs et on a un .
Compare avec les noncs et et choisis la bonne rponse : .

Le groupe soulign (. ) fonctionne plutt comme un Nom un Verbe

Observe les noncs suivants :

Lawson is keen on painting.

He is good at drawing..
Casie is crazy about riding her fathers Pussy wagon .
Lawson is fond of collecting rocks.
The isolated teenagers in Australia couldnt live without the School of the Air. .
They cant bear living in big cities .

Transforme lnonc la forme ngative , puis la forme interrogative :

Ngative : ... .

Interrogative :


WH-QUESTION : ...... ?

Quel est llment conjugu ou loprateur (qui porte la marque du temps / conjugu) ?
Cest lauxiliaire qui est conjugu.

Transforme lnonc la forme ngative, puis la forme interrogative :

Ngative : ... .

Interrogative :


WH-QUESTION : ...... ?

Quel est llment conjugu ou loprateur (qui porte la marque du temps / conjugu) ?
Cest lauxiliaire qui est conjugu.
En tenant compte de ce que tu viens dobserver, complte la dfinition :

V- ING ou . fonctionne plutt comme un . que comme un

On lemploie aprs :
les verbes Prefer , .. , .. ,
.. , .. , .. , etc
lorsquils indiquent seulement une apprciation .
une .. qui sert introduire un groupe nominal prcde dun
.. .
EX : Lawson is interested . .drawing. / He is fond . sport.
Casie is crazy . looking after her animals ! / She is keen .
swimming . / They are good .horse-riding.

les expressions quivalentes Hate : cant ./ cant ..

Pour chaque exemple, propose une traduction.

Le Passif

Observe ces noncs que tu as pu dire, entendre dans le corpus de la squence au sujet de l Outback australien , de lcole
des ondes etc.

a- Australia is often called Down Under as it is located in the southern hemisphere below many other
countries on the globe.
b- Alice Springs is situated in the Northern Territory.
c- The Outback is often referred to as the Australian Bush
d- The SOA students are named Casie and Lawson.
e- They were born in the Australian Outback .
f- Pyramid Station was established in 1865.
g- The first SOA lessons were broadcast over the radio.
h- SOA students are supervised by a parent or a governess.
i- The first School of the Air was founded in 1951 by Adelaide Miethke.

Dans chaque nonc, souligne en rouge le mot qui porte la marque du temps (= conjugu) .

Quelle est la forme du verbe qui suit ? .

Peux-tu en dduire la construction du Passif ?

Observe les noncs (h) et (i) . Quel est le mot qui introduit le Complment dagent ? Entoure-le en vert

A qui sintresse- t-on dans lnonc (h) ? aux lves de lcole de sondes lcole de des ondes
Transforme lnonc (h) la forme active pour faire de a parent or a governess le sujet de lnonc.

Pourquoi lagent nest il pas mentionn dans les noncs (a/b/c/d/e/f/g) ?

Dans lnonc (a), lagent nest pas mentionn. Propose une traduction en franais.

Lets Practise !

Use what you have learnt to complete the following questions with the missing words.

What you like at week-ends ?

is she ?

animal he ?

What you fond ?

What she on ?

she crazy . ?

What you interested ?

you in river rocks ?

they without ?

she in paint ?

they on ?

In this Article about the School of the Air highlight all the passive forms.

On Air The isolated rural regions of Australia are called the Outback, or the Bush.
In 1946, Miss Adelaide Miethke, a former school inspector, noticed that Outback children used the radio
A- Rephrase the sentences using the Passive. Mind the tenses!
communication service to contact doctors. She had the idea to use the radio system for education.
In 1948,
a- the firstWar
World school lessonsmany
2 , divided werenations
given by
. radio . It was called School of the Air because when the
teachers and students were transmitting on the radio, they were "on air". Before the 1950s , children were
b- Today many governments still violate basic Human Rights.
forced to leave their families and go to boarding schools or their lessons were received by post and the
c- worked withwomen
Last week their organized
parents. Today, thanks
a worldwide to the
march School equal
to demand of the Air,
rights. these children are given the
opportunity to stay home and interact with teachers and other students. The School of the Air also teaches
d- The Russian Authorities has arrested a young man for exercising his right to free speech.
children who cant go to school for medical reasons.
Read carefully and connect the sentences with a connecting word so as to express , cause,
consequence . Use the prompts provided (See your Table) .

Miss Adelaide Miethke created the School of the Air (but )

help the students who lived in the Australian Outback to get an education .
(cause ) the students were located in remote parts of Australia, the
SOA provided air lessons to help them have access to education .
(but ) they could learn from home and talk to their teachers over the radio.

Now , (cause ) the development of new

technologies, the students are able to email and chat with their classmates online . We
have seen that Lawson is too isolated , (consequence) he
cant go to a normal school . (cause) the SOA , he is
able to stay in contact with to his classmates via satellite telephones, radio or the

Turn the sentences into the Passive Voice so as to put the focus on the underlined word.

a- In the 1950s , students used a radio receiver to communicate with the school teachers.

b- Distance learning schools have revolutionized education .

c- They created Sheela Station a long time ago.

d- The Flying Doctors Service created the School of the Air.

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