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Telling the Old Testament Story Luther vs. Pope Leo Who Lynched Willie Earle? Abingdon Old Testament
Brad E. Kelle Paul R. Hinlicky Will Willimon Commentaries: Numbers
9781426793042 / $34.99 9781501804205 / $19.99 9781501832512 / $17.99 Carolyn Pressler
9781501846533 / $39.99

Abingdon Old Testament The Pentateuch Christology in the New John and the Johannine Letters
Commentaries: Ecclesiastes Marvin A. Sweeney Testament Colleen M Conway
Julie Ann Duncan 9781426765032 / $29.99 David L. Bartlett 9781426766398 / $29.99
9781501837579 / $39.99 9781426766350 / $29.99

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Religion & Spirituality Update

Belief Unbound
Theological Critique (Crossway, Nov.),
which gathers more than 20 experts to
scrutinize the fraught relationship
between human development and reli-
Books aim to broaden cultural discourse gious teachings, exploring alternatives
for believers and scientists alike.
By A. David Lewis As emeritus director of the Faraday
Institute for Science and Religion at St.

Edmunds College in Cambridge,
his fall and into the next, schol- Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara England, Denis Alexander tackles the
arly books in religious studies University, Mercy expands that moral topic of evolution versus faith in Does
defy easy labels and reflect the imperative to both stewardship of the Biology Have a Purpose? An Exegetical
eagerness of publishers to widen planet and safekeeping of one another. Handbook (Kregel Academic, Jan. 2018).
academic discourse and upset Rafael Luciani offers a similar estimation J. Scott Turner, professor of biology at the
conventional wisdom in the in Pope Francis and the Theology of the People State University of New York College of
name of new knowledgein science, (Orbis, out now), which illuminates the Environmental Science and Forestry,
across genders, between faiths, and gaps between rich and poor, protected and takes direct aim at Charles Darwins defi-
around the world. endangered, empowered and destitute, nition of life in Purpose and Desire: What
At Baylor University Press, for Makes Something Alive and Why Modern
example, director Carey Newman says Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It
he aims to publish books that transcend (HarperOne, out now).
traditional divisions in Christianity: The Dictionary of Christianity and Science:
For the longest time, categories like The Definitive Reference for the Intersection of
conservative, evangelical, progressive, Christian Faith and Contemporary Science
or liberal had texture and rootagebut (Zondervan Academic, Apr. 2018) aims to
no more. He points to Shelley Rambos open the space shared by faith and science,
Resurrecting Wounds: Living in the Afterlife with contributions from almost 150
of Trauma (out now), which centers on scholars, edited by Paul Copan, Pledger
the spiritual impact and negotiation of Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics at
trauma and does not fit neatly under the Palm Beach Atlantic University in
usual labels. Florida; Tremper Longman III,
Robert H. Gundry Professor of
RELIGION AND Biblical Studies and chair of the
SCIENCE religious studies department at
The intersection of faith with Westmont College in Santa
science has fascinated Barbara, Calif.; Christopher L.
scholars, particularly on the Reese, Lexham Press mar-
subjects of ecology and the keting strategist; and Michael
environment. In Climate G. Strauss, Davis Ross Boyd
Church, Climate World: How Professor of Physics at the
People of Faith Must Work for University of Oklahoma in
Change (Rowman & Norman.
Littlefield, Mar. 2018), minister Jim Antal and shows how the pope wants to see In Planetary Solidarity: Global Womens
frames climate change as a moral crisis those inequities addressed. Voices on Christian Doctrine and Climate
one the Christian church must confront. Authors also look beyond climate Justice (Fortress, out now), editors Grace
Antal comes from the mainline change to include other topics in science Ji-Sun and Hilda P. Koster collect
Protestant United Church of Christ and other fields. Editors including theo- insights from women theologians around
denomination, but this message of envi- logian J. P. Moreland, intelligent design the world. Ji-Sun is an associate professor
ronmentalism and its religious impetus is theorist Stephen C. Meyer, scientist of theology at Earlham School of
shared by the pope, as demonstrated in C h r i s t o p h e r S h a w, i n d e p e n d e n t Religion, and Koster is an associate pro-
Mercy in Motion: The Social Teachings of Pope researcher Ann K. Gauger, and seminary fessor of religion at Concordia College.
Francis (Rowman & Littlefield, Mar. professor Wayne Grudem challenge evo- At the intersection of the social sci-
2018). Written by Thomas Massaro, dean lutionary creationism in Theistic ences and religion is Faithful Measures:
and professor of moral theology at the Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and New Methods in the Measurement of Religion

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY. C O M 1
Religion & Spirituality Update

(New York Univ., out now). Editors Argument for Reproductive Justice (Beacon, tism, persecution, and possible genocide
Roger Finkedistinguished professor of Apr. 2018), Peters mounts a defense of during World War II by sending aid and
sociology, religious studies, and interna- abortion that is based on respecting offering assistance to Jews in Europe.
tional affairs at Pennsylvania State women as their own moral agents rather Ambivalent Embrace (Univ. North
Universityand Christopher Baden than shaming and punishing them. Carolina, Nov.) by University of
professor of sociology at Chapman Transcending any one era is Mother of Pittsburgh assistant professor of reli-
Universityoutline ways that data on God: The Jewish Roots of the Virgin Mary gious studies Rachel Kranson looks at
website visits, word-use frequency, and (Image, Oct. 2018) by Brant James the postwar shift in economic fortunes
consumer habits can reveal changing Pitre, professor of sacred scripture at for Jewish communities, showing that
religious behaviors. Notre Dame Seminary, who describes some Jewish religious, artistic, and
the Virgin Mary as an exemplar not only intellectual leaders were concerned that
RECOGNIZING WOMEN for women, but also for men of faith. the ascent of large numbers of Jews into
A number of titles continue the work of the American middle class would nega-
uncovering the impact of women on reli- THINKING ABOUT tively affect their faith.
gions throughout history, with stories that JUDAISM Sacred Dissonance: The Blessing of
often have remained untold. Lynn H. Judaism, in both its ancient and current Difference in Jewish-Christian Dialogue by
Cohick, professor of New Testament at iterations, continues to be reinvestigated Anthony Le Donne (Hendrickson, Nov.),
Wheaton College, and Amy Brown and reinterpreted. Kenneth R. Snow, associate professor of New Testament at
Hughes, assistant professor of theology at professor emeritus of Jewish history at United Theological Seminary in Dayton,
Gordon College, offer Christian Women in the University of Haifa in Israel, reaches Ohio, and Larry Behrendt, a specialist in
the Patristic World (Baker Academic, out back to the Middle Ages to detail the interreligious dialogue based in
now), tracing the debt that Hollywood, Calif., explores
modern-day Christians owe the cultural and religious
to the spiritually impas- identities of Jews and
sioned women of the early Christians and offers new
church. The book reflects ways for them to interact.
Bakers publishing philos- Books that explore the
ophy, according to Robert multivalent meanings of
Hosack, executive editor: the Jewish experience keep
We a r e h i s t o r i c a l l y coming, with titles that
Reformed, evangelically include Feeling Jewish (A
rooted, and ecumenically Book for Just About Anyone)
minded these days, he says. by Devorah Baum (Yale
We find the best Christian thinkers of the complexity of papal attitudes to the Univ., out now), lecturer in English lit-
day and let them take us in the myriad Jews. Levis Vindication: The 1007 erature and critical theory at University
directions their research might lead. Anonymous as It Really Is (Univ. of of Southampton, England, focusing on
Womens leadership has had a pro- Pittsburgh, Nov.) revisits and connects the cultural experience of Judaism.
found effect on the global church. Su Yon to his own The 1007 Anonymous and
Pak, associate professor of integrative Papal Sovereignty: Jewish Perceptions of the EVANGELICALISMS
and field-based education at Union Papacy and Papal Policy in the High Middle IDENTITY CRISIS
Theological Seminary, and Jung Ha Ages, originally published in 1984 and As the country turns away from tradi-
Kim, director of undergraduate studies reissued in 2015. The 1007 tional faiths, evangelical churches
at Georgia State University, cross global Anonymous text was composed in the which seemed to be immune to the losses
and cultural borders to show the influ- 13th century by an unnamed author and in membership experienced by the main-
ence of Asian women in Leading Wisdom: suggests the proper relations between line Protestants and Catholicsalso have
Asian and Asian North American Women Jews, their lay rulers, and the pope. declined: Pew Religion Research Institute
Leaders (Westminster John Knox, Nov.). Other books also offer historical data show the portion of Americans who
Along with mining the ancient and reconsiderations: Baptists, Jews, and the call themselves evangelicals has dropped
recent past for womens influence, Holocaust: The Hand of Sincere Friendship from 25% to 17% since 2006, and today
Rebecca Todd Peters, professor of reli- (Judson, out now) by Lee B. Spitzer, gen- many more Americans are calling them-
gious studies at Elon University, grapples eral secretary of American Baptist selves spiritual but not religious. A
with the ethical issues they face today. In churches, looks at how Baptists in the number of books deal with evangelical-
Trust Women: A Progressive Christian U.S. responded to reports of anti-Semi- isms identity crisis, as many Christians

