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PEOPLE DAILY \ Wednesday, November 15, 2017 #WhackyWorld 3

with Michael Muraya


Prolific mothers
who literally
filled the world!
One baby from a single birth is the norm. In some instances,
mothers beget twins or triplets...with the probability
decreasing with the increase in number. However, there
are some who have found themselves bearing a number
significantly above the statistical average

A woman from Homa Bay made headlines this week after Ugandan woman
giving birth to a set of quintuplets. Jacinta Akinyi gave aged 37 had 38 babies
birth to two boys at home on Sunday before she was A 37-year-old Ugandan woman booked
rushed to hospital where she gave birth to two girls and her spot among the most prolific moth-
ers after birthing 38 children. Mariam
a boy. Unfortunately, all the five children died. This was Nabatanzi Babirye, had her last baby via
not the first time multiple births were being recorded. Caesarian section in December 2016, after
which doctors removed her uterus. She has
The first known quintuplets to have survived were the had six sets of twins, four sets of triplets,
Dionne sisters who were born in May 28, 1934. The identi- three sets of quadruplets and single births.
Ten of these children are girls and the rest
cal sisters were born two months premature in Canada boys. She was married at the age of 12 in
and all five survived to adulthood. 1993, to a man aged 40.

First-ever Mother of 55 had five sets of twins

octuplets Leontina Albina, from Chile, entered the Guinness Book of
Records in 1983, which reported that she had given birth to
In 1998, a Texas woman
55 children. She was married in Argentina in 1946 where she
delivered historys first-ever
had five sets of triplets (all of them boys). Then, she moved to
known set of surviving oc-
Chile and had more children until 1981, when a 55-year-old
tuplets. Nkem Chukwu, 27,
Leontina was recorded to have given birth to her 55th child.
who was about six months
Unfortunately for the couple, eleven of their children died in
into her pregnancy, gave
an earthquake, and by 1988, only 40 of the children (24 boys
birth to the children via Cae-
and 16 girls) were alive.
sarean section at St. Lukes
Episcopal Hospital in Hous-
ton. The smallest of the oc-
tuplets, a girl named Odera,
died a week after birth but
the rest survived. In toatal,
there were six girls two boys.
Eight babies at a go
Nadya Suleman from US made headlines in
Mom who had 69 kids from 27 births 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets (six boys
and two girls) at the Kaiser Permanente Medi-
cal Center, Bellflower, California. The babies
were nine weeks premature when they were
delivered by Caesarean section.
Suleman came to be known as Octomom
across US. She has 14 children in total.

Italian birthed 15 sets of triplets

Italian woman named Maddalena Granata was reported
to have given birth to a total of 52 children. Maddalena, who
had her last baby aged forty-seven, was married at twenty-
eight, and gave birth to 52 children. Of those, 49 were males.
According to records, she had 15 sets of triplets.

How about 15 pairs

of twins!
A woman from Shuya, Russia is widely acclaimed as the Worlds most prolific Mary Jonas from Foregate, England,
mother, for giving birth to 69 children from 27 births. Feodor Vassilyev gave had 33 babies, 30 of whom were twins
birth to four sets of quadruplets, seven sets of triplets, and sixteen sets of twins (15 pairs). Mary died in 1899 at the age
in her 27 pregnancies. Statistically, Vassilyev was pregnant for a total of 18 years of 85. Most of the children, however,
throughout her life! According to records, only two of the children failed to died before they reached adulthood.
survive their infancy. Guinness World Records lists Vassilyevs wife, with her 69
children, to be the official record holder as the most prolific mother of all time.