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_______1.Which is not a description of IMC?

a. It refers to the coordination of all promotional activities to produce a unified, customer-focused

promotional message
b. It is not with the firms product but with the consumers wants or needs and then works in reverse to
the product, brand or organization.
c. it sends sender-focused messages
d. It includes all the ways a customer has contact with an organization

_______2. The executive summary of a marketing plan is

a. the problem to be resolved or opportunity to be availed of. Include a product or market insights
whenever possible
b. package design, store displays, and online presence
c. brief description of the challenge that has been selected
d. the problem to be resolved or opportunity to be availed of

_______3. The following are situational analysis except

a. environmental analysis
b. Market analysis
c. Competitive analysis
d. Company analysis

_______4. The metrics and target include the following except

a. Revenues earned
b. Sales growth
c. Company profile
d. Number of stores

_______5. Branded content is effective because

a. Consumers want to watch it
b. Consumers want to read it
c. Consumers want to buy it
d. Good branded content goes viral

Statement X
Influencer post is a measure campaign success in terms of engagement

Statement Y
Sponsored content uses the feature story instead of the banner ad.

2. ___________
statement X
In Marketing plan, the challenge is to state the problem to be resolved or opportunity to be availed of.

Statement Y
In company analysis, be aware of significant and relevant trends, opportunities and threat or any of these areas

3. __________
statement X
Targeting specifies the selected target market.

Statement Y
Discounting is the statement of the positioning that needs to be accomplished and an explanation

4. ____________
statement X
In sponsored content, pad influencer posts will be the top priority

Statement Y
Sponsored content is a influencer post on publisher platforms

statement X
Product strategy include brand, packaging, and benefit offered

Statement Y
Place Strategy include distribution methods, message, logistics

statement X
Price Strategy discusses the overall price strategy for the product and the SRP

Statement Y
Promotion strategy discusses the communication challenge, communication plan and objective, selected
media and message strategies

statement X
Metrics include other measurable and quantifiable figures

Statement Y
Market Analysis include profiles, estimated market size, key behaviors, current products available, needs and

8. ___________
statement X
Company analysis is the assessment if the companys capabilities as well as the brand or products competencies
whenever applicable

Statement Y
In Market Analysis, note down key opportunities and insights per market.