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'The Hidden Life of Love'

Why is this topic mixed in with the Cross?

This chapter or section is a little different than most other sections I've writ
ten on; we will dive into the Hidden life of Love in the Cross.
Why so much on two pieces of wood?
Without God; it is two pieces of wood and something used by the Greeks and Roman
s to kill people with.
But with God using the cross and He died on the Cross; then the cross becomes so
mething more than two pieces of wood put together in a cross shape.
It has a hidden life we know nothing of but the hidden life is not of fear, deat
h; but Love.
The cross has a hidden life of love; because it was like a shrine for the early
Christians to go and venerate it; or even to adore the blood of Christ which sti
ll stains the cross.
When St. Helena went to the Holy Land to find the tomb of Christ and His cross;
she found the old maps; that shown the place of the death and the tomb at the ti
me of Christ.
To know that the cross was Christ's; she asked a sick woman to touch the crosses
; first two nothing happened but the final one; she was healed.
Which proved it was the Cross. The life of the Holy Cross has never stopped.
Parts of the Holy Cross and it's life has not ended; most of the Cross with the
nails I do believe was put in St. Helena's house which turned into the church at
Rome; Church of the Holy Cross.
Then another part of the cross is in Boston; which has just been returned after
it was stolen.
The love of the Cross; is that the blood of Christ on it; still could heal peopl
e; as long as the people still have True Faith in Jesus and believe Jesus can he
al them.

Now, let us get into the other way the Cross has a life of love.

What do we see when we look at the cross? Well our mind first thinks of sufferin
g and death; which is the thoughts of Man. But if we have thoughts from God; wha
t comes to our minds?
The Cross is love and the cross was the tool of our salvation.
The Cross is the symbol of True Love. But people will say, "I thought love was s
ex and we can show that to our boy friend or girl friend? Or to my one night sta
nd person. I thought it was this or that; not the cross."
Those are not Love. The Cross is Love; because Jesus died for everyone on the Cr
oss and showed how we are to love everyone. The cross is Love, because it is a s
ign for our hope and salvation; because Jesus is our hope and salvation; which t
ook place on the cross.
Salvation does not come by a bed or a easy chair. It maybe where those who are b
ed ridden and not suppose to move are to be; but the Cross is the way to our sal
Our love for Jesus is to be shown by giving our life on the cross for Him and fo
r those we truly love. Which is our family and friends; even those we do not kno
The hidden life of love; is hidden because of Man who think like Man; because th
ey never take a back seat to God and let God take the driver seat. But if we tak
e the back seat and give the driver seat to God; the cross will come alive for u
s and we will see the hidden life of love open up and not be hidden.

The world right now is in the driver seat and God is placed on the bumper; they
want God to fall off. While we stay closed to the hidden life of love in the Cro
ss; all the judges in the world will try to remove the crosses from all the Cath
olic schools. May God open their eyes and allow them to see the love of the Cros
s; I ask this through the intercession of St. Monica and St. Augustine.
God bless

'The Cross and the night.'

The Cross and the night; what is this?

The night when Jesus was in the garden; He felt the weight of the Cross; from ou
r sins. The cross was with Jesus at each point of the Passion and finally the cr
oss was with Him physically when He received it.

In our dark nights when we feel so much weight on our shoulders and think God is
n't with us; our cross does grow heavy; because we can't feel God's presence.
Our cross never leaves us but with our thinking in our dark nights; if God left
us; how come we have to carry our cross?

The dark nights God allows us to go through; is to help us grow closer to Him. T
o go through it with the cross; it helps us go through what Jesus went through i
n the garden and to blend His suffering at night with our nights.

With the cross in our nights; we start to understand what God is doing in our li
fe. All of our sufferings are blended with Christ; because He too felt the Fathe
r had left Him in the garden in the time of great sorrow and suffering.

Does the cross give any comfort in the dark night?

