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Sunday Funday Fantasy Football League

Formal Disciplinary Notice

Office of the Commissioner

1539 Hunters Chase Drive
Westlake, OH 44145

Mr. Alexander Gertz

Gertz Gang
XXX Street Road
Chicago, IL ZZZZZ

Dear Mr. Gertz:

This letter is to hereby inform you (the Owner) that the Commissioner of the Sunday Funday
Fantasy Football League (the League) has placed you on a one (1) year probationary period from
participation in all League activities.

This probation is pursuant with Articles VI and VII of the League by-laws ratified in September of
2017 by you and the other 11 League Owners. Specifically, in violation of the follow sections:

Article VI The Bill Clause (Formerly Known as the Gertz Clause)

A. Conduct Detrimental to the League
a. All conduct of individual league owners regardless of position in the league or on special league
committees is subject to strict scrutiny by the Champions Council, League Commissioner, and most
importantly fellow owners

Article VII Discipline

A. Owner Probation
a. The Commissioner, with the guidance of the CC, has the discretion to place any owner (including
themselves) on a probationary period that will last the duration of one (1) fantasy season
b. Terms of the probation will be handled on a case by case basis and will be announced to the league in
its entirety
c. Probation will expire after the full duration of the season and successful completion of all probationary
terms and conditions

The following actions were in direct violation of the above bylaw articles:

- Abrupt deletion of the League Group Communication tool Group Me

- Continued use of derogatory langue toward other League Owners and in other
general context
- Continued defamation of other Ownership and top League officials
In addition to your one (1) year probation from League activity the following conditions must be
followed and met:

- During the probationary period, your team and Ownership privileges must be turned over to a
designee of your choice
o This person must not currently be associated with the League
o You must turn total control over to this person and may not be associated with any
decision making or League activity related to your team
- You may attend League functions (i.e. Draft Weekend and League Meetings) for the upcoming
League year you are being placed on probation, but must not be involved with any decisions or
activity related to your team

Other terms of the probation are as follows:

- Probation shall go in to effective following completion of the 2017 playoffs (remember, you
arent a part of those, so it doesnt matter that you manage a poor team to complete the
season) on Tuesday, December 12, 2017
- Probation shall remain in effect until Tuesday, December 12, 2018 or the first Tuesday
following completion of the 2018 playoffs, whichever comes first
- New Owner designee must be submitted to the Commissioners Office for approval by June 1st,
- Turnover of the team to new Owner designee must take place prior to July 1st, 2018

A majority of League Owners has approved this disciplinary notice and their signatures are
included below.

Please direct all correspondence to the Commissioners office via postal mail or electronic mail
listed at the beginning of the letter.


Andrew Bennett
Sunday Funday Fantasy Football League
Owner Approval of League Disciplinary Action: