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Assalamu alaikum Wr.


First of all, lets us praise to the Almighty allah SWT, because of His blessing we are able to attend
this English speech Contest. Secondly, may peace be upon the prophet Muhammad Saw who has
guided us from the darkness into the brightness. I would also like to say many thanks to the juries
and MC who have given me opportunity to deliver my speech about THE PARTICIPATION OF

Ladies and Gentlemen

As we know SMK or Vocational High School as institutions are having a significance role and
important impact to regional economic growth in Indonesia especially in Bungo. As an economic
entity, the existence of SMK can act as endowment factor in the economy in the area. This role will
be more efficient with a series of learning processes in SMK which more propose aspect of skill in
shaping the quality of human resources. SMK as Vocational education institutions are turning point
as the motivator of economic and social in the community.

Ladies and gentlemen

SMK expected to create multiple effect that encourage people as well as educational attainment
which intended to support the national economic growth. Therefore, the system needs to be
improved both in quality and quantity. The quality of SMK is reflected of the quality of Indonesia
labor especially in Bungo. SMK also play a role in reducing jobless index in Indonesia.

Ladies and gentlemen

SMK also influence in supporting the local economy is strongly influenced by how SMK produce
graduates who are intelligent, skilled and ready to work. That will create the quality of SMK
graduates and they will be determinant in the labor market and become contributor to the economic
growth. The more qualified SMK graduates are the easiest they absorbed into the labor market.
More SMK graduates absorbed in labor market means the creation of income for SMK graduates
and for the regional. This role make SMK become an engine of regional economic growth. Through
this role, SMK will create a multiplier effect in economic field which can drive economic growth in
the regional and develop business and industry in the globalization era.

I think that all my speech. I hope my brief description will be useful for you. Thank you for your