Yes. The cross is not about sorrow or fear; but the cross given by God; helps us
to know His love for us and that He is here with us and has gone through this b
efore and still does when we sin against Him.
To know that God has gone through the sufferings of the dark night; when He felt
the Father has left Him or hasn't heard Him when He cries out. Is a great deal
of comfort for us; because we know from the start with Adam and Eve; plus Cain a
nd Able; God never left them; but we have left God. Out of fear; we leave God in
times of trouble; because we do not think about His never ending Mercy and Love
The Cross is all about Love and Mercy and Justice. When Jesus died on the cross;
He died because He loved us and redeemed us with His Mercy; but also served up
Justice by defeating the devil and his demons.
We have nothing to run from or hide from; because when we are in the Dark Night;
we are not farther from God but closer and the cross brings us even more closer
to God; through the Passion and Death of His Son Jesus Christ.
Through the grace of God; we all will go through the Dark Night and with our cro
ss; to be ever more closer to Our Lord Jesus Christ and that we may never fear G
od when we do something wrong but run towards Him to beg for His Mercy and Love
in the Sacrament of Confession.
God Bless

'The Bridal Symbol and the Cross'

The bridal symbol and the cross; what is the bridal symbol?
The bridal symbol is the cross and I will tell you why.

When Jesus accepted the cross; He accepted the Church's love; His bride; and He
carried that cross out of love for His bride.

He died for His bride the Church. The Bridal symbol is the cross; because it rep
resents Jesus' love for the Church; His bride.

The marriages today have forgotten the bridal symbol which Jesus gave and shown
to His bride the Church; by suffering and dying for her.

When a man is working and not caring for his family; in helping out or thinking
work, the car or something is more important than God, wife, kids and himself; w
hen they forget about the Cross and that is where Jesus suffered and died for Hi
s family and bride.

Marriage today is dying out; because we have so many people being selfish and on
ly wanting what is best for theirself and not what is best for everyone.
That is why homo-sexual unions are not acceptable nor is a hetero-sexual married
couple saying homo-sexuals should have what they have. Because, it seems non-se
lfish but it's truly is selfish.
The cross is not selfish; because you give of yourself to protect the ones you l
ove. As Jesus did for His bride.

Why does it matter about the Cross?

The Cross matters in many different areas of the marriage vocation.
I. To understand the marriage vocation; the couples must understand that they ar
e not to be selfish but self-less. They are to be self-less; by giving of each o
ther completely to God but also to their children as well. They are to model Chr
ist; because He gave Himself totally to us and to His bride; the Church.
That means a dad must be ready at anytime to come home; when he is called to be
home. He should accept that his being home is helpful when the kids are sick and
giving his wife a hand with them. So, when dad goes off to bowl, play cards, go
ing to see a race, football game or some other sporting event; the dad must know
that those are nice; but is he giving himself totally to God and to his family
or is he being selfish?

The wife, is called to be a wife to the man and also a mother to the children. I
've seen commercials on tv where the mom/wife goes out with her friends to a clu
b and parties and dances those immoral dances; plus wears the clothes of her kid
s. Then lies in the morning to her daughter; because the mom did wear the daught
er's shirt and got a stain on it too.
Mom's today who dress like the kids today have no idea what it means to be a mom
and wife. To be a mom you aren't suppose to be in the "In crowd" a mom is to be
a mom. A mom is the one who loves their children, takes care of them and they h
ave this protective instinct when their child is hurt or sick; I know my mom has
this instinct; when I rolled my car in my freshman year of high school; she got
a thought and called the school to see if I made it; I didn't.
I was trying to get home to a phone but I had to stop running; to keep the blood
from pumping too much. I had a two inch gap on my head; when my best friend's c
ousin's dad picked me up and took me to the hospital; I couldn't believe it; I h
ad a gusher and it started to heal.
The blood stopped and dried. The nurses at the ER were amazed that I walked in o
n my own power. My mom got my dad; they raced over to the hospital; which was tw
enty four miles away; my dad's pick is sliver; the same color as the cops' pick
up trucks; only thing missing was the decal on the side and the lights on top. N
o one stopped them. But my mom knew I was hurt; just what mom's do; they know wh
en their child is in danger.
Mom's are to be protective of their family; not go out and party as if they were
in college. Mothers are to give themselve freely to the family; that is why the
Cross is so important and is the symbol.
If the mother and father want to go out; they should go to marriage retreats giv
en by religious orders; learning to grow closer to God in their relationship as
husband and wife. If the child is at age where he or she can take care of things
; let them take care of the house but call the uncle or aunt to check on them; i
ncase something scares them.
The mother and father are to share in the cross; by giving freely of themselves
to each other and to the children.
God bless

The Message of the Cross

First of all; is there a message of the cross?

