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The base of this tool is "Wii(mms) ISO Patcher for Windows, Linux and Mac"

-> http://wit.wiimm.de/r/iso-patcher


1. Unpack the ZIP file. This shuld already be done if you read this text.

2. Copy the file 'punemu1.1.wbfs' in this directory.

3. Windows user call 'extract-orig.bat' and all other users 'extract-orig.sh'.

The scripts create a working directory named 'work-dir'. Previous content
will be overwrtitten.

4. Copy your roms to:

./work-dir/files/vbagx/Gameboy Advance/
./work-dir/files/vbagx/Gameboy Color/

If you plan to cheat it is inmportand, that the base name =all but file
extension) of the rom file and the cheat are identically.

5. Call one of the batch files 'create-iso.*' or 'create-wbfs.*' to create

a ISO or a WBFS file. And again: Windows users use a '*.bat' script and
all other users a '*.sh' script.

6. If you later want to add new roms repeat steps 4 and 5.