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Types and Sizes

Type Size/Format Suggested Use

ASW-35 9" x 165'/roll Use in pipes having 4 inches

15 1/2" x 165'/roll inner diameter or less.
8 1/2" x 11" sheet
8 1/2" x 14" sheet
17" x 22" sheet

ASW-40C 20 1/2" x 165'/roll Water soluble coated paper used

for greater volume of gas retention.

ASW-60 15 1/2" x 165'/roll Use in pipes having 4 inches

31" x 165'/roll inner diameter or greater.
15 1/2" x 22" sheet

ASWT-1 1" x 300'/roll Pressure sensitive, adhesive

ASWT-2 2" x 300'/roll water-soluble tape to hold
Aquasol purge dams in place.

Custom sizes for Aquasol are available upon request.

Contact Information

For additional product information, quotations and ordering, please contact:

Aquasol Corporation
1-800-564-WELD (9353)
Email info@aquasolpaper.com

Our engineers welcome your questions and will help you with your purge dam needs.

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The purge dam material that dissolves

Introduction Description Comparisons

Aquasol has significantly Aquasol is made of Sodium Applications/Features Cones/Bladders Aquasol

improved purge chamber Carboxy Methyl cellulose and

technology in Tungsten Inert wooden pulp that dissolves Purge Dam Construction Difficult and time-consuming Extremely simple and fast

Gas (TIG) welding applications. rapidly and completely in most

Purge Dam Characteristics Prone to malfunction Reliable
Traditional cardboard purging liquids including water. Aquasol
High gas usage Low gas usage
systems are time-consuming can be used to dam Argon or

and often leave dangerous Helium gases during Tungsten

Purge Dam Removal Cones: difficult to remove, No special process required.
residues upon removal. Inert Gas (TIG) welding of Steel
leaving dangerous residue Post-welding flushing of pipeline
Bladders require excess argon or Aluminum pipes. After
Bladders: must be deflated with water/steam disposes of
gas, due to the distance of the welding is complete, Aquasol
purge dam
bladder from the weld area. purge dams effortlessly dissolve

The bulkiness of bladders and by flushing the system with

Storage and Handling Bulky Compact
cones results in inherent water or steam; leaving no
Cumbersome Convenient
storage and transport concerns. residue in the pipeline.

Aquasol comes in a wide range

These product limitations have
of grades and sizes, permitting
led the Aquasol Corporation to
the construction of purge dams Advantages
introduce Aquasol water-soluble
for literally any pipe diameter.
paper, a purge dam material
The product is available in a Cost-effective Ease of use Availability of various shapes
that dissolves.
variety of formats including Durable Ease of removal and sizes
sheets, rolls and pressure-
sensitive tapes. It is extremely
easy to store, environmentally
friendly and non-toxic.

Cut the paper into a Peel tape from Punch a small hole in After dams are in Clear view
circle with a diameter backing and tape the dam to facilitate place, Argon or any of the completed
about 1.3 times the inner dam in place. the evacuation of air purge gas may be Aquasol purge
diameter of the pipe. when purging. introduced through dam.
the root gap with a
Trace or impress the If one end of the pipe is needle valve
pipes inner diameter on accessible, the purge gas connected to the
the paper and fold on this may be introduced gas line.
line to form a 90 lip. through a hole at the
lower end of one dam.
Insert the dam into the
pipe with the lip towards The vent hole should
the weld preparation. be made at the upper
end of the other dam to
allow air to escape.

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