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15. Explain the freedom from arrest clause and the speech and debate clause.

1. Differentiate Lambino v Comelec and Santiago v Comelec

16. Define political question and justiciable question.

2. Differentiate Ople v Torres and Bayanmuna v NEDA

17. Discuss the case of Marbury v Madison.

3. Differentiate La Bugal v. Kilosbayan

18. What are the latest guidelines in determining the winners in the partylist
elections and in their seat allocations in the Congress?
4. Differentiate Aquino and Marcos

19. What are the latest guidelines in determining

5. Bagong Bayani v COMELEC Guideline whether or not the organizations or parties intending
to participate in the partylist system qualify?

6. Relevance of Banat v Comelec

20. What are the rules in constitutional construction?

7. What matters are entered in the Journals of Congress?

21. Explain and expound the system of initiative as provided in the Constitution

8. What are the instances when Congress meets jointly but votes separately?

22. Explain and expound the moot and academic rule in judicial review.
9. Distinguish Domicile and Residence. Is there an exception?

10. What is quorum? What constitutes quorum and majority in the Senate? 23. What are the requirements of judicial review?
Distinguish quorum and majority.

24. Distinguish revision and amendment.

11. Explain the doctrine of forbidden office

12. What is the enrolled bill doctrine. 25. Enumerate 5 legal standings and explain.

13. Explain the doctrine of Primary Jurisdiction 26. When is an impeachment complaint deemed filed?

14. What is a Facial Challenge? 27. Explain and distinguished forbidden office and incompatible office.

28. Relevance of Jimenez v Cabangbang Ruling

29. Why is the case of Angara v. Electoral Commission relevant?

30. What are the different ways of amending the Constitution?

31. What is coercive jurisdiction?

32. Doctrine of Operative Fact

33. Qualifications to become a Senator

34. Qualifications to become a member of the House

35. What is preventive suspension

36. Difference of Locus Standi and Legal Standing

37. Special session which need not be called by president

38. What is Freedom from Arrest?

39. What are the rules in the apportionment of legislative districts?

40. Party-List Representatives

41. In Political Law, why Domicile = Residence?

42. Congressional Record v Journal Entry