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- Ivan Garcs: Presenter and Correspondent.
- Sebastian Martinez: Official presenter of the program.
-Ivan: *Write the news that will be presented.
*Bring the correspondent shirt.
-Sebastian: *Write the news that will be presented.
*Search for the news videos.
*Download for the music for ambient.
2) Presentation
-Introduce the members of the group:
Our group is made up of Ivan Garcs and Sebastian Martinez, we will
present the most important sports news of today.
-Greet classmates:
A very special greeting from Sportscenter for the teachers and students of
the group F1.
-Talk about your project:
In this project will present the most important sports news of world and
Colombia specially.
3)Program: Script
SEBASTIAN: Hello that to all our viewers, welcome to your favorite sports
program, the is Sportcenterrrrrr, lets go with our headlines:

- Junior tied 0-0 with recife and is in the semifinal of the South American Cup
- The Astros beat the Dogers and won the world series.
- Defined the first 24 classified to the next World Cup in Russia 2018.
- Pirlo will quit at the end of the season.
- in Argentina there is a party with Colombians from Boca Juniors.
- our correspondent will be live from the metropolitan stadium.

IVAN: And the most important news in the last days. The multi-champion player
Andrea Pirlo will quit at the end of the season. This player was world champion
with the Italian team in 2006, two UCL with Milan, and four Leagues with the
Juventus, these were the most important achievements of so many that he
obtained during his career.
SEBASTIAN: For now, the classifieds are Russia, Brazil, Iran, Japan, Mexico,
Belgium, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, England, Germany, Spain, Nigeria, Costa
Rica, Egypt, Poland, Serbia, Iceland, France, Portugal, Uruguay, Colombia,
Panama and Argentina.
IVAN: precisely in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, are Fabra, Cardona and Barrios, the
colombians that are having a great season with the Boca Juniors team, they come
from winning the "superclassic" along with the great performance of Fabra, Barrios,
and Edwin Cardona, which scored a free kick goal. Next, we look at the
colombian's goal and then we go to commercials.

SEBASTIAN: The Houston Astros defeated 5 runs to 1 to the Los Angeles

Dodgers in the seventh game and won their first ring of the world series in 55
years. Houston celebrated its first world series and celebrated in style, let's see the
Now we go with our correspondent, who is in the Metropolitan Stadium of
Barranquilla to tell us how is the environment, Hi Ivan ...
IVAN(Corresponsal): We are in the Metropolitan stadium, waiting for the
departure of the players prior to final match of the League, the state of the terrain is
in optimal conditions as can be seen, as you should be before a match of this
magnitude, they have asked us to retire that they are going to start the formal acts.
Hope they have a great day.
Many thanks to our great friend Ivan for the information provided, in that junior
stadium he tied 0-0 with sport recife, but the advantage he got in brazil allowed him
to advance to the semi-final of the South American Cup, as he beat him 2-0 with
goals from Yony Gonzalez, let's see pictures

IVAN: This is all for today dear viewers, thank you very much for being here with
us, see you in a next edition, chao chao