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ADCRETE Millennium

Water Reducing/Set Retarding Admixture Technologies

'ADCRETE is a liquid water-reducing and set DOSAGE

retarding admixture for concrete. It contains The optimum dosage should be determined
modified lignosulphonates and has been by site trials with the particular raw materials.
formulated to give optimum performance in As a guide, the dosage rate is normally in the
reducing water and controlling setting time of range of 0.3 litres to 0.6 litres per 100kg of
concrete. ADCRETE does not contain chloride cement.
or other potentially corroding materials.
Therefore, it may be used in prestressed PACKAGING AND STORAGE
concrete or in the presence of aluminium or
zinc items. ADCRETE is non-staining and can ADCRETE is supplied in 205 litre drums or
be used in architectural concrete without fear bulk delivery. ADCRETE should be stored
of discoloration. It is compatible with air- under shade The shelf life of ADCRETE is 12
entraining agents and waterproofers, but they months in its unopened drums and tanks.
must be added separately to the mix. Once opened, we recommend that the
balance be consumed within 3 months.
Controls rate of set The company provides good servicing from a
Improves finishability team of dedicated specialists in the field.
Improves workability When used in accordance with its current
Reduces water requirements published directions, the product will perform
Reduces segregation as described in this catalogue. Millennium
Concrete Technologies will not be responsible
Hardened Concrete for difficulties caused by other materials,
Increases strength conditions or inferior workmanship and quality
Improves finished appearance control. We reserve the right to determine the
Reduces cracking true cause of any difficulty by accepted test
Reduces permeability methods.
Controls Setting time
Reduces Water

ADCRETE meets or exceeds the
requirement of ASTM C494 Type B & D, BS
5075. It provides a controlled rate of
setting for hot weather concreting.


ADCRETE should be dispensed into the
fresh concrete or with the final quantity of
mixing water. It should not come into
contact with dry cement or other
admixtures until they are mixed in the
concrete batch. ADCRETE should be
dispensed with automatic equipment,
thus ensuring uniformity of admixture
used throughoutthejob.

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