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Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies


Date: 06.10.2012 Time: 30 Min

Course: E3Sem1_MME Max Marks: 10

1. Stainless steel contains

a. 11% to 30% Cr and 0% to 22% Ni
b. 11% to 50% Cr and 2% to 15% Ni
c. 9% to 40% Cr and 5% to 30% Ni
d. 5% to 25% Cr and 0% to 20% Ni

2. For Oxidizing environment the following material may be most suitable

a. Nickel, Copper and their alloy
b. Chromium containing alloys
c. Titanium and its alloy
d. All above

3. The following statement is true

a. Pure metal is better than alloy in corrosive environment
b. Pure metal is less expensive than alloy
c. Pure metal is harder than alloy
d. All above

4. For active metals to reduce the corrosion the following alternation is not
a. Increasing the temperature
b. Increasing the velocity
c. Decreasing the oxidizers
d. Decreasing the oxygen in environment
5. Which is not true about Inhibitors
a. Increasing Anodic Polarization behavior
b. Increasing Cathodic Polarization behavior
c. Increasing Electrical resistance of metallic surface
d. Reducing diffusion of ions
e. None of above

6. The pickling inhibitors

a. Works on adsorption mechanism
b. Contain large polar groups containing O, S, N atoms
c. Used in concentration of 0.01 to 0.1%
d. All above

7. Organic inhibitors efficiency depends on

a. Molecular structure
b. Chemical composition
c. Temperature and pressure of system
d. Affinity to metal surface
e. All above

8. Cathodic Protection prevents the corrosion by

a. Converting all anodic sites to Cathodic sites
b. Supplying electrons(External power supply)
c. Appropriate Galvanic Coupling
d. All above

9. In stray current corrosion which is not true

a. There is extraneous direct current in the earth
b. The accelerated corrosion occurs at point where current leaves the object
c. It also occurs due to cathodic protection
d. None of above

10. Find the number of 17-lb. magnesium anodes needed and spacing used to
protect 10,000 ft of bare 4-in. pipeline in a corrosive soil having a resistance
of 1,000 ohm per cubic centimeter. Assume a current requirement of 1
milliampere per sq. ft, and that the anode output curve shows an output of
100 milliamperes per anode in this type soil.
a. 105 anodes & 95 ft
b. 105 anodes & 100 ft
c. 105 anodes & 110 ft
d. 95 anodes & 105 ft


1. A

2. B

3. A

4. B

5. E

6. D

7. E

8. D

9. D

10. A

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