There is a message of the cross and this section is where we will find out the a
nswer and the message. I usually blurt out the message with a qoute from Fr. Cor
api; but tonight let me try to be more studious in answering this question and s
haring the message of the cross.

The message of the cross is what Jesus is. Now, who is Jesus? He is God and also
a man. He is love, truth, justice, the way and the light of the world. How does
that answer the message of the cross?

Without Jesus; the cross is a way of death. But with Jesus; the cross is salvati
on; the cross is love.

Why is it important to know the message of the cross?

The importance of knowing the message of the cross is that we do not lose hope w
hen we are suffering and when a death takes place in the family; we are to cry a
nd feel sorrow for the loved one; but we are not to worry; but we are to know if
they put their whole life in God's hands and lived a Christian life.
We have nothing to worry about; because if they are in Purgatory; they have made
it; they are going to Heaven; but we still need to pray for them; so that their
time in Purgatory short.
The need to know the message of the Cross; is to not fear death; but welcome it
when God calls us home.
If we live a faithful life as a follower of Christ; we have nothing to fear at t
he judgment; might see some imperfections which will be taken care of in Purgato
The Cross is love and with the Cross; Jesus destroyed death; where we have no ne
ed to fear death anymore.
If we fear death; then we are fearing what is waiting for us; the words of God w
here He throws us out and into the Pit of Hell; because of how we lived our life
With the message of the Cross; we are given hope and we are energized; because w
e know by Jesus' Cross; He has redeemed the world.
The Message of the Cross is Truth, Love and Redemption.

What is the point of knowing the Message of the Cross?

The Point of knowing the message of the Cross; is what Jesus did when He was on
the Cross and when the Cross becomes a sign of love and redemption.

How can the cross become a sign of love and redemption?

Let us answer the first question: How can the cross become a sign of love?
The cross becomes a sign of love; when God is nailed to it; to redeem us; to sho
w us what true love is. A friend who loves his or her friends will lay down thei
r life to protect them and Jesus did that for us; by giving of His own self on t
he cross; to redeem us.
The cross by itself is a death machine; but once you put God on it and when He t
ouches it and bleeds on it; He makes it holy and sanctifies it; by His own blood
The cross that we have in our homes or schools; most of the time we still have J
esus' body on them; but even without the body of Christ on the cross; it is stil
l a reminder of God's Love for us.
It is a reminder of God's love; because God gave His own life for us. It is also
a sign of love; when in our life; we give our sufferings to Jesus on the cross
and we ask Jesus to use our sufferings to help sanctify something or someone or
help a family or a parish.
That is how the cross is a sign of love; because it has been touched by God and
used by God; God makes it a sign of love; True Love.

Finally, How can the cross become a sign of redemption?

It goes along the same lines as how can the cross be a sign of love? It is a sig
n of redemption; because God redeemed Man Kind on the Cross.
When we look at the Crucifix; we see Jesus redeeming us and seeing the suffering
of being nailed and stuck to that cross for three hours; but now it is every da
y; those little statues of Jesus who are put on the crosses to make them Crucifi
When we see Jesus redeeming us; we know that He loves us and that God is real. I
f God was not real and we created ourself; no one would know how to truly love a
person; only how to lust and how to falsly love a person; to use a person for t
heir own pleasure.
God is real; because He know how's to truly love us and He taught us how to love
truly and with purity of heart, mind and eyes.
The cross is the sign of our redemption and teaches us how to love as God loves
God bless

Taking Up One's Cross

Our cross is not our own; but it is given by God to sanctify our life. It is sad
to see many people complain about this or that; but there is a right time to in
struct them; which could be with words or actions. Our life is not our own; yes
it is our life; but it's God's life. It is God's life; because with our time on
earth; we are to come to know God in this short amount of time.
Our cross is the way we come to know God in this short amount time we are on ear
th. Even though we live in a modern world; we are to walk in the foot steps of C
hrist. Each one is called to walk in Christ's footsteps; but He was a man; what
about us women?
Have you not heard of the female saints who suffered and died for the faith? The
y walked in Christ's footsteps. You and I are to give a witness to the faith; wh
at does a witness mean? To be a martyr. Jesus died for us and we die for Him; be
cause we love Him.

How can we take up our cross?

