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Hind Rectiers Limited



Hind Rectifiers Limited, popularly known as HIRECT manufactures highly technical & strenuously
engineered products such as Rectifiers, Transformers, Active Harmonic Filters, Static Stabilisers,
Converters, Power Electronics and Semiconductor Devices using dynamic tools, leading-edge
technology & nonpareil design. These products are made primarily for the Railways and a diverse
segment of Industrial Applications.

Apart from Electrical, Mechanical, Electro Mechanical and Electronic products, Hirect, has also
ventured into designing their own Software, thereby providing the customers with an absolute end
to end solution, that too, tailored to their liking.

Hirects Manufacturing Units located at Mumbai, Dehradun and Nashik, are equipped with the
latest technology including automated testing combined with the most efficient operational
processes (Theory of Constraints methodology) thereby reducing the Process Time and ensuring
that our customers receive their deliveries on time.

Hirect's relentless Sales and Service network expands pan India, with Sales office in Mumbai,
Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru. And a Service centre / Service Rep located in every state
capital, ensuring that our customers are attended to within 24 hours. Singapore and UAE
operations are set to begin shortly in 2017.

Hind Rectifiers Ltd. was established in 1958 in Mumbai, India in collaboration with UK based
Westinghouse, Brake & Signal. Thereby instituting themselves as the Pioneers of the
Semiconductor industry. Hirect is listed on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National
Stock Exchange (NSE).

Embracing a great legacy and an expanding product line along with their mission of supplying
Perfectly Engineered Power Conversion Systems, Hirect, is well on its way to make an impact and
establish itself as a global competitor.

Electro Static Precipitator Transformers with Compact Controllers

Single Phase / Three Phase / Midfrequency

Compact space saving design with horizontal/ Ace4NextGen Controller with RTU-LCD Display
vertical bushing Latest IGBT Technology in Midfrequency
RS 485 MODBUS / PROFIBUS (Optional) protocols Mineral / Silicon oil
Better collection of efficiency & fine particles EMS with Inbuilt Rapper Controller
Conventional / Hermetically sealed type HVR Inbuilt / External earthing switch
Reduction in Harmonics & Balanced input current ACE4NextGen RTU-LCD
Smooth DC Output & Higher average DC voltage Energy management System
Operating frequency 50 1000 Hz Display Inbuilt Rapper Controller

ACE4NextGen Controller

ACE4NextGen Controller is based on single 32 bit

Digital signal processor with all the required
peripherals in built. It can be considered as a
single chip solution with all the control functions Feedback For Operation
achieved with appropriate software.
Field programmability of wide range of operating Output Current Feedback : 1V DC at rated mA Average
parameters permits high degree of flexibility Output Voltage Feedback : 400A DC at rated KV (Peak) (VDC)
Primary Current Signal : 100mA AC.
Environment Mains Requirements
Primary Voltage Signal : 0 -10V AC for system input
Ambient Temperature : 0 - 50 C Nominal Input Voltage : 120-230 VAC,50/ Digital Inputs : 16 optically Isolated contacts
Storage Temperature : 0 - 70 C Variations 60 Hz, 1f (to SMPS)
Digital Outputs : 09 digital outputs
Duty : Continuous Frequency variation : 5%
operation Current : 0.3A Serial Interface for : RS-485 / Rs232
Installation : Indoor Power : 20VA Communication CAN BUS for Display Interface

Thyristor Controlled Rectifier
DC Current : Upto 60 kA Anodising Electro Finning
DC Voltage : Upto 1000 V DC Battery Formation Polarity Reversal
6 / 12 / 24 Pulse Configuration Electro Colouring Polarization
Current / Voltage stability : < +/- 1% De-Saltation Hydrogen Generation
Standards : IS / IEC Electro Plating Pulse Plating
Transformer Cooling : Air Cooled / ONAN / OFWF Electro Cleaning Cathodic Protection
Rectifier Cooling : Air Cooled / Forced Air Cooled / Water Cooled Electro Coagulation DC Motor Testing
Efficiency : Upto 98% E. D. Coating Battery Charger
Robust Design Electro Winning Electro Chlorination
Built as per International Standard

Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifier SMPS Rectifier Unit

Modes of Operation
Auto Reference Mode
AC INPUTS Single phase or three phase,
50 Hz/ 60 Hz Specifications
METERS 48 x 96 mm, 3 Digit Digital Input Voltage : 3 Ph, 415V +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
meters as under: Output Voltage : 0-12V (Controllable in CV Mode)
Output Current : 0-500A (Controllable in CC Mode)
Ambient Temperature : 50o C Max
Input Voltage : 0 to 750 V AC Cooling : Force Air
Input Current : Ammeter with suitable CTS Duty Class : Class I (100% Continuous Operation)
Output Voltage : As per output rating Efficiency : Typically > 0.85 @ rated load
Output Current : Ammeter with suitable shunt Features & Protections
PSP : 0 to 19.99 V DC
Latest High Frequency IGBT Technology Selector Switch for Rectifier
Reduced Size & Weight On/OFF Control (Provided
Additional Features on Remote Control Box)
Better Line & Load Regulation
Following additional features can be provided as per
Specifications alongwith Rectifiers CV/CC/ Mode of operation possible 10 Turn Precision Potentiometer
Input Supply Over & Under voltage protection to set precise Output Voltage
Interrupter Timer : The Interrupter timer is used for (CV Mode) or Current (CC Mode)
carrying out ON /OFF CP survey using the current Phase Failure protection (Provided on Remote Control Box)
interruption technique Fan Failure / Over Temperature protection
SCADA Monitoring Facility : Isolated 4- 20 m A are Output Short Circuit / Over Current protection Optional External Control
provided for DC output voltage,DC output current Interface for ON/OFF (Potential
Module Failure indication Free Contact) & Output V/I adjust
and pipe to soil potential (PSP) Gate Drive power Supply Failure indication (0-10 VDC / 0-5 VDC / 4-20 mADC)
Remote Monitoring through GSM : The parameters Digital Voltmeter for indication to Output possible.
values can be remotely monitored using the GSM DC Voltage (Provided on Remote Control Box)
base remote monitoring systems
Digital Ammeter for indication to Output DC
Current (Provided on Remote Control Box)

Static Electronic Voltage Regulators/Stabilizers Active Harmonic Filters

Technical Specifications Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage : 160-290VAC for 1-Phase, Connection Method : 3 Phase, 4 Wire, 50/
280-500VAC for 3-Phase 60Hz, +/-5%
Operation Frequency : 47-63Hz Utility Voltage 1 : 400V AC +10%, -15%
Line Input : Over Current thermal fuse Filter Current 1 : 30 to 600A
Protectione and transient over voltage Utility Voltage 2 : 480V AC+ 10%,-15%
protection OUTPUT Filter Current 2 : 80 to 500A
Output Voltage : 210-250VAC for 1-Phase, Utility Voltage 3 : 575V AC+10%,-15%
415VAC for 3-Phase Filter Current 3 : 70 to 420A
(Set table) Filter Current Neutral : 3x Line Current
Output Voltage : Set value, %3 Parallel Combination : Maximum 4 Units of
Tolerance same power rating in
Response Time : ~ 10 msec. Filter Power Loss master follower
Output Wave form : Sinusoidal Protection For Filters : Up to 3% of Equipment
Cooling : MCCB and Fast Acting Semiconductor Fuses
Cable Entry : Forced Air Cooling
Display & Control Panel : Front-Bottom

Display Type : 2 X 16 character alphanumeric

LCD Screen Filter Specifications
Buttons Menu : selection through display and Harmonic Range : 2nd to 50th order Non Zero Sequence 2nd to 50th
keyboard order
Warning : Input Low / Input High, Output Low / :
Attenuation Ratio Up to 96% at rated current
Messages Output High, Over Temperature
Selection : Any 20 Harmonics can be selected at a time
LED Input : Green - Output : Green - Response Time : <40ms
System Normal : Green - Fault : Red Reactive Current : Yes
Display Language : English Compensation
Monitoring Priority Selection : Yes(PF and harmonics)
Measured Values : U, V, W Output Voltages -R, S,T Load Balancing : Yes
Output Max/Min Line Voltages and load percentages
Protection Limi : Adjustable from LCD front panel

IGBT Based Traction Converter

Input Data
Nominal voltage : 2 x 1269 V
Input current : 2 x 1142 Arms
Input frequency : 50 Hz