2 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7

Flannery OConnor and the ROOTS The Christian Past and Hope for the Renewal of Christi- KUYPERIAN TRADITION
Reimagining of Beauty, Goodness, the Evangelical Identity Crisis, anity, Christopher Gehrz and A Systematic Introduction,
and Truth, Michael Mears Bruner, Kenneth J. Stewart, $30.00 Mark Pattie III, $23.00 Craig G. Bartholomew, $40.00


Edited by Ronald K. THE TWELVE PROPHETS TO THE BIBLE (NSBT)A Biblical Theology
Rittgers, $60.00 (ACT), Jerome, Edited by John Goldingay, $18.00 of Priesthood, Andrew S.
Thomas P. Scheck, $60.00 Malone, $25.00


AGE An Archaeology of MUSLIM WORLDS (ME) A Theological Meditation on THEOLOGY FOR
Contemporary Culture, Regional, Theological, and Pain and Suffering, CHRISTIANS
Bob Goudzwaard and Missiological Perspectives, Kelly M. Kapic, $18.00 From Ancient Context to
Craig G. Bartholomew, Edited by Evelyne A. Enduring Belief,
$30.00 Reisacher, $32.00 John H. Walton, $30.00

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Religion & Spirituality Update

wrestle with the challenges of modernity appeal to youth, but the error in that (Apr. 2018) and Jeff Hoods The Execution
and decry the entanglement of evangelical approach, he writes, is that it can reflect a of God: Encountering the Death Penalty (out
Christianity with conservative politics. larger cultural obsession with youth, and now), Chalice Press channels the concern
Scandals might also have contributed when we link faith to the authenticity of for saving souls into the hopeful mission
to disillusionment, such as the one that youthfulness, we make youthfulness itself of preventing deaths. Chalice president
toppled TV evangelists Jim and Tammy faiths measure. and publisher Brad Lyons says, When
Faye Bakker, among the most public faces The theme of review and reassessment we brought these books under contract,
of evangelical Christianity in the U.S. in suffuses the latest religious-studies lists, we werent linking the two as anti-death
the 1980s. John Wiggers PTL: The Rise reopening time-honored subjects and books. But, he adds, in the bigger pic-
and Fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakkers relinking the past to the present. John ture, Chalice Press encourages churches
Evangelical Empire (Oxford Univ., out Dominic Crossan, professor emeritus at and Christians to think differently about
now) describes their descent, along with DePaul University, continues this shift the stigmatized, taboo issues in our
other scandals at that time that caused toward the idea of a renewed Christianity, society, like the death penalty, suicide,
some to question the health of evangelical one that operates fully in the present racism, classism, sexuality, and other
Christianity in America, even as evan- while adhering most closely to the purity issues.
gelical mega-churches thrived. of its past. In Resurrecting Easter: How the
Fast-forward to today. In the autobio- West Lost and the East Kept the Original FACING EAST
graphical Still Christian: Following Jesus Out Easter Vision (HarperOne, Feb. 2018), There also are new books on Buddhism in
of American Evangelicalism (Westminster Crossan argues that the Eastern Orthodox religious studies, including several
John Knox, out now), David P. Gushee, church preserved more fully the biblical coming from Wisdom Publications,
distinguished professor of Christian among them Sexuality in Classical
ethics at Mercer University, recounts South Asian Buddhism by Jose
becoming a born-again Southern Cabezon (out now), the Dalai Lama
Baptist in 1978, only to later run into Professor of Tibetan Buddhist studies
problems with evangelical stances on at the University of CaliforniaSanta
politics and on social issues, such as Barbara. Cabezon examines sexual
LGBTQ inclusion in the church. mores of the present in the context of
Gushee asks the question he has wres- Buddhist traditions.
tled withwhen a Christian man Sexuality, cosmology, and even fetal
becomes disillusioned with American development are key concerns for the
Christianity, where can he turn? Dalai Lama himself, and his thinking
and comes to a more complex and on those issues is expressed in The
nuanced faith. Physical World (Wisdom, Nov.), trans-
InterVarsity Press has a book that also version of the resurrection and its lated by Thupten Jinpa. Also coming from
reflects the current tensions. In Search of meaning for Christians than Roman Wisdom is the second volume of the trans-
Ancient Roots: The Christian Past and the Catholicism did. lation of Divine Stories: Divyavadana, Part
Evangelical Identity Crisis by Kenneth This theme can also be detected in the 2 (Dec.), translated by Andy Rotman, pro-
Stewart (out now), professor of theolog- work of Bart Ehrman, professor of reli- fessor in the religious and Buddhist studies
ical studies at Covenant College in gious studies at the University of North program at Smith College. Publishing the
Lookout Mountain, Ga., points to the CarolinaChapel Hill, as he leaves translation aligns with the commitment to
disconnect between todays evangelicals longtime publisher HarperOne for his authenticity and accessibility articulated
and the Protestant traditions that grew first book with Simon and Schuster. The by Wisdom publisher Daniel Aitken, who
out of the Reformation. Triumph of Christianity (Feb. 2018). says, As cultural and linguistic norms
Many Christian churchesand espe- Ehrman details the growth of change, updated translations that reflect
cially Christian publishersbelieve young Christianity as a faith not destined to these developments will be desirable.
people will be their salvation, resuscitating take root in Western culture, yet one Making these contemporary explanations
the faith and rescuing it from diminishing that came to pervade it. of the Buddhas words available to an
numbers and fading cultural influence. In A shift away from personal piety English-reading audience is part of
Faith Formation in a Secular Age (Baker, toward greater social consciousness and Wisdoms mission.
Oct.), Andrew Root, Carrie Olson Baalson activism is the way some Christians are
Chair of Youth and Family Ministry at redefining their faith. With both A. David Lewis has a doctorate in religion
Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minn., con- Rachael Keefes The Life-Saving Church: and literature and writes on religion, popu-
siders it vital for the Christian church to Reclaiming the Gospel for Suicide Prevention lar culture, and comics.

