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Very Short Answer Questions (1mark each)

1. The food mixes thoroughly with the acidic gastric juice of the stomach by the churning

movements of its muscular wall. What do we call the food then?

2. Trypsinogen is an inactive enzyme of pancreatic juice. An enzyme, enterokinase, activates

it. Which tissue/cells secrete this enzyme?

3. How is it activated?

4. In which part of alimentary canal does absorption of water, simple sugars and alcohol takes


5. Name the enzymes involved in the breakdown of nucleotides into sugars and bases?

6. Define digestion in one sentence.

7. What do we call the type of teeth attachment to jaw bones in which each tooth is embedded

in a socket of jaws bones?

8. Why do we say that the teeth in Humans is diphydont?

9. What is meant by Heterodont condition?

10. What is the hard chewing surface of teeth called as? What is its function?

11. Name the cartilaginous flap present in the pharynx.

12. Name the different parts of the stomach. (Anatomical regions)

13. Name the sphincter present at the junction of oesophagus and stomach.

14. Name the vestigial organ associated with Human digestive system.

15. Name the glands associated with the alimentary canal.

16. Name the structural and functional units of liver.

17. Where do we find the sphincter of Oddi?