Output Data
Power : 3 x 850 kW or 2 x 1150 kW
Nominal voltage : 3 x 2180 V
Nominal current : 3 x 270 A or 2 x 370 A
Fundamental : 0 to 160 Hz

Control System
Communication bus CAN / MVB

Thermal And Mechanical

: Data
Weight : 3000 kg
Max. size (L x W x H) : 3000 mm x 1100 mm x 2100 mm
Mode of energetic : Liquid cooling
component cooling

2x500 kVA IGBT based Hotel Load Converter

2x500 kVA IGBT based Hotel Load Converter has been

designed for WAP-7 class of three phase passenger
Locomotives, of Indian Railways.

State-of-the-art technology Power modules & latest Digital

control electronics have been used in design and
manufacturing of this Hotel load converter. The system
serves to convert single phase line voltage of 960VRMS fed
from Loco transfer into 750VRMS three phase power. This
output power is used for various loads viz. Air conditioning,
utility, Pantry etc. called as "Hotel Load" of the locomotive.

Each 500kVA converter contains Front End Converter. Three

Phase inverter is designed with 3 Level NPC Topology.
Benefit of using 3L Topology is utilization of Lower
Breakdown Voltage IGBT Modules & Lower current THD. Use
of devices with lower breakdown voltage produce Lower
Power Loss thereby improving efficiency and possibility of
incorporating force air cooling system.

3 x 130 kVA Converter for 3 Phase Electric Locomotive

IGBT Based Traction Converter

3 x 130 kVA Converter for 3 Phase Electric Locomotive
IGBT based Auxiliary converter system
Fully static type of converter Does not contain any rotary
items for power conversion
3 Power outputs each 130 kVA for auxiliary motor loads &
1 battery charger output for battery charging & DC loads
with 12 kW capacity
Multiple frequency operation i.e. 37 Hz & 50 Hz
Integrated with VCU thru MVB
Reconnection of the loads under emergency thru MVB
The reconnection of loads is done with the help of contactors
with interlocking features
All the sub-assemblies / parts are easily accessible from
front panel from maintenance point of view
I/P : 760 - 1240 V AC 1 Phase
O/P : 3 x 415 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 130 kVA at 0.8 pf

Driver Display Unit Microprocessor based Electronic Speed cum Energy Monitoring System

Salient Features:
Modular structure.
Microprocessor based central processing unit.
Analog Dial with Pointer for speed indication.
Optical Sensor based speed sensing.
Over-speed audio visual alarm indication to alert the driver.
Driver wise, trip wise and other type of reports available.

Wide Range Voltage Input 66V 170V DC. The system is equipped to display the running speed information on an analog dial. In addition
Low Power processor with TFT 1024x768 with to this analog dial the unit is equipped with an LCD to display and logs various trip-wise
LED back-light. information, viz. Time, Speed, Distance Covered, Energy Consumption, Train No., Driver No.,
CAN communication facility optional. OHE Voltage, OHE Current, etc. Keypad (alphanumeric type) has been provided for entering
MVB card to communicate with MVB bus. various trip specific information, like train no, driver no etc and the other configuration
RS485, RS422, RS232 communication Ports parameters of the system.
User friendly application specific keypad.
USB and Ethernet port for downloading

Electronic Rectifier-cum-regulating Unit Roof Mounted AC Package Unit for LHB Variant AC Coaches

25 KW ERRU Ratings

No load DC Output voltage : 135V Max I/P Voltage: 415 VAC, 3-Phase, 50 Hz
DC Output Voltage settings : 1280.5V, 97A at 1500 rpm I/P Power: 13.5 KW
Voltage Regulation : 2% of set voltage Cooling Capacity: 7 Tonne
Efficiency at full load at 1800 rpm : 95% (Minimum) Refrigerant Used: R 407 c
Voltage ripple : Within 2% Stainless steel structure for long durability
Load Variation : 10A to 193A Micro Controller monitoring software to operate RMPU with LCD unit
Speed variation : 400rpm to 2500rpm USB data downloading facility directly on pen drive
Voltage at 15% overload : 120V (minimum) at 222A
Current limiting : 230A (max)
Battery charging current limits : 220A for 1100 Ah 130A for 650 Ah

Inverters for AC Coaches

These inverters are provided on self-Generating (SG) type AC coaches / AC Pantry

cars fitted with roof mounted AC package unit. Such type of coaches have been
provided with 110V battery in parallel with belt driven 25kW/30kW Alternator-
Rectifier to supply input DC voltage to the inverter unit, which shall be producing
415V, 3-Phaase, 50Hz full sinusoidal wave AC supply as output to feed Air
Conditioning and other AC load of the Coaches.

