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Unit Plan Template

Unit Author

First and Last Name Christian Sutterfield, Alex Douglas, Cole Nesom

Authors E-mail Address wnesom1@lsu.edu schri21@lsu.edu alex111431@yahoo.com

Course Name(s) ELRC

Course Number(s) 2507

Course Section(s) 1

Instructor(s) Name(s) Deborah Heroman

Unit Overview

Unit Plan Title The Magic of Flight

Curriculum-Framing Questions

Goals Inform students on how the topic of aviation

How do planes work?

Content Questions What is the history of planes?

What math is involved with planes?

Unit Summary

Students will learn about aviation

Subject Area(s) (List all subjects that apply)

Math Science History

Grade Level [Click box(es) of all grade level(s) that your Unit targets]

K-2 3-5

6-8 9-12

ESL Resource

Gifted and Talented Other:

Targeted State Frameworks/Content Standards/Benchmarks

Lesson 1: Science:

Predict and anticipate possible outcomes (SI-E-A2)

Use the five senses to describe observations (SI-E-A3)

Lesson 2- History

Lesson 3- Math

Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Lesson 1- Science:Make connections between how to fly a plane and how a plane works with scientific

Lesson 2- History: Make a connection with how aviatocs started and where we are currently.

Lesson 3- Math: Make a connection between what math goes into flying airplanes and how to make


Lesson 1

Christian: Science of Airplanes: Day 1 Lesson 1

Cole: History of Airplanes Day 1 Lesson 2

Alex: Math Behind Airplanes: Day 2 Lesson 3

Approximate Time Needed

2 days; 50 mins per lesson

Prerequisite Skills

Basic knowledge of how to use a computer and access internet

Materials and Resources

Technology Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)

Camera Laser Disk VCR

Computer(s) Printer Video Camera

Digital Camera Projection System Video Conferencing Equip.

DVD Player Scanner Other:

Internet Connection Television

Technology Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)

Database/Spreadsheet Image Processing Web Page Development

Desktop Publishing Internet Web Browser Word Processing

E-mail Software Multimedia Other:

Encyclopedia on CD-ROM

Printed handouts will be given to students with directions for the

Printed Materials

Supplies Computer and or laptop with internet access

Internet Resources Several different websites will be used throughout the course

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

Spend more on-on-one time with the student & have a teaching
Resource Student
assistant guide the student

Non-Native English Speaker Use tools such as google translate and other translation tools

Student may receive more challenging tasks expected of a student

Gifted Student
in a higher grade level. Student may be assigned to help peers.