4 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7
New from Crossway

The Greek New Testament, ESV Systematic Theology ESV Archaeology Study Bible
Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge Study Bible Hardcover
Hardcover Hardcover 978-1-4335-5040-9, $49.99
978-1-4335-5217-5, $39.99 978-1-4335-5337-0, $39.99 Coming March 2018

Light in a Dark Place Theistic Evolution Christian Ethics

Hardcover Hardcover Hardcover
978-1-4335-3927-5, $65.00 978-1-4335-5286-1, $60.00 978-1-4335-4965-6, $60.00
John S. Feinberg Edited by J. P. Moreland, Stephen Wayne Grudem
C. Meyer, Christopher Shaw, Ann K. Coming June 2018
Gauger, and Wayne Grudem

For more information, visit SBL booth 2007 or crossway.org.

Religion & Spirituality Update

Fresh Looks at the Bible Friedman (Who Wrote the Bible?). Michael
Maudlin, executive editor, calls Friedman
a master detective who demonstrates that
Bringing Scripture into the 21st century genuine scholarship transcends merely
choosing between faith and skepticism.
By Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook Maudlin says Friedman responds to claims

that the stories of Moses and the Exodus
iblical studies is both a flour- Carey Newman, director at Baylor are myths with no historical foundation
ishing academic field and the core University Press, likens the challenge of by revealing the facts underpinning these
of the religion publishing busi- biblical scholarship to solving a 5,000- most familiar and foundational Old
ness, not least because the Bible piece puzzle during a weeks vacation at Testament stories. Friedman is currently
remains opaque to many readers. the beach. One of Baylors contributions a professor of Hebrew and comparative
The complexity of the Bibles to that project is an October release that literature at the University of Georgia.
source material and its enduring relevance intersects with current issues related to Another look at the book of Exodus is
through the centuries make it fertile disabilities: The Bible and Disability The Lost World of the Flood (InterVarsity,
ground for scholars and teachers, and new edited by Sarah J. Melcher, professor Apr. 2018); authors Tremper Longman
and forthcoming titles aim to create a emeritus of Hebrew Scriptures at Xavier III, distinguished scholar of biblical
clearer picture of this book, which remains University; Mikeal C. Parsons, professor studies at Westmont College, and John
central in Western culture. and Macon Chair of Religion at Baylor; Walton, professor of Old Testament at
But as increasing numbers of Americans and Amos Yong, professor of theology Wheaton College and Graduate School,
turn away from the traditional faiths, has and mission at Fuller Theological explore what the story of the Exodus
the Bible lost its place at the top of the Seminaryis an anthology of the work flood might have meant to those who
Western canon? Suzanne first heard or read the
Scholzs The Bible as Political story. In April 2018,
Artifact (Fortress, out now) Regnery will publish
examines the Scriptures the first volume of The
through a feminist lens and Rational Bible by radio
also weighs the impact of our host, television com-
multicultural society on bib- mentator, and syndi-
lical exegesis. Scholz writes, cated columnist Dennis
In a time in which the Bible Prager. The verse-by-
plays a central role only to fun- verse guide through
damentalist Christians and to Exodus is meant to
Jews and Christians com- appeal to readers of all
mitted to their respective religious insti- of 14 scholars who examine what the faiths (or no faith) and to make the
tutions, scholars cannot simply assume the Bible says about the human body, in both Exodus story relevant in todays world.
importance of the Bible anymore. Rather, ability and disability. The Pentateuch by Marvin A. Sweeney
the field has to articulate in its work that Distaste for the vengeful god of the (Abingdon, Nov.), professor of Hebrew
the study of this sacred text matters even Old Testament has been a barrier to Bible at Claremont School of Theology
today. Scholz is a professor of Old reading the Bible for some. In the two- and professor of Tanakh at the Academy
Testament at Perkins School of Theology volume The Crucifixion of the Warrior God for Jewish Religion (California) in Los
in Dallas, Tex. (Fortress, Apr. 2018), author and pastor Angeles, combines a literary approach
R.W.L. Moberlys The Bible in a Gregory Boyd (The Myth of a Christian with a historical reading of the text, to
Disenchanted Age (Baker Academic, Jan. Nation) addresses the apparent dichotomy situate the Pentateuch in its cultural and
2018) promises to answer the question, within the Bible between this violent historical context.
Why should we still believe what the god and the loving, sacrificial god Douglas Mangum and Amy L.
Bible has to say? Moberly, a professor of revealed in the crucifixion. Baloghs Social and Historical Approaches
theology and biblical interpretation at to the Bible (Lexham, Nov.) aims to guide
Durham University in Durham, BOOK BY BOOK readers to an understanding that the
England, says the main focus of his work Other new titles zero in on individual Bible was written in a particular histor-
is the responsible understanding and books of the Bible. In September, ical moment, in a specific society, and not
use of the Bible in the life, thought, and HarperOne published The Exodus by created in a political or cultural vacuum.
spirituality of Christian faith today. renowned biblical scholar Richard Mangum is an academic editor at Lexham

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A Failure
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Revised 10th anniversary Edition
A Failure of Nerve
Edwin H. Friedman
Revised 10th anniversary Edition
9781596272798 $30.00
Edwin H. Friedman
9781596272798 $30.00
Without Shame or Fear
A Robert Hirschfeld
Without Shame or Fear
9780819233349 $14.00
A Robert Hirschfeld
9780819233349 $14.00
Auden, The Psalms, and Me
J. Chester Johnson
Auden, The Psalms, and Me
9780898699647 $16.00
J. Chester Johnson
9780898699647 $16.00
Harvesting Abundance
Local Initiatives of Food and Faith
Harvesting Abundance
Brian Sellers-Petersen
Local Initiatives of Food and Faith
9780819233097 $16.00
Brian Sellers-Petersen
9780819233097 $16.00
Post-Traumatic God
How the Church Car es for People
Post-Traumatic God
Who Have Been to Hell and Back
How the Church Cares for People
David W. Peters
Who Have Been to Hell and Back
9780819233035 $20.00
David W. Peters
9780819233035 $20.00
The Jesus
Faithful Heist
Christian-Muslim Vision and Practice
Recovering the Gospel
Faithful Neighbors
from the
Edited by Church
Robert S. Heaney,
Christian-Muslim Vision and Practice
Andrew Sayilgan,
Doyle and Claire Haymes
Edited by Robert S. Heaney,
9780819232557 $18.00
Zeyneb Sayilgan, and Claire Haymes
9780819232557 $18.00
Click2Save REBOOT Living
Beyondinto GodsGod
a Binary Dream
The Digital Ministry Bible Dismantling
A Theology ofRacism in America
Trans* Allies
Click2Save REBOOT Beyond a Binary God
Elizabeth Drescher and Edited
Tara K. by Catherine Meeks,
The Digital Ministry Bible A Theology of Trans* Allies
Keith Anderson Foreword by Jim Wallis
9780898690057 $14.00
Elizabeth Drescher and Tara K. Soughers
9780898690316 $22.00 9780819233219 $18.00
Keith Anderson 9780898690057 $14.00
9780898690316 $22.00

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Religion & Spirituality Update