To take up our cross; is to accept the sufferings and hardships in our life with
a sense of joy; not a earthly joy but a heavenly joy; they will see this look o
f peace on your face; even if you are in great pain and suffering.
Every Christian is called to offer everything up to Jesus on the Cross; so the g
races from our problems, pains and sufferings will help others.
To take up one's cross; means we are not to get depressed, nervous, scared or up
set. We are to be like a lamb before the slaughters. No one can be a follower of
Christ without taking up our cross and following Him.
There is no way around it; you can't buy your way into heaven; you must suffer t
o get to heaven. I must suffer; we are to suffer as Christians; because Christ s
uffered carrying His cross for us.
To take up the cross; we accept everything that happens; because it is God's Wil
l. If God didn't want this to happen; He wouldn't allow it to happen. Everything
is happens; because God allows it and because it's with God's Will.
It is God's Will that we are to carry our cross faithfully to the end; but if we
cry out to God saying our cross is too heavy; He will answer and help you carry
the cross; even lighten the load and refresh you.

Why do we carry a cross?

I'm sure many ask; why do we carry a cross? Or; why is it necessary to carry the
cross and can't we enter heaven another way?
First question: Why do we carry a cross?
We carry the cross; because it is object that God chose to die on and to redeem
us on. God knew from the start that He would die for us on the Cross and that it
would be the symbol of being a Christian and also that we would have to carry a
cross to enter heaven.
It is not of our own choice that we are to carry a cross daily; but it is God's
choice; He made it long before we were born or in our mother's womb. That is how
wise God is.
He thought of a way that would be painful but it would also match with the pains
and sufferings of every day life; with the two; the cross would sanctify us; if
we carried the cross faithfully.

Second: Why is it necessary to carry the cross and can't we enter heaven another
It is nescessary to carry the cross; because with our sufferings and pains; we c
an share in the pains and sufferings of Christ and our life we can share. It is
necessary; because we wouldn't have a way to grow closer to God; because God bec
ame Man and He suffered and died on the Cross; we are to blend our life with God
; because God blended Himself to our life; to redeem us.
No, we can't enter heaven another way. Our life should become a reflection of Go
d's life when He became Man. When God became Man; He told us, "I Am the Way, Tru
th and the Life." He also told us, "If you want to follow me, deny yourself and
pick up your cross and follow me." The Cross is the way into heaven; because we
follow Jesus; who is the Way and His Sacred Heart is the gate of Heaven.
When we carry our cross faithfully; we lose everything and our life starts to bl
end with Christ's life. Protestants, Catholics and Orthodoxs are to do what Jesu
s told us to do; pick up our cross and follow Him daily.

Finally, when we take up our cross; we are not to look sad, poor, dirty, etc. We
are to look in the guide lines Jesus gave for fasting: Wash our face, clean clo
thes, combed hair, clean shave and a happy face.
God bless

