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Create a foldable study guide to macromolecules.


1. Get 4 pieces of paper and fold each square in half and then in half again.
2. Make sure your creases are very sharp
3. Take each piece of paper separately, unfold it and cut along the dotted line.
4. We will not glue these together until the end!!
5. At the top of each page (top, opposite square of where you cut), put the name of
the macromolecules in BIG letters. The title should spread across the entire top
sections (2)
6. Under the title (on the top 2 squares) you need to have the following:
a. On the left side, the definition
b. Under the definition, name the monomer that makes up the
c. On the right side, list the functions/roles/jobs
d. Under the functions, make a list of places this macromolecule can be found
7. On the all-alone bottom square, visually represent two real life examples of where
the macromolecule is found and label what they are.
8. You may also include any additional information that you think would be useful
for using this as a study tool.
9. After all, four pages are complete, glue and fold them together, ask for help with
putting it all together
10. Get construction paper and make a front and back cover.
11. On the Front Cover put: Macromolecules ~ Organic Compounds of Life ~
12. On the Back Cover put: YOUR NAME and PERIOD

Grading: (Total Points: 30)

1. All information and requirements (listed in directions) correct and included = 20
2. Visually appealing (use of different colors, drawings, and correctly made) = 10