Press; Balogh is a visiting lecturer at executive editor at Yale University Press: In N.T. Wrights long-awaited Paul:
Colorado College. Later traditions, basing themselves on A Biography (HarperOne, Feb. 2018),
his letters, will displace him from this Wright plumbs Pauls letters and writes,
PEOPLE OF THE BOOK context. Through the retrospect of his- The Apostle Paul is one of a handful of
One way into the Bible is through its tory, Paul will be transformed into a people from the ancient world whose
people. Paul: The Pagans Apostle by Paula convert, an ex- or even an anti-Jew. But words still have the capacity to leap off
Fredriksen (Yale Univ., Aug.) empha- Paul lived his life, as we all must live our the page and confront us.... Paul might
sizes Pauls Judaism, says Jennifer Banks, lives, innocent of the future. dispute the sugges-
tion that he himself
changed the world;
Jesus, he would have
said, had already done
that. But what he said
about Jesus, and about
God, the world, and
what it meant to be
genuinely human, was
creative and compellingand contro-
versial, in his own day and ever after.
Nothing would ever be quite the same
again. Wright is chair of New Testament
and early Christianity at University of St.
Andrews, an Anglican bishop, and the
author of a number of books.
A close reading of a single letter of
Pauls shows that those who gloss over
the arguments about slavery in the
letterwhich in the past were used to
2017 200 pages 2017 200 pages
justify the practiceare losing the heart
978-1-4422-6208-9 $24.95 Cloth
978-1-4422-6209-6 $23.99 eBook
978-1-4422-6745-9 $35.00 Cloth
978-1-4422-6746-6 $33.00 eBook
of its message of transforming ancient
*Distributed to the trade by National Book Network.
society, according to Scot McKnight in
The Letter to Philemon (Eerdmans, out
now). McKnight is the Julius R. Mantey
Professor of New Testament at Northern
Seminary in Lombard, Ill. Another of the
apostles is the focus of Mark Through Old
Testament Eyes: A Background and
Application Commentary (Kregel
Academic, out now), in which author
Andrew Le Peauwho was also the asso-
ciate publisher for editorial at InterVarsity
Press until 2016attempts to solve the
many puzzles in the gospel of Mark.
2017 978 pages October 2017 176 pages
Shedding more light on the often over-
978-1-4422-7158-6 $250.00 Cloth
978-1-4422-7159-3 $237.50 eBook
978-1-4422-7625-3 $16.95 Paper
978-1-4422-7626-0 $15.99 eBook
shadowed women in the Old Testament is
*Distributed to the trade by National Book Network. Wil C. Gafneys The Womanist Midrash
(Westminster John Knox, out now).
Gafney, associate professor of Hebrew
Bible at Brite Divinity School in Fort
WWW.ROWMAN.COM | 800-462-6420 Worth, Tex., employs feminist and wom-
anist approaches to translating and inter-
preting the Scriptures, while also taking
into account the cultures of the ancient

8 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K LY N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7


O ffer s h o p e f o r h e a l i n g

Shelly Rambo

baylorpress.com | Books for Good

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Religion & Spirituality Update

Near East. In Vindicating the Vixens: Christians views of the so-called bad girls two volumes of Shai
Revisiting Sexualized, Vilified, and of the Bible. Glahn is professor of media Helds The Heart of
Marginalized Women of the Bible (Kregel arts and worship and pastoral ministries Torah (out now) are
Academic, out now), editor Sandra Glahn at Dallas Theological Seminary. from the Jewish
brings together an international team of Publication Society
evangelical scholars to look afresh at such BACK TO THE ROOT (distributed by the
women as Bathsheba and Mary Magdalene A number of new books assist with University of Nebraska
and to weigh the accuracy of certain reading the original Bible, the Torah. The Press) and collect the
rabbis essays on the weekly Torah read-
ings, originally published through the
Jewish educational website Mechon
Hadar in its Torah Online study guide.
Held is president, dean, and chair in
Jewish thought at Mechon Hadar and
directs its Center for Jewish Leadership
and Ideas in New York City.
Steven and Sarah Levys The JPS Rashi
Discussion Torah Commentary (Jan. 2018)
offers a reading-by-reading approach to
the Torah that focuses on the comments
of Rashi, the medieval French rabbi and
commentator. Steven Levy is an attorney
and real estate investor; Sarah Levy is a
In Engaging Torah (Univ. of Pittsburgh,
Nov.), Walter Homolka, rector of
Abraham Geiger College and executive
director of the School of Jewish Theology,
University of Potsdam, Germany, and
Aaron D. Panken, president of Hebrew
Union College-Jewish Institute of
Religion in Los Angeles, have collected
essays from international Jewish scholars
to introduce the Jewish scriptures and
illuminate their place in Jewish life.
Finally, for Christians who are inter-
ested in the Jewish roots of their faith,
Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi have pub-
lished the second edition of The Jewish
Annotated New Testament (Oxford Univ.,
out now), including revisions and expan-
sions from the original 2011 edition.
Levine, who is the E. Rhodes and Leona
B. Carpenter Professor of New Testament
Celebrate the Reformation with the writings Studies at Vanderbilt University Divinity
of the man behind the movement. School, and Zvi, Bernice and Morton
Lerner Professor in Judaic Studies at Duke
Luthers Works subscription University, brought together 80 scholars
to contribute to the new volume.
30% off new & previous volumes and
automatic shipping. Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook is an archivist at
cph.org/luthersworks the Francis A. Countway Library of Medi-
cine at Harvard Medical School.

10 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7
Religion & Spirituality Update

Unholy Also from Chalice, Transforming

Communities: How People like You Are
ration, tactics, and tools for neighbor-
hood activists.

Healing Their Neighborhoods by Sandhya New York University Press, which has
Rani Jha (Nov.) shows how ordinary maintained a long-standing focus on reli-
people can tap into their own power to gion and race its religious-studies pub-

New books untangle change their communities. Jha, director

of the Oakland Peace Center and a long-
lishing program, has two fall books that
add new dimensions to histories of
race and religion time community activist, provides inspi- important African-American move-

By Robin Farmer

t various times throughout his-
tory, the Bible has been used to
justify the enslavement of black
children, women, and men, and
this has created a troubling
entanglement of racism and reli-
gion that continues to generate books.
Tackling headline-grabbing racial con-
flict, chronicling a black literary giants
complex relationship with religion, and
examining the need to reconstruct
Christianity to topple its racist under-
pinnings are among the topics of new
and forthcoming titles.
Progressive Christians are deeply
disturbed and dismayed by the state of
our society, our pol-
itics, and our
church, says Brad
Lyons, president
and publisher of
Chalice Press, the
publishing arm of
the mainline
Disciples of Christ.
These Christians
want to change our
world, and we want to provide resources.
Anxious to Talk About It: Helping White
Christians Talk Faithfully About Racism by
Carolyn B. Helsel (Chalice, Feb. 2018) One of the best commentary series currently available.
urges white people to persist in raising David W. Jones, Southeastern Baptist
the issue of racism with other white Theological Seminary
people. An assistant professor at Austin
Presbyterian Theological Seminary and a ConCordia Commentary subsCription
minister in the Presbyterian Church,
Helsel offers spiritual tools for white Save 30% on all volumes and automatically
congregations to overcome the anxiety get two new volumes a year.
that can keep them from advocating for cph.org/commentary
racial justice.

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 11
Religion & Spirituality Update

ments, says senior editor Jennifer sionary order

Hammer. Langstons Salvation: American has two fall
Religion and the Bard of Harlem by Wallace books on
Best (Nov.) analyzes Langston Hughess racism: Anti-
thinking about religion and examines blackness and
religious themes in his poetry and other Christian Ethics,
writings. Best, a professor of religion and edited by
African-American studies at Princeton, V i n c e n t W.
argues that Hughes, one of the most
RELIGION_THIRD_V_1114_Layout 1 11/11/14 11:38 L l PMo yPage
d 1a n d
important figures of the Harlem Andrew Prevot
Renaissance, played a role in larger dis- (Nov.), focuses
cussions about PWracekeeps anda watchful
religion in eye on social ills related to racial prejudice, white supremacy.
America. Also from overNYU, Authentically
spirituality including police1 111/11/14
11:38 and
Page 1mass
PM1 Page 1 The Sin of White Supremacy: Christianity,
RELIGION_THIRD_V_1114_Layout 1 11/11/14 11:38 PM Page 1
Black and Truly Catholic: The Rise of Black incarceration, as well as looking at how Racism, and Religious Diversity in America
Catholicism inreligion
the Great books
Migrationwith two by antiblack
PW keeps racism haseye captured the atten- by Jeannine Hill Fletcher (Orbis, out
RELIGION_THIRD_V_1114_Layout 1 11/11/14
1 11/11/14 11:38 PW
Page 1 1 aa
Page watchful
watchful eye
Matthew Cressler ways to keep
traces theabreast
his- PWtion keeps
of athe media eye
spiritualityand and
and the public. now) examines the historical relationship
PW keepsin
tory of black Catholicism a watchful
Chicago andeye Contributors including Katie Grimes, between Christian triumphalism and
of changes in the field, over spirituality
religion bookswith
books and
with two
shows how the Black over spirituality and
PW PW keeps
Power a a watchful
movement eye eye assistant professor of theological ethics white supremacy. Fletcher, professor of
emerging new trends and greatways
religion ways
with abreast
revolutionized the way black
over Catholics
spirituality and and at Villanova University, Kelly Brown theology at Fordham University, argues
religion books with two ofofchanges changes ininthethefield,
understood themselves. authors
religion shaping
books is with
with assis-
twotwo great Douglas,
ways to professor
keep abreastof religion at Goucher that the tendency of white Christians to
tant professorgreat
of greatways
to keep
to keep
at the
College, newBryan
new trendsand
trends N.and Massingale, pro- view themselves as chosen ones has
the genre. offessor
the authors
authors inshaping
the field,
of changes
College of Charleston in South
of changes
of changes ininthe
in the
the field,
Carolina. field,
field, of theological and social ethics at often resulted in racial prejudice, with
Orbis Booksthe publishing arm of emerging
Fordham new
thethe trends
University, and
address how todays terrible consequences.
emerging new
emerging new trends
new trends
trends and
and and
the Maryknoll Fathers, a Catholic mis- the movement
RELIGION_THIRD_V_1114_Layout 1 11/11/14 11:38 PM Page 1
authors shaping racial justice challenges Race-themed books for 2018 will
the authors shaping
thethe authors
authors shaping
shaping explore both historical and current
thethe genre.
genre. the genre. issues. Breaking White Supremacy: Martin
PW keeps genre.eye
a watchful
over spirituality and Luther King Jr. and the Black Social Gospel
religion books with two by Gary Dorrien (Yale Univ., Jan. 2018)
great ways to keep abreast is the sequel to his The New Abolition,
of changes in the field, which traced the roots of the black social
PW keepsemerging
a watchful
new trends eye
andover spirituality
Listen toto and
authors religion books
discuss gospel from the 19th century into the
Listen to authors discuss early 20th, with W.E.B. Du Bois as its
with two great ways
the authors to keep abreast
shaping their
their of
latest books
books inin thisin the field,
new latest books in
the genre. andthis the authors FREE
FREE shaping
podcast. the genre. public face. In this new book, Dorrien
FREE to authors
to podcast.
authors discuss
PublishersWeekly.com/podcasts picks up the story during the mid-20th-
their latest
latest books
books in this
in this
Listen to authors century civil rights movement and
FREEFREE podcast.
Listen to authors
discuss discuss
their latest beyond. Dorrien, the Reinhold Niebuhr
Listen to authors discuss
PublishersWeekly.com/podcasts their latest books
books in this in this Professor of Social Ethics at Union
their latest books in this Receive
Receive PWs
PWs e-newsletter
e-newsletter toto stay
enlightened podcast.
and informed
informed ofof
newnew Theological Seminary and professor of
FREE podcast.
books and
and news
news coverage
coverage with
with religion at Columbia University, focuses
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today. on Martin Luther King Jr. and other
enlightened and
enlightened and ofofnew
informed new
of new
Listen to authors discuss
black Christian leaders of one of the great
books news
and books
news coverage
news this
coverage with
with with liberation movements of the 20th
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a FREE today. enlightened and informed of new century.
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Christianity has been defaced by
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enlightened and informed of new racism, and a spiritual rebuilding, to
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PublishersWeekly @PublishersWkly PublishersWeekly
PublishersWeekly pubweekly
pubweekly Mar. 2018).

PublishersWeekly @PublishersWkly Read More at Robin Farmer is a Virginia-based freelance

Read Morepubweekly
PublishersWeekly pubweekly
PublishersWeekly.com journalist working on her debut YA novel.

12 P U B L I S H E RPublishersWeekly
S W E E K L Y pubweekly
NOVEMBER 13, 2017
PublishersWeekly @PublishersWkly PublishersWeekly @PublishersWkly
PublishersWeekly @PublishersWkly
Thoughtful Scholarship
and Revolutionary New Ideas
from Todays Most Important Voices


Coming Soon from
Baker Academic & Brazos Press
978-1-58743-405-1 256 pp. $19.99p


Do you ever just want to pull the plug on your schedule? A.J. Swobodas
Subversive Sabbath shows you why you should and how you can; it will
fundamentally change your life. It is a total reconstruction of Americas frenzied,
frenetic lifestyle, offering the ultimate regenerative alternative.

JOELSALATIN author of The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs

978-1-58743-398-6 240 pp. $19.99p


Craig Detweiler, a nationally known writer and speaker on tech and

culture, examines the selfie phenomenon and helps us to develop a
thoughtful, biblical perspective on selfies and social media.

978-0-8010-9951-9 240 pp. $24.99c


With his characteristic clarity, candor, breadth of learning, and intellectual

generosity, Moberly proves a sure-footed guide through the thicket of challenges
to trusting both the Bible and the God to whom it bears witness.

MARIANNEMEYETHOMPSON Fuller Theological Seminary

l i V
l l
978-0-8010-9873-4 224 pp. $17.99p 978-0-8010-9883-3 208 pp. $19.99p


A wonderfully readable introduction. . . . Learned yet lively, it will Clergy suffer from certain health issues at a rate higher than
delight as well as richly instruct first-time readers of the poem. I the general population. Faithful and Fractured examines why
highly recommend this book as a companion to Dantes text. pastors are in such poor health and offers concrete suggestions to
help clergy move toward health and the more abundant life
DAVIDLYLEJEFFREY Baylor University God desires for them.