The Cross

"The cross is love." St. Teresa of Avila

Let us talk on the Cross. I have listed the topic on this writing, "The cross is
love." St. Teresa of Avila. Back when God created everything and Man and Woman
fell from the grace of God; the share of Divine Life.
God had in the plans from the start of redemption; because God knows all and it
was the test He gave the Angels. Those Angels who said, "I will not serve that m
an who is God." God knew He had to redeem us; why did He chose to become Man and
die on the cross?
God could of snapped His fingers and everything would of been made perfect again
; but God chose to humble Himself to walk among us, to experience all the hardsh
ips we suffer; to become close to us; so we won't feel all alone and that God wi
ll know what we go through.
Jesus; the God-Man; in the Passion; He was tested in the garden and felt all the
sorrow; as we see in the movie; Satan; tested Him in the garden.
God the Father sent Jesus a angel to comfort Him and to strengthen Him. Jesus pa
ssed the Test and Remained faithful to the Father and stomped the head of the sn
ake in that movie.
Jesus started off better than Adam did in the Garden of Eden; Jesus beat off the
temptation to give up the chalice of suffering given by the Father.
Jesus prayed; His face transformed and the Apostles could see the fear and sorro
w in His face.
A while before at the Sermon on the Mount; Jesus gave the doctrine of what it me
ans to be a follower; "Whoever wants to follow Me, you must deny yourself, pick
up your cross and carry it daily."
What does Jesus mean to deny ourself? St. John the Bapist in the Jordan said it
wonderfully: "I must decrease and the Lord must increase." We are to decrease, d
ie to the world and let the Lord increase in our life and in the world around us
Now, in the garden; Jesus wanted the Father to be glorified through Him and to l
et the Father's Will be done. To have the Father's Will be done; meant the Son d
ying for us and redeeming us from our sins and eternal death.
Through this Jesus allowed Himself to be taken like a lamb; so innocent and pure
through the judgement; as the lamb was checked out to see if it is pure and whe
n was found out to be pure; Jesus was silent and always at prayer.
Finally, Jesus accepted His cross with love. He embraced the cross and accepted
it freely. But to see Jesus' cross; we must see everything that is given to us i
n Scripture. Which would be when He was born in that cold cave on that early Chr
istmas morning.
Followed by the leaving early to go to Egypt to be kept from being murdered. His
life which is given in Scripture; showed the start of His mission and His cross
. He embraced everything in a gentle nature; even when He whipped the money chan
gers and tax collectors and traders; to remove them from the temple; to restore
the House of His Father.
His cross was designed by the Father; so He could handle it God gives us our cro
sses; but they are designed so we can carry the Cross but not get wore out.
If the Cross seems too much; we can ask God to help us or take away some of the
cross. When Jesus accepted the cross with love; He gave us the way to accept our
cross; by accepting it and embracing it with Love.
The Way of the Cross; Jesus showed us the Love of the Cross. With the cross bars
of the Cross; where the arms reach out; this is where the Love comes from. Is t
here a ending to the cross bars? No.
They are never ending; it is the picture of God's Mercy; His Mercy never ends. T
he Cross is Love; because the cross-bars reach out as a hug welcoming us home; w
elcoming those sinners who repent home.
This is the Cross and it is Love.
God bless

