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ENGL 111:

American Language & Culture for International Students II

Syllabus Spring 2017

Time: Classroom:
Instructor Name: Dr. Mary Beth Harris j Email: harri239@purdue.edu j
Office: Office hours:

Students come to Purdue from around the United States and the world, enriching the campus
with many languages and cultural perspectives. GS 101 is a foundational course for international
students who learned English as a second language. This class is part of the Purdue Language
and Cultural Exchange (PLaCE for short), which is an instructional and assessment program
that helps students like you develop the academic, linguistic, and cultural competencies needed
to participate in university life and to compete for internships, graduate school, and employment
You have probably been an English language learner for a long time, so our goal now is to
enable you to develop to become a fully proficient language user. We follow a developmental
perspectivelots of practice over this year will make a huge difference for your long-term
success. Your instructor in GS 101 will guide you as you practice advanced reading, writing,
listening, and speaking skills and explore the dynamic nature of U.S. culture.
We believe that, in a few years, you should be ready to work in an English-speaking company,
research group, or international organization (or wherever your professional life takes you). This
means you need to know how to use English to participate in meetings, write proposals, send
emails, do presentations, lead negotiations, network with clients, make deals, build relationships,
and much more. Developing the advanced language and communication skills you need starts
Course Objectives
By the end of the semester, students will be able to . . .
1. Speak English more fluently
2. Read English more fluently and with increased comprehension
3. Present academic topics to an audience with increased clarity and within time constraints
4. Understand reasons and practices for using outside sources in an American academic context
General Expectations for students
This class can help you in many ways, but only if you are fully present and purposefully
engaged. This includes the following expectations: attend class on time and bring course
materials with you; be ready for discussions and activities; complete assignments on time; and
use English in class. If you do these things, you can expect to become more confident and
competent in your English proficiencies.
Course Textbook and Materials
Bring these items with you to all class sessions:
1. Required Textbook 1American Ways: A Cultural Guide to the United States of America
(3rd ed.) by Gary Althen & Janet Bennett. Intercultural Press: 2011 (blue cover; order from
2. A composition notebook
3. A daily planner to manage your schedule
4. Pen and/or pencil.
5. A folder or binder to keep course materials
6. The Hunger Games

Other required items to be used for homework and brought to class as needed:
7. Blackboard Learn course page and other online materials (accessed via laptop, tablet, etc.)


Percent of
Assignment Dates & Details

Individual Presentation,
Unit 1 Project 10%
Week 5

Pair Presentation &

Unit 2 Project Class Discussion, 20%
Weeks 812

Journal Portfolio,
Unit 3 Project 30%
Weeks 1316

Homework, Quizzes, Weeks 116 35%
and Participation

ACE-In language exam,
Final Exam 5%
end of semester