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26 August 2010
Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy U,
but to help U realise your hidden potential & powers.
Let difficulties know that U are DIFFICULT this year.
Happy New Year.


i know it's a bit early to wish,
but i have got to wish LAKHS of smart & good looking people.
So i thought i will start with uncles & aunts first.

i had opened an account for YOU at the

Universal Bank of GOD's Blessings
& deposited 365 days full of LOVE, FAITH, JOY & FULFILMENT!
Enjoy Withdrawing..
Happy New Year.

Is-se pehle ki is varsh ka antim suraj ast ho,

isse pehle ki 2006 ka calendar nasht ho,
aur isse pehle ki mobile network vyast ho,
Dua hai ki aane waala saal aapke liye,
Zabardast Ho.


Soch rahe ho aaj kyon...?
Ab tum DON ko sikhaaoge kab wish karna hai.
DON ek din pehle wish kare ya 41 din pehle uski marzi.

Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai,

sitaaron ne aasmaan se salaam bheja hai,
mubaarak ho aapko Nav Varsh
Hamne advance mein yeh paigaam bheja hai!!

43200 minutes 2592000 seconds are left.

Dekhi saadi yaari..
30 din pehlaan hi wish kar taa!!

I am going away from your life.

I won't come again.
Yes, i m going to pass away.
I don't know whether you would be happy or sad
after knowing all this news.
Yours knowingly,

It's the new year eve!

Time to cheer for the old year and
welcome the new..
i wish that it turns into a rocking,
sparkling and a happy year for you.

2006 sabse ho gaya hai dooor,

kya karein yahi hai kudrat ka dastur,
purani yaadein soch kar udaas na ho tum..
naya saal aaya hai..machaale DHOOM!!


GOD's love has no limit.

GOD's grace has no measure.
GOD's power has no boundaries.
May you have GOD's
endless blessings today and forever.
Wish you a Happy New Year!!

Socha kisi apne se baat karein,

apne kisi khaas ko yaad karein,
kiya jo faislaa naye saal ki shubh-kaamnaayein dene ka,
dil ne kaha kyon na shuruwaat aapse karein..
Happy New Year!!

Faith makes all things possible.

Hope makes all things work.
Love makes all things beautiful.
May you have all the three in abundance this year!!
Happy New Year!!

Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new..

Lets cherish each moment it beholds..
Lets celebrate this blissful new year..
Happy New Year!!

May the spirit of this holiday season

fill your heart with love, peace and serenity.
Wishing you many blessings for the new year.
Have a great 2007 ahead!!

Naam: Don
Baap: Gangster
Pataa: 36 China Town
Thikaana: Chandni Bar
Dushman: Sarkar
Khoon: Ab Tak 56
New Year wish karo warna 57..
Happy New Year!!

Muskaan aapke chehre se kabhi jaaye na,

aansu aapki aankhon mein kabhi aaye na,
poora ho aapka har khwaab..
jo poora na ho woh khwaab kabhi aaye na.
Happy New Year!!

Wishing you 12 Moon of Happiness

52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days of Success,
8760 Hours of Good Health,
525600 Minutes of Luck, &
31536000 Seconds of Joy..
Happy New Year!!

December 30..
December 31..
01 January..Happy New Year!!
Don ko intezaar karne ki aadat nahi.

Chaand mein agar noor na hota,

tanha dil majboor na hota,
hum aapko khud Happy New Year wish karne aate..
agar aapka ghar itni dooor na hota.
Happy New Year!!

Wishing you and your family

New Year 2007 full of joy,
happiness, health, wealth,
peace, prosperity, name, fame,
success and longevity!!
Happy New Year!!

As this is the begining of new year,

i want to think of special people who
touched my life with their concern &
made my life more meaningful.
You are one of them dear.

Years come and go but

this year i specially wish for you
a double dose of health n happiness
topped with loads of good fortune.
Have a great year ahead..
Happy New Year!!

Before the sunset,

before the network got jammed,
before you are in a vibratig mood
on the last day of year 2006
i wish you a happy & prosperous new year &
try to walk as per GOD's wish..

May this new year bring you n your family

treasures of health, wealth, prosperity &
ever lasting happiness.
May all your wishes come true!
Happy New Year!!

Maamu, aaj se ek din baad

naya saal aayega.
Bapu ne bola hai ki
31st ko network jaam hoga.
Toh, apun aaj hi
vinamrata se wish karela hai.
Bole toh..
Happy New Year!!

Be strong enough to sccept the challenges of life.

Never ask GOD, why me..
instead say try me.
That's the spirit of life,
celebrate it!
Happy New Year!!

Once the sun winks at you this morning,

hope your day was quite all right &
now i bid you a lovely good morning &
a Happy New Year..

i knocked at the heavens door today.

GOD asked why i was there.
I replied: Please love, protect & bless
the one reading this sms.
GOD smiled & said: I already did!
Wishing you & your family
a Happy & Prosperous New Year!!
Wishing you all blessings of life!

Whatever is beautiful..
whatever is meaningful..
whatever gives you happiness..
May all that be yours - today, tomorrow & forever!
Happy New Year!!

May this new year bring many opportunities to your way,

may all your dreams turn into reality and
all your efforts into great achievements.
Happy New Year..

May God paint the canvas of your life

with the most beautiful colors and
sprinkle over it peace, prosperity, luck, success and happiness at every step.
Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year..

3 Nice Stories:
1. Once all villagers decided to pray for rain.
On the day of prayer all people gathered and
only one boy came with an umbrella.
That's Faith..
2. When you throw a baby in the air,
the baby laughs because he/she knows you will catch him/her.
That's Trust..
3. Every night we go to bed,
we have no assurance that we will wake up the next morning but
still we have plans for tomorrow.
That's Hope..
Celebrate this new year with Faith, Trust and Hope.

My wishes for you,

Great Start 4 Jan,
Love 4 Feb,
Peace 4 March,
No worries 4 April,
Fun 4 May,
Joy 4 June to Nov,
Happiness 4 Dec.
Have a lucky and wonderfull year ahead.

Lamha-lamha waqt guzar jaaega,

thodi der baad naya varsh aayega,
advance mein happy new year bol doon warna,
baazi koi aur maar le jaayega.

Happy New Year

+New Aim
+New achievement
+New Dream
+New Idea
+New Thinking
+New Ambition