The Cross: II

"The Cross is love." St. Teresa of Avila

How can the Cross be love?
When Jesus was nailed to the Cross; in one of His prophetic sayings on the Passi
on to the Apostles or to some saying, "When I am raised up; I will draw all men
to myself." Which means all people will be brough to Him on the Cross. How much
does Jesus love us?
His love is never ending; because the cross-bars have no ending. It is a never e
nding hug or embrace of love and mercy to us. When He talked about that; He was
talking about; He will bring all people to Him through His mercy and love. Just
like the Cross; nothing ends.
Why is it that Most Protestants have a hard time with the Crucifix?Most say, "Oh
He is risen and there is no need for Him to be left on the cross." Agreed.
But, after a while you become lazy and start getting sinful; because you forget
what He did for you. Once you forget; you start having sexual relations outside
of marriage, you let your kids grow up in a pagan way, you do not correct yourse
lf, your husband or kids; just let them and yourself do whatever you want, how m
uch and whenever.
That is why we Catholics and the slight few Protestants want Jesus' body left on
the Cross; to remind ourself each day of what He did for us and to make sure we
never sin or if we almost do; we look at Him and stop.
My aunt and uncle's house; my uncle left the Church to become a Methodist; good
people; most of them and friends or even family. But, the priest I looked up to
growing up and being his faithful altar boy; he came over to bless our house and
we let him; well he had me shake the holy water and he said the words.
He went over to my uncle's house; now; my uncle would of said yes; if his wife w
asn't home; but she was and I heard about it and still remember it.
He saw how they let their children live; two girls; and how their life style was
; he didn't hold back and called them, "Heathens." We do have many "Heathens or
Pagans" in the Church today; sad to say; some are long distance relatives of min
e and I'm sure you have some too.
I'm sure there are many every where. I love my old priest; he kept everyone in l
ine, even when it was a hot summer day; everyone was dressed in pants or girls h
ad a proper dress on, long sleeves and guys had proper shirts and pants and sock
s and shoes on.
The music was Catholic and no boy friend or girl friend lived together; because
he made house visits to check on everyone and no engaged couples lived together
He was strict but the most wonderful man you would ever meet; just the same pers
onality as the Pope. Anyway back on topic.
With all these immoral and Pagan lifestyles; is that greater than God's Mercy? N
o. No sin is not greater than God's Mercy. If you think it is; you have sinned r
ight there on the spot.
The Cross shows us God's Love and Mercy for us. When we see Jesus nailed and han
ging on the Cross; we see Him giving His own life freely to save us. That is Lov
e. True love is when a friend gives up his or her life and dies for the people t
hey love or don't even know. Jesus shows us this love.
All these people who chose to live this life and not to love God; what happened?
Not too many people have been taught this or if they have; they didn't listen a
nd chose not to listen; because they wanted a false freedom; a sinful freedom; w
hich isn't freedom but slavery.
Where you become like the African Americans; if you are seen or caught escaping;
torture or death; but the death will be much worse; eternal death and the tortu
res of hell. We must understand something, when we are tempted; it is not a sin
but if we fall for it; then it becomes a sin.
There are two types of sins: Mortal and Venial. Mortal is the type of sin which
could kill you forever and send you to hell if you die with one on your soul. Mo
rtal you go to confession and confess; is the only way you get rid of it. Mortal
, you lose the share in Divine Life.
Venial, is not a serious sin; but if you let them build up; they will become ser
ious. To get rid of them; go to confession, receive the Eucharist, the Kyrie; po
und your chest three times with your fist; the Confessor at the Mass.
But, all sins are to be allowed to be confessed in the confessional. If the prie
st says different; well he shouldn't be a confessor; because he is breaking Cano
n Law I do believe.
Tell the bishop if the priest is doing that and he will correct the matter; if t
he bishop does nothing; well send them a nice letter from the Nuncio. No one sho
uld be turned away from receiving God's Mercy in the Sacrament of Confession. Th
e Cross is Love; is a beautiful statement.
Most do not believe it; but it is a true statement. I like to think when I am in
confession and it's been a while; I always hear welcome home or welcome back an
d feel that embrace.
Which does happen and sometimes Jesus does say it through the priest. After God
gives us His mercy in the confessional; we are almost told to pick up our cross
outside and carry it.
We know the pews aren't that big in the churches; but each and everyone has thei
r cross with them and when we kneel at those moments at the Mass; the crosses co
me too and when we genuflect or stay kneeling to receive Jesus in the Eucharist;
we have that weight on us. But it is a good weight; because it is a sign of His
love for us; the Cross.
To love Him; we are to follow the Commandments, love our neighbors as we love ou
rself and carry our crosses to the end.
All those sports stars do what? Train to win what? A trophy that will rust and b
reak and turn into dust. Why train for a trophy or a crown that after fifty or t
wo hundred years; those things will start to break down and fall apart?
It is senseless and dumb. We have a crown that will never rust and turn to dust
that we receive; if we are faithful and remain faithful to Christ when we die; a
crown of glory.
Our race is much tougher and rougher than the sports people or actors, actress o
r writers could imagine.
We have to fight for every inch and fight to save souls and to save our own soul
from the devil. What kind of training does that take? The best spiritual traini
ng God has to offer.
Now, there are traps and tricks of the devil and of his demons out there; trying
to steal our souls. I do not care if you believe in that place in Bosnia; but I
say watch and pray; because there are good fruits from that place but also bad
fruits too; so half and half.
The message I read when my mom gave me the site for that place was that Mary was
going to tell those kids when the end was, which could not happen: Because God
only knows and no one else.
In the first letter of John; what does he tell us to do? To test every spirit be
fore we believe it; so we do not deceive ourself or be caught in a trap. What do
es this have to do with the Love of the Cross?
Many things. Because while we are carrying our cross; we are to grow in holiness
and start loving like Christ loves us all. We are to grow in our faith and beco
me strong and humble like the Desert Fathers, the Church Fathers, St. Francis an
d his brother friars, all the saints.
The Love of the Cross; is in every saint; because they understood it and they un
derstand it fully now in Heaven. "Watch and Pray, so you may not enter into temp
God bless

On The Cross: III

"The Cross is Love" St. Teresa of Avila

To wrap up this topic and subject; let us look at the suffering in our life whic
h we should give to Jesus on the Cross to have the Love of the Cross be shown.
We know suffering; because we all suffer; some suffer more serve pains than othe
rs. Suffering includes the loss of a child, a friend or even a dog you loved or
another a pet.
It is hard to make sense of this third part; because our suffering could be used
for the love of the cross. How can that happen?
Look to the Blessed Mother; she was there at the Cross and saw her baby boy die;
in her eyes; yes she understood He is God but also her baby boy. Her suffering
was called a white martyrdom; by joining her sufferings with her Son's on the cr
Which helped us with the graces given. To suffer and give it to Jesus on the Cro
ss; He uses our sufferings to sanctify those in need of graces and those who are
harden sinners.
By offering our sufferings to Jesus; we will help break down the walls of those
sinners whose heart's our hard and closed. That is what Mary did with Jesus on t
he Cross; I'm sure there is a name for it but at the moment I can't think of it
or remember it.

