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East Asian Philosophy Essay

PHIL 113:08
Dr. Dewey
This essay will be the first of our new short assignments constituting 5% of your final
grade in place of 5% from your final essay and final exam respectively. For this essay, you will
be expected to develop your responses as clearly as possibly in a 1-2 page essay. Be sure to
eliminate any unnecessary filler, and directly respond to the questions, as many of your
previously submitted ungraded essays consisted largely of unnecessary introductory or unrelated
For this essay and for all others throughout the course, you are responsible for following
the MLA general essay guidelines, which can be found at the Purdue OWL website:
http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ (Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double-
spaced, 1 inch margins, page numbers, first page heading, etc.)
You will also be required to submit all essays upon the due date to the Moodle
assignment page, and should attach your file with a saved file title that consists of your first
initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the title of your essay. Example:
Bdewey_Narrative.docx (please use your own name and not mine). The subject of the e-mail
should include the type of paper you are submitting, in this case the East Asian Philosophy
Essay. If you have difficulties via Moodle, please submit your essay to
Based on your readings and our discussions on Confucius, The Tao Te Ching, The
Bhagavad Gita, and The Dhammapada (Teachings of the Buddha), what specific concept or idea
is most consistent with your own personal philosophy and why? What specific concept or idea is
least consistent with your own personal philosophy and why? Thinking further upon this least
consistent principle, what might the world be like if everyone, or nearly everyone, lived their
lives based on this specific idea? Is it problematic for others to agree with this idea within their
own personal philosophies? If it is not problematic, do you think it will always be important for
this idea to remain inconsistent with your own personal philosophy, and why?
Please be sure to use specific evidence from our readings in your essay, and write as
clearly and concisely as possible. It will be important to narrow in on specific concepts or ideas
within your essay, and be brief in your explanation/introduction of this concept so that you
provide adequate development in responding to the above questions. Please feel free to consult
Marywoods writing center with help on your essay: http://www.marywood.edu/tutoring-
Your essay is due by 9/25 at midnight via e-mail.