25 kVA Rating 32.5 kVA Rating

Input Voltage : 90 VDC to 170 VDC Input Voltage : 90 VDC to 170 VDC
Output Current : 35 AAC Rated output : 32.5 kVA at 0.8pf (50 Hz) for input voltage
Output Voltage : 415 VAC,3 Phase, 50 Hz range mentioned.
Power : 25 kVA at 0.8 pf Inverter Output : 415 V 5%, 50 Hz 3%, 3 Phase
Cooling : Natural Cooled Full Sine wave
Mounting : Underslung Over Load Capacity : 90 A for 3 seconds
Protection : IP 65 Output Current : 45 A
Mounting : Underslung
Protection : IP 65

DC Traction Substation Rectifier

Capacity : 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 MW

DC Output : 750 / 1500 VDC
Cooling : Air Natural Cooled
Pulse : 6 / 12 pulse
Traction Duty : 100% Continuous,
150% for 2 hours &
300% for 60 seconds

Double Bridge configuration for less ripple.

In-house manufactured diode for reliability operation.

Transformers for 3 Phase Locomotive Transformer for Coaches

The Transformer is Forced Oil Cooled with 2 Circuits EOG AC Coaches / Power car / Pantry car requires 750V/415V
step down transformer for coach power supply.
Having Permawood Clamping parts to minimize the Their capacity requirement is 60 kVA and these transformers
Stray & eddy losses in the Clamping parts are mounted underslung.
Loco Transformer is a front end component with steps
down 25 kV AC line cantenary voltage to 1269 V for kVA Rating : 60 kVA
feeding to 3 phase regenerative drive which ultimately Nominal Input
drives 3 phase asynchronous traction motors Voltage : 3 Phase, 4 wire, 750V
+/- 5% (line to line),
The Transformer also has Auxiliary winding of 1000 V 50Hz +/- 3%, THD <10%
for feeding to Auxiliary convertor & filter winding of Output : 415V AC
1154 V for Harmonic reduction filter Vector TypePrimary : Star, Secondary : delta
Cooling : Air cooled
6531 kVA without Hotel load winding WAG9 Locomotive
Type : Dry
& designated as LOT 6500

7775 kVA with Hotel load winding for WAP5 & WAP7
Locomotive & designated as LOT 7775

Stud / Flat Base / Capsule Devices Power Stack / Assemblies

Stud / Flat Base Circuit Configurations Applications

Diodes : 6 Amps. to 860 Amps. with a voltage range upto 5800 V Single Battery Charger
Thyristors : 16 Amps. to 650 Amps. with voltage range Single Phase Bridge Motor Control
upto 2600 V Three Phase Bridge Transportation
Applications : Battery chargers, free wheeling diodes, Half Bridge UPS
AC Switch Power Supplies
welding, traction applications, high power drives,
rectifiers etc. Slip Power Recovery
Capsule Devices
Diodes : 450 Amps. to 6400 Amps. with a voltage range upto 6000 V
Thyristors : 400 Amps. to 5000 Amps. with voltage range upto 4400 V
Applications : Battery chargers, free wheeling diodes,
welding, traction applications, DC drives & SPRS,
rectifiers etc.

IGBT Stack / Assemblies Rotating Assemblies

Package / Circuit Configurations Brushless excitation systems of High power electrical

Half Bridge
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) system
Buck / Boost
H-Bridge Hydrogeneration Plant
Chopper Brushless Alternator
Three Phase Bridge plus Break Custom built disk for rotating applications
Converter / Inverter

Energy Storage, Motor Drives, Solar Energy,
Power Quality, Industrial power supplies,
Distributed Power Generation, Induction Heating

Hind Rectiers Limited

Manufacturing Units


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