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Considerations for Advanced Underwater Transportation

System, By - K. Hari Prasad

Connectivity is the backbone of any settlement to grow and sustain. Public
transportation systems evolution took a quick phase after industrial revolution and
advancement in science and technology increased the scope of Transportation
systems. Transportation systems face many challenges from heavy traffic to impact
on environment. To resolve these challenges advanced transportation techniques
are being developed. Surface Systems like Personal Rapid Transportation system
have come to limelight and seen great success as a small scale supporting transit
service and are expected to grow into a large scale full-fledged transportation
service. Though these advanced systems have their advantages they also have

One major but rather undermined challenge is scarcity of land and depleting green
reserves. Accumulating land for development of current road networks leads to
loss of potential land and also has seen agitation from public. Earth is 70% covered
by water bodies and thus the next step in transportation system would be a
surface-water or underwater transportation network. The surfacewater system
has been in use since ancient times by means of boats, ships etc. This leaves
exploring the possibilities of underwater systems. To develop such systems
considerations concerning technological, environmental have to be made.

Scope of Work
Underwater transit system being a least explored transit system provides wide
scope of opportunities from conceptual proposals in general to detailed designs for
a specific case. Various considerations for planning such systems, impact on
different facets due to such systems and their limitations can be studied.
The focus of the study is to understand the challenges involved and draft the
considerations to be made in planning and development of advanced underwater
transportation system. The considerations concerning construction, planning,
environmental, typology will be drafted.

Studying various advanced surface transit systems through case studies and
simulation studies, underwater construction technologies, impact on underwater
flora and fauna will help in determining the considerations to be made for
development of such system.

The research would be concluded with set of considerations to be made for
underwater advanced transportation model and its limitations.

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