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Mohammed Chowdhury ENGL101 25th May, 2016


Consequences of Deforestation

Deforestation is the cutting down of tress or destruction of the earths forests in a massive scale.

While forest have a large impact on developing countries but people cutting down trees in a large

scale for building homes, Urbanization and building roads to lower the far distance. Population

growth also has a large impact on deforestation and this destruction is causing damage to the

environment and ecosystem. By the consequence of deforestation it might be a great problem

within 50-100 years of life.

Firstly, According to the survey by Alina Bradford, the world is losing up to eighteen

million acres of forests every year, which is about losing 37 football fields every minute. Alina

also discussed the main reason of deforestation are to increase the land for housing, to produce

profitable item like paper, furniture and mostly homes for shelter. In Alinas article she stated a

quotation of forestry expert which says that a major volcanic eruption will result in nature due to

the ecological trauma. More often makes the practice of burning trees as an easy mean as it can

be done so quickly. She also discussed on the consequence of climate change due to

deforestation. She introduced the professor of micheal Daley and says that according to Micheal

the most important cause of global carbon cycle is the result of deforestation. Gas that absorbs

heat radiation of the earth is called green-house gas. As oxygen is said to be more important and

abundant gas in atmosphere so to get fresh air trees are necessary. Alina also stated that

deforestation causes the loss of species, water cycle and also erosion of soil. Trees are said to be

absorber of rainfall and releases water vapor to the atmosphere and also lessens the water

pollution. Due to the effect of soil erosion human can get effected by using water of different

Secondly, According to Rebecca Lindsey, about 7 percent earths land covered by forest.

In forest there are some species that are special microhabitat which can only be seen. This

specialized species can be lost when these forests are totally deforested. Not only species but also

plants and animal within the forest get in vulnerable position. Edges of the trees which are

logged out and gets dry due to radiated wind. She also added that by the reason of deforestation

the nutrient of the soil is lost because farmers typically burn plants and plants and trees to

produce ash in order to use as a fertilizer. Therefore, flood and soil erosion also increases. She

also said that some people near to the forest are living by depending on hunting, farming and also

by harvesting different crops. Some people for their personal profit log out trees which also

causes bad impact on tropical forests. In a survey conducted by Rebecca, she found that in

amazon forest contains carbon which is equal to 10 years of greenhouse gas produced by human.

By deforestation this trees containing carbon releases out. She specifically figured out that if

some of the tree logged out carbon is emitted when it emitted when it burns. In the amazon forest

a massive number of carbon di oxides keep the leaves away from decaying but deforestation has

become a source of carbon which can change the tropics with in an upcoming decades.

Thirdly, according to Naseem S., about four billion trees are cutting down each year for

using and wasting papers. There are many tree based product which can never be thought

without it. As for example paper, books, furniture and oils etc. Foods that people eat to survive

are also from trees. Trees are taking in of carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen during

photosynthesis. By the fewer amounts of trees there will be more carbon dioxide and less oxygen

which is mostly needed to survive. He added that pollution of air will increase with the increase

of filthy air. As a result it can be a great problem to survive in this earth. Again according to

Fredrick A.B. Meyerson, with the increase of population growth deforestation also increases. If
the quality of soil gets poor the agricultural production will be lower. In Central America in

many cases with the increased population amount of forest getting lower. So we should plant

more trees for a good environment.

In conclusion it can be said that first of all deforestation must be stopped at any cause.

Then awareness should be made so that everyone can be aware of the usefulness or importance

of tree in this earth. By the help of forestation soil can be saved from erosion, water from

pollution. To get rid of global warming there must be more trees to absorb the carbon and

radiation of heat. Cutting of trees must be replaced with the planting many trees in order to

replace the logged out trees.

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