In our sufferings of injuries we suffer; we can offer up to Jesus; and we are to
ld to offer our sufferings up; any sufferings; including to our Lady of Fatima;
so she; through her Son can fix the world and shake everyone up and wake us up.
To understand the cross; well; let us learn from our Mother; she was there and I
bet holding on to it; to be close to her Son.
I have the same injury in the left side; the same nurse gave me my monthly shot;
I'm not sure if the first one is healed; because it does hurt to walk, move, si
t, sit up in bed; even hurts to sleep. I offer up this pain to Jesus on the Cros
s; so everyone else can see and witness; but better yet; to experience the love
of the Cross.
The saving and sanctify power of the Cross. The news that broke on facebook late
tonight/early morning about a amber alert; some on here you have to find out to
make sure; but amber alerts are no joking matter.
The parents and families go through great suffering; which if they give that suf
fering to Jesus on the Cross; other people will experience that love of the Cros
All of our sufferings can and should be used to share the love of the cross. Eve
ry single suffering; big or small; will help anyone come closer to Jesus.
Give that suffering to Jesus on the Cross; do not forget to talk to our Mother;
she is like every mother on earth; nervous when we don't call her by talking to
If you want to know Jesus better; Mary will tell us all we need to know; if we a
sk about Him when He was a child; I bet she will tell us. Give our suffering to
Jesus and let Him use it to share the love of the cross.
God bless

The Cross: On The Teaching of Discipleship

"If you want to be My disciple, you must take up your cross and follow Me."
Part two of my pre-thesis or practice-thesis; this part of the Cross is very imp
ortant to our way of life as Christians. We can not be a Christian; without carr
ying our cross every day.
Some days it seems lighter than other days but those days you are sick and hurt;
it feels like the cross was made out of rail-road ties; which are heavy and thi
ck pieces of wood.Why do some 'Christians' think we don't have to carry the Cros
s to be followers of Christ?
This is something that has started to split Catholics up and Protestants even mo
re; it also started when the so called 'reformation' took place and Luther and t
hose other people left the Church founded by Christ to found their own; with the
ir own rules.
This is where the Doctrine of discipleship went south; because each Protestant c
hurch has their own rules and they keep changing the rules; to make sure everyon
e feels welcome and doesn't hurt anyone's feelings; which means they have no rul
That is why when suffering comes into their families; they are uncertain on how
to handle it and that is why they get depressed and some Catholics get depressed
; because they start living a very weak and watered down faith; where there is n
o rules hardly and they do not listen to the Church's Teaching on what to do.
I think why so many Christians do not follow this doctrine taught by Christ; bec
ause of the lack of true Catechism Teachers who do not teach the fullness of the
Now, the Sunday School Teachers must teach the fullness of the Christian faith a
nd not hatred toward other sects of the Protestant churches and also to the One
True Church; plus the Orthodox Church.
With the lack of actual teachers teaching the fullness of Christ Teachings; this
is why so many do not follow Christ's Doctrine on being His disciple.Why is thi
s doctrine given by Christ so important to the Christian Faith?
The first reason is very easy and should be the only reason; because Christ said
so; but there are those so called 'christians' who want more reasons and won't
accept it straight from Christ.
The second reason is a little harder to explain: If so called 'christians' do no
t accept the teaching straight from Christ; then these people are not Christians
. To be a Christian; one must follow Christ; which is where we get the name Chri

That is why so called cults who try to use the name Christian with their group;
but they do not follow Christ; which means they are and can not be Christians; u
ntil they convert to the Church.
To accept this teaching on the cross that if we want to be Jesus' disciple; we m
ust take up and carry our cross daily.
Means we are to carry Jesus' cross; as Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen once said. To
accept it; means we are to give our sufferings to Jesus; all our problems of eac
h day is the cross we must carry; but we shouldn't look sad; but have a sense of
joy on our face.
When we carry our cross with the sense of joy in our life; we teach a good examp
le on how to carry the cross for others. Christ gave the perfect example.
But, how can we get those who deny Christ's teaching on carrying the cross; to c
arry the cross?
We should always pray for them; but then never give up on them and as Mother Ang
elica says, "be a thorn in someone's side." Not nag them but remind them; that t
hey can't be Jesus' disciple without carrying our cross daily.
After a while they will get the hint and finally start understanding that they m
ust carry their cross; even teaching them by telling them to offer up their suff
erings to Jesus on the Cross; so they or anyone can experience the loving power
of the Cross; by being sanctified.
To be a faithful Christian; we are to carry our cross as Mary carried her cross
for her entire life. A faithful Christian carries all the sufferings without com
plaining and we have given all our sufferings up to Christ; everything is a pray
er to us.