978-0-8010-9960-1 608 pp. 978-0-8010-9855-0 336 pp. 978-0-8010-4880-7 304 pp. 978-0-8010-9833-8 224 pp.
$49.99c $29.99p $29.99p $27.99p
l l l l

l i V
Religion & Spirituality Update

Defending a Principle and activists who contributed

to Still Evangelical? Ten
Insiders Reconsider Political,
New works look at religious freedom Social, and Theological Meaning
(IVP, Jan. 2018) answer the
in the age of Trump title question with a qualified
yes. The volume is edited by
by Cathy Lynn Grossman Mark Labberton, president of

Fuller Theological Seminary
he election of Donald Trump Denveris a collection of 25 in Pasadena, Calif.
whose victory was reportedly essays by scholars, clergy, and InterVarsity Press associate
boosted by 81% of the votes of activists. The book spontaneously came publisher Cindy Bunch says the authors
white evangelicalswas the talk together in the halls of the 2016 AAR/SBL of Still Evangelical? are asking readers, in
of the American Academy of conference and was written within a month particular white evangelicals, to change
Religions 2016 meeting. A year of Trumps inauguration. Orbis publisher their behavior. She cites an essay by
later, the response to Trump and his tri- Robert Ellsberg says the books central Soong-Chan Rah, professor of church
umph permeates new books on religion question is, Who is the God we worship growth and evangelism at North Park
and stirs renewed interest in the concept a god of tribalism, nationalism, force, and Theological Seminary in Chicago, who
of religious freedom in American history, violence? Ellsberg adds, Orbis is making writes, Evangelicals of color are or will be
politics, and todays society. a stand to face the dangers posed by Trump leaving the movement if white believers
Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump to people of faith. dont change and speak out against a hos-
(Orbis, out now), edited by Miguel De La Another postelection collection is cau- tile environment.
Torreprofessor of social ethics and Latinx tiously optimistic. The theologians, pro- Resistance is a central theme in
studies at the Iliff School of Theology in fessors, leaders of religious institutions, Undomesticated Dissent: Democracy and the

Religious An indelible
scholars, portrait of
clergy, and the Jesuit
activists priest,
address poet, and
issues of peacemaker,
immigration, Daniel
race, gender, Berrigan.
and justice.

978-1-62698-247-5 272pp. pbk $22 978-1-62698-248-2 352pp., 300 photos, pbk $28

A World of Books that Matter ORBIS BOOKS

Availavble from your wholesaler or direct 1-800-258-5838 M-F 8-4 ET Maryknoll, NY 10545

16 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7
Religion & Spirituality Update

Public Virtue of Religious Nonconformity think Christianly about politics. His and fairest approach
(Baylor Univ., out now) by Curtis W. waiting is waiting with a sense of respect to ordering com-
Freeman, research professor of theology and awareness of the Gospel truth that the munal life in
and director of the Baptist House of king is coming and will reign. increasingly diverse
Studies at Duke Divinity School. Freeman But who gets to decide what thinking societies. Andrea
traces the global impact of John Bunyan, Christianly means? Tisa Wenger, asso- Keegan, an Oxford
Daniel Defoe, and William Blake, the ciate professor of American religious his- senior commis-
holy trinity of spiritual, social, economic, tory at Yale University and author of sioning editor, says
and apocalyptic dissent outside the body Religious Freedom: The Contested History of an secularism can
politic, according to press director Carey American Ideal (Univ. North Carolina, out make a real contri-
Newman, who adds, without dissent, now), traces how minority and marginal- bution to the public
you dont have democracywhat you ized groups have reshaped their spiritual debate when questions of religion and
have is freaking King George. lives to align with white Protestant politics have never been more prominent
In Awaiting the King (Baker Academic, Christianity and attain status in the domi- worldwide.
Nov.), James K.A. Smith, professor of phi- nant political and social culture. In the time of Trump (whose name
losophy at Calvin College in Grand The author of Secularism: Politics, appears 27 times in the 2017 AAR/SBL
Rapids, Mich., observes that evangelicals Religion, and Freedom (Oxford Univ., Dec.), conference program), Keegan says that
who are out to reform the electoral, eco- Andrew Copson, chief executive of the the U.S.where religious freedom is
nomic, and institutional world might not British Humanist Association, suspects enshrinedis still part of a wider and
recognize themselves in the aphorism that many calls for religious freedom are longer story of religious thought.
you are what you lovewhether thats a Trojan horsea disguised effort to de-
success, money, possessions, or God. Baker secularize states, and to privilege, if not Cathy Lynn Grossman created the religion
Academic executive editor Robert N. legally impose, particular sectarian values. beat for USA Today and is former senior
Hosack says, Smith is trying to get us to Copson asserts that secularism is the finest national reporter for Religion News Service.

978-1-68370-126-2 978-1-68370-055-5 978-1-68370-128-6

Celebrate the 50 th anniversary of this beloved, From Barbara Cameron, best-selling author of over This charming tale will sharpen your appetite for
classic Christian novelover 10 million sold! 40 books and 3 nationally televised movies, comes the true spirit of Christmas!
another moving work of Amish fiction. DEBBIE MACOMBER, #1 New York Timesbest-selling author

An imprint of Gilead Publishing


Religion & Spirituality Update

Understanding Islam
The New
A Translation
New titles strive to close the
David Bentley Hart knowledge gap
By Robin Farmer

ith Islam con-
tinuing to be a
Black Banners major topic of
of ISIS discussion in the
The Roots of the U.S., it comes as
New Caliphate no surprise that
David J. Wasserstein the poorly understood religion
is generating a crop of new
titles from several university,
academic, and trade presses.
These new and forthcoming
Biblical Truths books showcase the intellec-
The Meaning tual legacy of Islam, reveal the
of Scripture in impact of social media on its
the Twenty-first
Century religious authority, and decon-
Dale B. Martin struct prevailing ideas of
Islam as a monolithic faith,
among other topics.
The University of North
Carolina Press adds to its deep
The New list on Islam with three more
Cosmic Story titles. We publish books
Inside Our combining historical research
Awakening with contemporary ways of
theoretically analyzing
John F. Haught
Islamic cultures and civiliza-
tions, says Elaine Maisner,
executive editor at the press. Often June 2018) shows that the 18th century
revealed via this approach are sources was a period of great intellectual activity
Paul and paths for change and reform among before Islams contact with Europeans.
The Pagans the vast and broad Islamic traditions Dallal, dean of Georgetown University
Apostle thriving around the world today. Qatar, argues that the rich intellectual
Paula Fredriksen Religion as Critique: Islamic Critical legacy of Islam during that period was
Thinking from Mecca to the Marketplace by thwarted by exposure to European
Irfan Ahmad (Univ. of North Carolina, cultures.
Dec.) argues that self-critique is one of Hashtag Islam: Faith, Command, and
the fundamental tenets and practices of Control in Cyber Islamic Environments by
AAR/SBL Booth #2504 Islam. Ahmad is an anthropologist and Gary R. Bunt (Univ. of North Carolina,
senior research fellow at the Max Planck 2018) looks at the expression of Islamic
Institute for the Study of Religious and religious authority on the internet. Bunt,
Ethnic Studies in Gttingen, Germany. professor of Islamic studies at the
Islam Without Europe: Traditions of Reform University of Wales, writes that the book
Yale university press in Eighteenth-Century Islamic Thought by explores the ways in which, through the
www.YaleBooks.com Ahmad S. Dallal (Univ. North Carolina, influence of the internet, there has been a

18 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7
New from Westminster John Knox Press

Christians of all kinds should This English translation of the Swiss- Through stories of Asian and
pick up this readable book published Conversations is part of Asian North American women
but only if they are ready to a three-volume collection featuring who found their ways, sometimes
be challenged, moved, and correspondence, articles, interviews, circuitously, sometimes
inspired. and other short-form writings by unexpectedly, into leadership
Charles C. Camosy Barth from 19591962. Within these roles, Su Yon Pak and Jung Ha
pages, scholars and students will nd Kim challenge conventional
a comprehensive view into Barths life understanding of what it means
and thinking about theology and its to lead.
role in society today.