Finally what is our cross: It depends on the day that we wake up; each day the c
ross is different. Our cross comes from God; which is the illness of that day or
week or month; even year. All those injuries. Out of work.
Can't find a job and can't get hired. All those sufferings which come each and e
very day.
God bless

The Cross: On The Teaching of Discipleship: II

"If you want to be My disciple; you must take up your cross daily and follow Me.
I have started this talk on why it is important to carry our cross daily; but le
t us continue on this topic for my pre-thesis.
I know people complain; I think we all do; we can't help it; because we are weak
but the Spirit is Willing as Christ said in the garden; the time when He woke u
p Peter and the other Apostles. Why does God give us the cross to carry?
I know people are like little children in their terrible two's; always asking wh
y and never really listening to the answer; until the parent or person explainin
g gives a answer they like; but in the Faith we do not give a answer that everyo
ne likes; we give the answer which is truth or leads to the truth of the Faith.
God gave us the cross to carry; because the Son of God was to suffer and did suf
fer the Passion and death on the Cross; Jesus carried the cross to redeem us and
so we carry the Cross to follow Jesus in His footsteps as Christians. The quote
to start part two of the pre-thesis; is His words to the Apostles and the other
seventy-two people.
Yes, it is a hard life; dragging a heavy cross to the end; which we do not know
when the end is; but we must keep our focus on God; without Him; we can do nothi
ng and we would of literally died or gave up on the cross; to go a different way
; which some have and are living a immoral life; even those who stay in the Chur
ch; but do not live the life of a Christian.
God gave us the cross; so we have a way to reach eternal life; which is the only
way; because Jesus is the Way and His Sacred Heart is the Gate of Heaven. Will
we be Crucified like Jesus?
Yes we will be crucified like Jesus; either spiritually or if we are called to g
ive our life in a Red Martyrdom; then we will be crucified; not on a cross but s
ome type of death or it could be on a cross.
Any Red Martyrdom is a type of crucifixion and when our faith is attacked; eithe
r personally or the entire Church; we go through a White Martyrdom or a spiritua
l crucifixion.
In our life we could be crucified thousands of times; from defending the faith a
nd when we are attacked on the teachings of the Church. We are not to worry abou
t it; but accept it; because we were told by Jesus this will happen; because the
y hated Him first, beat Him first and killed Him first.
It will happen to us and that is part of carrying the cross faithfully and being
a faithful follower of Christ.
Each Christian is to carry the cross truthfully and faithfully; which means that
split should not effect anything.
If the spilt between the different theologies effect the carrying of the cross f
aithfully and truthfully; then carrying the cross isn't the focus anymore. Do yo
u know the saying, "There is no salvation outside of the Church."?
That is true; if the Protestants who do not have any relationship with the Churc
h; then there is no salvation. To have relations with the Church; well the carry
ing of the Cross is part of the Catholic way of life; it is part of our Spiritua
lity given by Christ.
How to wrap up the final part of the thesis on The Cross ?
The Cross is part of our Spirituality as Catholics; but the center of Our Spirit
uality is the Eucharist.
Cross means love; because the Cross is the tool of our salvation and Jesus redee
med us with the Cross and that is why we carry the Cross; so we may share in the
salvation plan.
If we do not carry the Cross; how can we enter into Heaven? We can't; because we
do not follow the path started by Christ.
If we do not follow the path started by Christ; we won't make it to heaven; but
go on the easy path of sin; which looks good until the end and we won't even kno
w that we entered into hell; but after it's too late.
Carry the Cross faithfully; ask God to help us; ask the Saints in heaven to inte
rcede; especially Our Blessed Mother. The Cross is the way to Heaven and the way
to eternal happiness.
God bless