Each chapters insights and This is an urgent summons to In this volume, the reader
challenging questions not only which attention must be paid. encounters the liberative power
deepen readers self-reection, Walter Brueggemann of wrestling with sacred texts.
they expand our awareness for Dr. Joy A. Schroeder
fearless dialogues that contribute
to beloved community.
Luther E. Smith, Jr.
Religion & Spirituality Update

global shift in forms and styles of Muslim

religious discourse within global and
local contexts, impacting on issues of
faith and authority.
The field of religious studies is central
to the mission of Georgetown University
Press, according to Hope LeGro, director
of Georgetown languages and assistant
director of the press, and books on Islam
have been an emphasis in recent years.
Islam is not well understood in the
West, says LeGro, who hopes the presss
books will help bring more clarity about
the religion. A Concise History of Sunnis
and Shiis by John McHugo (Mar. 2018), Mosher and David Marshall (out now), Islamic Studies at Oxford University,
senior fellow at the Centre for Syrian also from Georgetown, emerged from is also the author of Radical Reform:
Studies at St. Andrews University, the annual Building Bridges seminar at Islamic Ethics and Liberation and was at
reveals how the divide developed Georgetown, where scholars discuss the center of controversy when he was
between Sunnis and Shiites and how that issues pertinent to Christians and denied a visa by the U.S. in 2005 under
rift has come to define modern Islam. Muslims. Another volume generated by the ideological-exclusion provision;
A l s o f r o m G e o rg e t o w n , G o d s the seminar is Monotheism and Its that decision eventually was reversed
Creativity and Human Action: Christian Complexities: Christian and Muslim after the American Academy of
and Muslim Perspectives, edited by Lucinda Perspectives, also edited by Mosher and Religion, the ACLU, and other orga-
Marshall (June 2018). nizations filed suit.
Other academic Out from Yale this
50% off all books presses also have new August was Black
+ FREE shipping* books about Islam. Banners of ISIS: The
use code AAR2017 at Islamophobia and Anti- Roots of the New
www.templetonpress.org Muslim Bias: Making Caliphate by David J.
or visit us at AAR/SBL Muslims the Enemy Wasserstein, a por-
BOOTH #2214 Second Edition by Peter trait of ISIS from a
Gottschalk and historian of medieval
Stark makes a Gabriel Greenberg Islam. Wasserstein,
strong case. . . . The (Rowman & professor of history
book effectively L i t t l e f i e l d , M a r. and Jewish studies at
synthesizes a lifetime
2018) uses political Vanderbilt University,
of [his] religious
theory and cartoons to illuminate reveals the groups
research. Islamophobia and ideological and intel-
Randall Collins anti-Muslim bias. lectual roots in the
This revised edition earliest days of Islam.
includes new car- Finally, The Practice
Recommended toons, a discussion of of Islam in America
for all who seek portrayals of Muslims in film and TV, (New York Univ., Dec.), edited by
an integrated and thoughts on where the faith fits in Edward E. Curtis IV, focuses on how cur-
understanding todays contentious political climate. rent Muslim Americans live and how
of science and
Christian faith.
Gottschalk is a professor of religion at their religious practices are shaped by
Philip Clayton Wesleyan University; Greenberg is the racial and ethnic identity, gender, sexual
rabbi of a synagogue in New Orleans. orientation, sectarian roles, and other
I n t r o d u c t i o n t o I s l a m b y Ta r i q social factors. Curtis is Millennium
Ramadan (Oxford Univ., Oct.) walks Chair of the Liberal Arts and professor of
readers through Islam and its princi- religious studies at the Indiana
ples, rituals, diversity, and evolution. University School of Liberal Arts in
*offer ends 12/31/2017
Ramadan, a professor of contemporary Indianapolis.

20 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7
2017 PW AAR.indd 3 10/18/17 10:41 AM
Connecting You
with Buddhist Wisdom


$75.00 | Hardcover |
$39.95 | Hardcover | 632 pages 1,616 pages $22.95 | Paperback | 344 pages
This magnum opus from one of Master translator Bhikkhu Deepen your meditation with
$29.95 | Hardcover | 552 pages
Americas foremost scholars of Bodhi illuminates this textand advice on Buddhist practice from
Buddhism reveals the treatment of Explore the nature of our material its classical commentaries with celebrated masters of Tibets
sex, gender, and sexual orientation world in aunique sourcebook elegant renderings and nonsectarian rim tradition.
in the Indian and Tibetan traditions. conceived by the Dalai Lama authoritative annotations.
collectingthe scientific observations
found in classical Buddhist treatises.


Save 20%
on all Wisdom books
Use code
before Jan. 1
$29.95 | Paperback | 540 pages
$17.95 | Paperback | 136 pages $29.95 | Paperback | 482 pages
The Buddhist world of two
millennia ago is brought to life Patrul Rinpoches verses speak Discover the fascinating history of a
with vivid prose in this enchanting intimately and directly to the long-hidden Buddhist culture along
translation of a classic anthology. reader and inspire one to develop the Silk Road.
ones mind for the sake of ethical
perfection and liberation.

wisdompubs.org | 1-800-272-4050

Wisdom is a 501(c)3 nonprot organization.

Now Available Religion & Spirituality Update

In Profile
Authors talk about their new books


When James K.A. Smith started his
Cultural Liturgies project a decade
ago, he knew even then that the
resulting trilogy would end with a
book on political theology. What I
couldnt have imagined at that time
was a year like 2016, or that we would
have a presidency and political climate
like the current one, says Smith, pro-
Powerful and deeply wise fessor of philosophy at Calvin College
S H A RO N S A L Z B ERG in Grand Rapids, Mich.,
where he holds the Gary
Distributed to the trade by and Henrietta Biker
Consortium Book Sales and Distribution Chair in Applied
MONKFISH Reformed Theology and
B O O K P U B L I S H I N G C O M PA N Y Worldview.
Wi t h A w a i t i n g t h e
King: Reforming Public
Experience the Theology (Baker Academic,
stories of 17 women Nov.), the final book in
the trilogy, Smith exam- be found in the footnotes.
in the Bible in their ines the religious aspects Smith adds, Im grateful
own words. of politics and the political for both sorts of readers, and
aspects of the church, noting how citi- I think the theological academy needs to
zenship as a Christianin what do more to reach into this space, with
Augustine called the city of God, work that bridges gaps between the
which can be found wherever academy and the church. Maybe if we
Christianity is practicedmeans did more of this there would be fewer
investing in the pursuit of justice and 2016s to worry about.
concern for the common good. Smith hopes the book will prompt a
Awaiting the King offers an alternative, deeper appreciation for the complexities
a new path away from the dominant of faith, politics, and community life, as
models of Christian political engage- well as a desire for more tolerance and
ment or withdrawal, Smith says. nuance in discussions of these topics. If
9781506424958 | PB | 6x9 | 160pp | $9.99
Smith adds his goal was reaching mul- readers come away somewhat frustrated
tiple audiences with the trilogyespe- by how messy things are, how difficult
Empowering, cially those in leadership roles, such as it is to be both faithful and influential,
thought-provoking, pastors and priests, teachers, and chap- how complicated the intersection of faith
and eminently readable lains. Ive intentionally incorporated and politics iswell, then my work here
Mutuality Magazine vignettes and illustrations and parables is done, he says.
that draw on film, novels, and television Awaiting the King is intended to give
Discussion guide available for small
group study at sparkhouse.org.
to help readers picture the argument, Christian readers a vision for a way to be
Smith says. But Im also hoping to a citizen that is fostered in the church for
reach colleagues in the academy, which the good of the world, Smith says,
is why theres kind of a second book to adding, I hope it paints a picture of why

22 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7
Religion & Spirituality Update New from
Columbia University Press

a healthy church is actually a gift to wanted to write a totally different kind of

society rather than a threat. religious-freedom history than had been
 Robin Farmer written before, because I was starting out
from a different set of questions, Wenger
TISA WENGER says. Who is invoking the concept? How
Freedom of religion, enshrined in the does it work for them in reshaping their
Constitution, is a national ideal. Yet own communal identities? How does
from colonial times to President Donald that, in turn, affect Americans ideas
Trumps devotion to saying Merry about what religion even is?
Christmas instead of Happy holidays, Wenger argues that both religion
the notion has always been malleable, and religious freedom are modern
according to Tisa Wenger, associate pro- inventions, with complex histories and
fessor of American studies at Yale and of constantly shifting consequences, and Evolving Brains,
American religious history in the like other human constructs, they are Emerging Gods
Divinity School. inevitably implicated in relations of Early Humans and the Origins of Religion
Wengers focus on the history and power. Her central premise, she
power of religious freedom grew from writes, is that white American E. FULLER TORREY
her early study of Native Americans of Christians used religious-freedom talk Presented in a manner that is
the Southwest. She says of her first as a way to mark their own superiority accessible to nonscientists . . . [an]
book, We Have a Religion: The 1920s and the civilizational inadequacies of insightful, thought-provoking work.
Pueblo Indian Dance Controversy and those they governed. In response, Publishers Weekly
American Religious Freedom, I took an groups like Native Americans, Jews,
unconventional pathway, looking at Catholics, Muslims, and others who
what counts as religion. Her finding: confront U.S. imperialismwhether
Pueblo Indian ceremonies and tradi- military or culturalhave been
tions were not considered by anyone to forced to look more like Christianity,
be their religion until they began to and Protestant Christianity in partic-
apply [the term] to themselves in ular, Wenger writes. These groups
self-defense. revise, reshape, and even contort their
Now Wenger takes her argument to a own practices to claim the protections
larger stage with Religious Freedom: The of the First Amendment and escape the
Contested History of an American Ideal stigma of minority status in the United
(Univ. of North Carolina, out now). I States.
Today, as white evangelicals lose cul-

tural and numerical clout in U.S. cul- Islam

ture, Wenger says, the religious right
An American Religion
has seized the religious-freedom cate-
gory to assert authority while pre- NADIA MARZOUKI
senting itself as the beleaguered group. Foreword by Olivier Roy
Her books conclusion has come to life, For the past three decades,
Wenger says. Religious freedom Americans have been thinking
today is being used about Islam and Muslims to enact
exactly in the ways it policies related to immigration,
was in the imperi- national security, citizenship, cultural
alist pastpro- belonging, and international relations.
tecting the white Marzouki astutely asks how this has
Christian conserva- affected public discourse and the

tive powers that be politics of religion . . . Her answers are

refreshingly nuanced, empirically and
and not at all con-
theoretically grounded, and global in
cerned with the free-
their scope.
doms of minority pop-
Kambiz GhaneaBassiri, author of
A History of Islam in America
Cathy Lynn Grossman

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 23
Religion & Spirituality Update
New &

CURTIS FREEMAN where the visions of Puritans,

On an impromptu visit to a London cem- Congregationalists, Quakers, Baptists,
etery in 2005, Curtis W. Freeman was and a stew of other sects could not be
drawn to the headstones of three men domesticatedthat is, used by any
amid the graves of 123,000 dissenters state-established and geographically
all Christians who had been deemed unfit delineated church, he writes. Freeman
for a burial within walls sanctified by the shows how this undomesticated dissent
Church of England. The three men were led to the First Amendment and enshrined
John Bunyan, whose Pilgrims Progress the value that everyone was entitled to
vivified evangelical and spiritual dissent; an opinion about religion and to follow
Daniel Defoe, whose castaway Robinson the dictates of conscience. This religious
Crusoe built a life by rescuing wreckage liberty, which was a subversive social
from his ship, showing a man retrieving vision, is a vital practice for the good of
the faith from his church and adapting it Christianity today and, indeed, for the
to survive on the desert island of moder- flourishing of free societies, Freeman
nity, Freeman tells PW; and William writes. Dissent is more than just
Blake, whose apocalyptic visions in whining. It is a profound Yes to Jesus
Jerusalem narrate a cosmic struggle Christ as Lord, to God alone as sovereign
between good and evil, Freeman says. over conscience... and to the community
The work of these three men provides where Christ reigns and is discerned
the framework for Undomesticated Dissent: together. Asked about current note-
Democracy and the Public Virtue of Religious worthy dissenters, Freeman gives a few
Nonconformity (Baylor Univ., out now) examples: Pope Franciss call for a church
because, Freeman writes, they shattered that it is about mercy as Jesus is about
the boundaries that limit religious expe- mercy; the martyred Martin Luther
rience. And because their works would King Jr., who,just as Blake envisioned
be read worldwide, they also dissemi- Beulah land, dreamed of an America that
nated the message of dissenting could become such a beloved commu-
tradition. nity; and Kevin Cosby, a West Louisville
Freeman, research professor of theology pastor working to revitalize the black
and Baptist studies at Duke Divinity community as an act of faith, an echo of
School and director of the Baptist House Defoes vision. We are in a new place, and
of Studies, draws connecting lines from we have to see what is usable, Freeman
WWW.UCPRESS.EDU the men across the ocean to America, says.  Cathy Lynn Grossman

24 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y N O V E M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 1 7
Storytellers Bible
A unique study Bible
focusing on narrative


Stories convey truths

through plot, character,
and point of view.
Nowhere is that more true
than in the Bible. Jesus
and the prophets taught
through story, and Articles about reading and telling Bible stories
Extensive commentary on all the best-known (and many of the less
The CEB Storytellers Bible
common) stories of the Bible, including Jesus parables
helps readers see the big Multiple indexes
Learning to Tell Bible Stories, a self-directed, nine-step workshop to help
themes and important speakers learn to tell stories to make them come alive for listeners

truths of the Bible while Improve sermons with better storytelling and with better understanding of
the Bibles stories.
also guiding them in how
For every story in the Bible, The CEB Storytellers Bible will help readers with:
to tell these stories in Personal study
Teaching a small group
contemporary language. Retelling the story in a sermon

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The Common English Bible is a readable, reliable, and relevant translation.

READABLE: It means more than reading phrases on a page. It means truly comprehending
the words, the sentences, the ideas, and their meaning. Within its refreshingly approachable
language, the CEB sets the reader on a path to new understanding.
RELIABLE: The CEB was built on the assembled knowledge of a diverse, cross-denominational
group of men and women, 120 biblical scholars translating directly from the original ancient
textsnot revising tradition or inserting church doctrine. Exhaustive attention has been paid
to ensure the work is impeccably balanced and rich in context.
RELEVANT: The times change, but the Bible meets you where you are. Readable and reliable
Bibles are relevant.

U C INsGBible
T ROD ytell

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